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Absolute Legend Carra YNWA
7th Feb 2013 12:48
7th Feb 2013 12:49
7th Feb 2013 12:49
"You will always be a legend to us. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 12:49
"Nooooooooo! A sad but inevitable day. Big thanks to one of the greatest servants to LFC. 23 Carra Gold - YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 12:50
"Firstly A big big thank you Jamie a true living legent immense player for LFC you wil be missed and lets hope you stay on in some kinmd of coaching capacity as a man with your callibre cannot just be left to leave plz sign him up in some kind of role and then a future LFC manager YNWA "
Bla Eddie
7th Feb 2013 12:50
"True Legend"
7th Feb 2013 12:50
"living legend. hopefully a coaching role for carragher, his passion and experience would be vital"
7th Feb 2013 12:50
"Thanks for everything Jamie. YNWA!!!"
7th Feb 2013 12:51
"Thank you Jamie for being an amazing servant to the club hope you stay and join the back room staff true legend. The number 23 to retire with you Y.N.W.A"
7th Feb 2013 12:51
"future manager of our club YNWA Jamie"
7th Feb 2013 12:51
"A true legend and an inspiration to any footballer.You have my respect and my thanks. You will be missed Cara and YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE"
Liam Bekker
7th Feb 2013 12:51
"My heart literally sank when i read this"
7th Feb 2013 12:52
"Thank you Jamie YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 12:52
"been our best defender last few games, he's still got it so don't understand why???"
7th Feb 2013 12:53
"Always a shame when a legend calls it a day but he has been a tremedous servant for the club and deserves all the plaudits he is sure to get."
7th Feb 2013 12:53
"How sad! Best defender in England! Hope he becomes a coach in the future! All the best Carra!"
7th Feb 2013 12:53
"Jamie you legend! You will be hugely missed! You'll never walk alone!"
7th Feb 2013 12:54
"Thank you Jaime for being an amazing servant to the club please stay and join the back room staff to keep the club moving forward true legend. The number 23 to retire with you Y.N.W.A"
7th Feb 2013 12:54
7th Feb 2013 12:54
"Great servant to the club, must be kept on to bring the youth players through to the first-team."
7th Feb 2013 12:54
7th Feb 2013 12:54
"Sad to see such a legend and underrated CB as Carragher retire. I really hope to see you back at the club on the coaching setup. You're mentality and ability to read the game doesn't come often and certainly hope your influence can rub off on the young stars coming through the academy. Shame you've not been in the first XI for the past few seasons but a consummate professional to the end. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 12:55
"Carra you are an Anfield living legend. I feel you still have something to offer on the pitch but you can leave on a high after we win for the Europa for you!!!"
7th Feb 2013 12:55
" OMG Jamie, are we going to miss you. A true pro; through and through. Thank you for all your years of dedication to LFC and good luck in your future wherever it may lay."
7th Feb 2013 12:55
"I was hoping he would stay for another year at least, and then join our coaching staff. It seems Carra has a different plan. Sky pundit, maybe? Thank yopu for all your hard work. We all dream of a team of Carraghers!!!"
7th Feb 2013 12:56
"I thought he may have carried on abit but its shwos the dedication to the reds that depsite having the option to play on beyond his lfc career he chose the option of been a one man team and retire gracefully lets get the europa cup and 4th spot for him as a fitting tribute and end to his illustrious career"
7th Feb 2013 12:56
"You'll be missed, Carra! You're a legend."
7th Feb 2013 12:57
"Nooooooooooooo just when you were getting back into the squad and doing well! you have been a great player for this team and a true ledgend"
7th Feb 2013 12:57
"As every one says, one word - legend! Remember Carra with England though, never say never!"
7th Feb 2013 12:57
"Legend, Carra! I'm beginning to miss u... YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 12:58
"A great servant for LFC and will be surely missed when he finishes. At 35yrs old he is leaving because it suits him to and not through playing past his best. I hope LFC can find a position for him in the youth set up because his experience and coaching would be invaluable and perhaps eventually into management. Good luck Jamie for the future. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 12:58
"so sad to hear, but so grateful for all your years of loyal service and forever a part of the club/red family YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 12:59
"one of the many many highlight for me those last ditch tackles in instanbul whereby he was ful of cramp but stil putin his body on the lien fighting til the end immense!!!"
