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Sad day. Great servant to the club and his return to the team over the last couple of games has shown how much he was neeeded. will be missed!!
7th Feb 2013 12:55
7th Feb 2013 12:56
"As always, a true gent and Liverpool Red Man, putting the club first. Stay on at the club Carra, you've still got so much to give us. YNWA Meg Ogwin"
7th Feb 2013 13:01
"The best sentence in the article above is the last one. We simply have to get the guy on the coaching staff next season. His knowledge and influence will be invaluable!"
7th Feb 2013 13:05
"'The Golden Sky of all Storms', Carra you will be sorely missed but always remembered! The #23 shirt must now be retired for good, YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 13:06
"lets win Uefa league for Carra for a proper retirement party YNWA CARRA and you know it thanks for the memories "
7th Feb 2013 13:09
"Totaly disheartening.."
7th Feb 2013 13:45
"Very very sad day indeed. "
7th Feb 2013 14:10
"Thank you Carra, let's finish strong this season! "
7th Feb 2013 14:20
"What a lose for the club and fans alike, they have to offer him a coaching role. The club needs people like him."
7th Feb 2013 14:21
"No other player in the world of modern football comes close to JC . He is without doubt the most loyal servant Liverpool or any other club in the world has ever had. May his retirement be long , healthy and full of happiness and may he watch his beloved Liverpool win the league many times. YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 14:36
"Sad day. Carra will be sorely missed and we will realize his importance when he will not be with us anymore. Yet we are realizing that now he came back to establish into the first XI, performing in such a incredible manner! I hope he will keep working hard and giving his brilliant contribution to the LFC cause up till May! then there will be the greets! We love you Carra Legend YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 14:51
""he epitomises the values this club was built on and continues to stand for" This quote says it all about the man. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 14:52
"WHat you have to call 100% Liverpool player; Will be hard to replace been a pleasure to have him at our club all these years. Will be very much missed"
7th Feb 2013 14:57
"Oh, I like that last statement. I think it speaks volumes. I can't see Jamie leaving Liverpool and taking his son out of the academy. I think we will be surprised to say the least when the time comes to see what Jamie's future holds."
7th Feb 2013 14:58
"Would of loved to see him win the league lets hope he becomes the next liverpool manager!!"
7th Feb 2013 15:07
"Carragher will be a loss on the pitch, but we'll be able to harness some of his experience off of it by the sounds of things, so it's not all bad."
7th Feb 2013 15:10
7th Feb 2013 16:19
"Get your coaching badges Carra and get on the coaching staff before becoming a great manager for the mighty reds"
7th Feb 2013 16:56
"Its simple Ian there is no maybe about it. If he isnt offered a coaching role at the club then you go along with him. You won't buy players with experience so you should definately not let one with that amount of experience leave."
7th Feb 2013 17:22
"Oh Carra, now you left with the horror of Reina, Skrtel and Agger. Hopefully we can get Sakho and one of Coady or Sama will step up :( YNWA Carra. LEGEND"
7th Feb 2013 18:43
"I will never get use to a team sheet without cara the legend. Forever in our hearts. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 19:17
"Very sad day in liverpools history,but Jamie must be given a coaching role at LFC this is a must,i see him as a future Liverpool manager YNWA Jamie...."
7th Feb 2013 21:10
"Goal at the Europa final would be fitting, let's make it happen. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 23:13
"I think I'm right in saying he's got his badges... Youth-team set-up, then defensive coach to 1st team/coach, then manager? 23!"
8th Feb 2013 8:15
"I have to say that he could still have played an year or two... But thats what people like Carra do, end on a high... Always leaving you wanting for more.. I wish 5 % of his loyality to most of footballers.. "
8th Feb 2013 8:18
"Whoever thinks that he has less potential than others can go home or give the trials for LFC... If you are not talented and have played 700 + games for LFC... My my such a foolish comment to make... Carra you are the most technical, no nonsense defender I have ever seen.. YNWA Carra and Nicola, keep on with your personal life"
8th Feb 2013 16:21
"We should retire his shirt. God Bless him. Hes been a loyal servant for this club. The heart and soul of it. Thank you for the memories, you will never be forgotten and more importantly... you will never walk alone"