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Sad....tears....good luck Carra, oh loyal servant of the best football club in the whole wide world! Will miss No. 23....YNWA Mr Jamie Carragher!
Papa Syed
7th Feb 2013 15:23
7th Feb 2013 15:36
"Jamie is the blood of LFC , Gerrard is the heart . Legend . Cant wait for the book . "
7th Feb 2013 15:36
"Liverpool through and through. YNWA REDS"
7th Feb 2013 15:40
"He is Liverpool FC! Club needs to recognize this and do something fitting."
7th Feb 2013 15:43
"When I was playin in defense role, when I was studied a human capital leadership, Jamie Carragher is my number one example. When you have adoubt about loyalty, look at this lad. Jamie Carragher..."
7th Feb 2013 15:43
"wow, very emotional. he'll be missed. Legend."
7th Feb 2013 17:02
"Jamie epitomises all that is great about our Club. I'll savour every moment watching him play for the rest of the season."
7th Feb 2013 17:11
"I'm a grumpy 54 year old. Why do I have tears watching this video again?? I can't imagine LFC without Jamie's involvement."
7th Feb 2013 17:23
7th Feb 2013 17:42
"i could remember vividly the formidable partners of sami hypia and carra"
7th Feb 2013 19:03
"brilliant video and truly highlights Jamie's amazing career he was indeed strong, talented, fearless and a natural leader, always admired your courage and commitment to the club carra RESPECT AND LOVE and keep on pushing us you absolute legend ~YNWA~"
7th Feb 2013 19:36
"Sad news :( YNWA CARRA!!!! "
7th Feb 2013 23:28
"Free- good touch! "
8th Feb 2013 4:24
"Gonna miss you Carra, lets hope we finish with a great season now! YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 5:01
"One-man club only, great video to shows us what it means loyalty... He's the one of our best players and always gives 100% determination. Will missing your play and shout Carra,"
8th Feb 2013 5:59
"eff am in tears!! gonna miss you man legend!!"
8th Feb 2013 9:12
"Fair play for listening. I'm sure I wasn't the only one pointing it out."
8th Feb 2013 11:22
"Just wait their last match, lot of peoople will cry, on the pitch and also on the stadium. LEGEND, HERO."
8th Feb 2013 11:23
9th Feb 2013 9:04
"sad sad sad "
9th Feb 2013 16:41
"Our thanks go out to you for LFC for your stength and determination you will be missed, pelase stay in touch with LFC we still need you. Best of Luck Chris & Alan of Taplow Berks "