7th Feb 2013 12:59
"Thank you for everything, Jamie! Legend! "
7th Feb 2013 12:59
"Always a Sad time when players like Jamie retire from the game. LEGEND in our Eyes. We must do everything to ensure that he is part of this club to encourage the young players."
7th Feb 2013 13:01
"One of the greatest ever! I guess this day had to come eventually sadly. Good luck for the future. YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 13:01
"Legend.. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 13:01
"Living Legend...Its been a prividge having you around "
7th Feb 2013 13:02
"It just breaks my heart that this great Liverpool servant will not be a part of a Liverpool team tp win the PL. Carra, u have always and will always be Mr Liverpool. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:03
":(( End of an Era. A jamie Carragher isnt something you can just find another of round the corner. LEGEND"
7th Feb 2013 13:03
"We will miss you, Jamie. You are Mr Liverpool and we will still dream of a team of Carraghers. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:03
"It's been a privilege to watch Carra over the years at Anfield - the recent return to the team has made me feel like I did in Sami Hyypia's last season, so it feels right to me. Jamie will always be one of us, and a true legend of LFC - we need to keep him at the club in some capacity. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 13:04
"You have been an absolute inspiration Carra, I have watched you since the age of 5 and learnt from you every game, You'll never walk alone Carra! "
7th Feb 2013 13:04
"Noooooooooooo. Leave the team, ok, but please stay and become a coach and maybe assistant manager. I love you Jamie. Legend, YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:05
"Carra For Next Liverpool Manager! "
7th Feb 2013 13:05
"'The Golden Sky of all Storms', Carra you will be sorely missed but always remembered! The #23 shirt must now be retired for good, YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 13:05
"For every saving tackle Jamie has made I salute him and the way he has conducted himself on behave of LFC. He will always be an hero to every LFC fan. Thank you JC for the last 26yrs of you life"
7th Feb 2013 13:06
"A true professional, a real LFC legend and will be sorely missed on the field next season. Thank you Jamie for all that you have given the club. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:06
"End of an Era.."
7th Feb 2013 13:07
"Legend!!!!! I hope you take up coaching, you will be an outstanding mentor, coach, motivator and eventually manager, good luck with your future ambitions and you will never walk alone...."
7th Feb 2013 13:10
"Sad day. Carra Legend will hang up his boots at the end of the season, it's a historic announcement, a day to not forget, I'm a bit gutted to miss such a fantastic home grown Legend! I will take a bit of time to bounce back... I wish you any well for your future Carra YNWA Jamie Carragher"
7th Feb 2013 13:10
"So many epic performances. Truely one of the greatest players to wear the red shirt. You have been a fantastic servant and your commitment has made you a firm favoue with all of us. You will be greatly missed. Let's hope there is one last trophy waiting for you at the end of the season..Thank you for everything..JC, YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:10
"help liverpool win all they have in recent times, goodluck with the coaching badges. ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 13:11
"absolutely gutted he is a a true legend YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:12
"offer this man a coaching role.. we know hes doing the badges.. can see him being liverpools future manager... please dont leave.."
7th Feb 2013 13:12
"The true definition of Legend. Carra your efforts in every single game for us will never be forgotten. In my view if it wasnt for you're hurculean efforts in Istanbul we wouldnt have won that game. Lets hope you stay on as a coach and one day gaffer "
7th Feb 2013 13:13
"Thank you vey much lad for all the good you did with this shirt and the contribution you gave to LFC as a whole YNWA Carra Legend"
7th Feb 2013 13:13
"You are a legend Carra!! We love you. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:14
7th Feb 2013 13:14
"lets win the E/League for him and let him lift it. extra 10 percent now from the whole team, because thats wat carra has always done."
7th Feb 2013 13:15
"Privilege to have the chance to watch him play throughout his career. An absolute legend of a man! All the best Carra on your future endeavours!"
7th Feb 2013 13:15
"Carra you are a part of the very sole of LFC and nothing will ever replace you and what you mean to the club and us fans. We all knew it was coming but could have waited.... You last game will be a sad game for that reason but I for one am sure you will not be gone forever"
Billy B girl
7th Feb 2013 13:15
"Heavy hearts and sad eyes in our household this lunchtime Jamie - You are the ultimate professional and we thank you for everything you have done for Liverpool. Here's to you to become Liverpool Football Club Manager !! You will never ever walk alone !"
7th Feb 2013 13:18
"We still dream of a team of carraghers :( Best scouser in the world,RETIRE THAT NUMBER 23..YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE,Carra"
7th Feb 2013 13:20
"All i say is Thank u, Thank u and Thank u Carra YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 13:21
"Certified Legend, We all dream of a team a Carragher's! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:22
"Thank you for all Jamie, you are a real legend and we'll never forget what you've done for the club!!!! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:22
"So many things to say but they all come down to this: THANK YOU!"
7th Feb 2013 13:23
"This man is an absolute hero, needs a role a club, ill still remember him down and injured in Istanbul, the medical team telling him to come off and he just got up and jogged back to the action, an inspiration! WE ALL DREAM OF THE TEAM OF CARRAGHERS!!"
7th Feb 2013 13:24
"Proper legend, he will be missed YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:25
"Need more players with his att itude. Good luck in your future job, presumably he has that already lined up, either in coaching or in the media. Hope its still at LFC."
7th Feb 2013 13:27
"Gutted in a totally selfish way, its been a pleasure watching Carra play his whole career. A true legend with more to give. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 13:28
"True legend true red, il miss you at the heart of our defense YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 13:29
"many thanks for everything, Carra, you will be missed.. YNWA!!"
7th Feb 2013 13:31
"We will miss you. True legend. Thank you Carra.YNWA Klang Malaysia "
7th Feb 2013 13:32
"I'm so sad rite now!!! Ynwa Jamie "
whacko jacko
7th Feb 2013 13:33
"So many plaudits you could bestow upon you Jamie BUT only one rings true, LIVERPOOL LEGEND !!!!! So many great memories, Istanbul being tops for me. Surely our great club will offer Jamie a coaching role with our youngsters and perhaps leading to first team and Manager one day. good luck Jamie in whatever you decide. YNWA , EVER IN OUR HEARTS "
7th Feb 2013 13:34
"In my opinion one of THE GREATEST LFC DEFENDERS of all time. YNWA Carra!!"
7th Feb 2013 13:34
"True Liverpool legend have tears in my eyes reading this YNWA Carra"
7th Feb 2013 13:34
"A real Liverpool legend, an absolute joy to watch. Generations to come will hear of the ability, grit, determination and passion of one of the finest footballers ever to wear the red of Liverpool F.C All the best Carra Y.N.W.A"
7th Feb 2013 13:35
"All the best carra, true legend, hope you have a yr off and enjoy yourself then come back to work with the youngsters. Future manager current legend!! Ynwa Jamie Carragher"
7th Feb 2013 13:35
"Very shocked to hear this especially with his recent performances, but hopefully this season will finish on a high, much like Jamie Carragher's career. "
7th Feb 2013 13:35
"I am absolutely gutted to hear this. Jamie is our best defender by miles. I just hope he is joining the backroom staff, he deserves the opportunity for all he has done for our club."
7th Feb 2013 13:37
"Jamie is retiring, at his age, mmmmm shame even at his age now he is better than what we already, such a shame, should have been given more games and a new contract before now, disgrace to let him go, when you see who and how they have been playing so far this season "
7th Feb 2013 13:37
"Wow, one of the dynamic duo is retiring. I am shuddering at the prospect of hearing SG utter the immortal words of: "I am retiring" Tis a sad day, a very sad indeed..."
7th Feb 2013 13:39
"Carra alongside big Sammi the two standout centre backs in recent times "
7th Feb 2013 13:40
"I was lucky enough to be at The Ataturk Stadium on the 25 May 2005. Arguably the greatest night in our history. Your performance that night was majestic. And one weâ"
Gerrard o ya beauty
7th Feb 2013 13:40
"Wow didn't expect that one Jamie, I'd have thought you had another season in you. Thank you so much for all the hard graft and great memories you have given to us fans. All the best carra you are an absolute legend mate. YNWA Jamie Carragher"
7th Feb 2013 13:40
"Sorely missed but never forgotten!!! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:41
"Please join the back room staff LFC never been the same since the last of the old bootroom left we need another one, a modern one with you Carra, Stevie when he retires and my favorite God! I think theres room for more with the passion for the club as well including Rush maybe if he fancies it and theres loads more im sure would love to, like Danny Murphy when he retires also"
7th Feb 2013 13:41
"a true leader and ledgend YNWA forever "
7th Feb 2013 13:42
"NOO!! YNWA Jamie, you have been the spirit of this team for the past 2 decades, and that it shaped the growing up of the likes like me, watching you never giving up on ever single ball. I'm proud to be part of the Reds, and i'm blessed to grow up watching you. Tyrant, Colossal, Giant, most of all, you are true Legend. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 13:42
"NOO!! YNWA Jamie, you have been the spirit of this team for the past 2 decades, and that it shaped the growing up of the likes like me, watching you never giving up on ever single ball. I'm proud to be part of the Reds, and i'm blessed to grow up watching you. Tyrant, Colossal, Giant, most of all, you are true Legend. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 13:43
"A True 100% Legend, and a great credit to himself, his Profession, his familiy and to this Great Club he has served so well , All the best Jamie, Something tells me we will see you again at this club in the Future.Its been a privilege . YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 13:43
"TRAGIC, Some one please talk him out of this I doubt if he reads these things but please tell him we need him and owe it to him to keep him at the club "
7th Feb 2013 13:44
"Jamie Carragher,what a player,"LEGEND".THANK YOU.YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:45
"Truly gutting when I read it but happy your retiring a Liverpool player. Still preforming at the highest leave too right now!!. YNWA Jamie! "
7th Feb 2013 13:45
"Very sad news! And too soon! Big thank you for everything you've done for LFC and huge respect! Absolute legend. YNWA Carra! "
7th Feb 2013 13:46
"A player that always gave 100% in every game, a true liverpool legend and one hell of a guy. In the last couple of seasons jamie was struggling to keep up the super high standards he set himself and perhaps he wants to leave when he is still at the top. ynwa jc"
7th Feb 2013 13:46
"Absolute Legend LFC should retire his 23 shirt as a sign of respect to him YNWA Carra <3"
7th Feb 2013 13:46
"Absolutely gutted that Carragher is retiring this year, thought he would of had a one year extension. Would love to see him in the background coaching the young players since his desire and drive will still always be there and it could have a good affect for us in the future. The last of the Houlier back 4. YNWA King Carra LFC Legend."
7th Feb 2013 13:49
"Thank you and all the best Carra!"
7th Feb 2013 13:49
"Carra's inclusion in the first team and the way he played had me thinking he would go on for a few more years. Sad day indeed for all Liverpool supporters. Now we need to have him go out on a high-Europa champs and 4th. YNWA Jamie."
7th Feb 2013 13:49
"He has to stay at the club,we need him at LFC.A TRUE LEGEND.YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:49
"Always Knew that Jamie would know when the time was right. Of course will be sadly missed, but hopefully the club will maintain links through a suitable role for him. It's going to be some send off. Respect Jamie and YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 13:49
"The word legend is used far too often when referring to players, however, in Jamie's case the word is insufficient and does not do justice to one the greatest players to grace Anfield. YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 13:50
"Thank you for all the memories JC. A true Red, A true Scouser and a true Gentleman. You will be missed. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 13:50
"top geezer carra"
7th Feb 2013 13:50
"thank fsg for this...Carra is retiring because LFC hasnt proposed a new contract and he doesnt want to play at a different team..FSG OUT !"
7th Feb 2013 13:52
7th Feb 2013 13:52
"Jamie's unthinkable to be without you.please stay with the club in some other capacity, with a view to managing our beloved club in years to come.ynwa "
7th Feb 2013 13:53
"Wow, Carra defines the word Legend. Wish they could connect an ear-piece to Skrtel with Carra giving instructions. Surely he will be our Defensive Co-ordinator, pundit then onto management. "
7th Feb 2013 13:54
"legend!!! jamie we need you to stay with us in a coaching roll!!!thanks for your blood sweat & tears you have give to LFC YNWA JAMIE LAD!!!!!!!"
7th Feb 2013 13:54
"I write this with a very heavy heart so sad to read the news the club will not be the same without the LEGEND that you are The No 23 Shirt should retire with him CARRA CARRA CARRA THE LEGEND Best Wishes YNWA YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 13:55
"legend!!! jamie we need you to stay with us in a coaching roll!!!thanks for your blood sweat & tears you have give to LFC YNWA JAMIE LAD!!!!!!!"
7th Feb 2013 13:55
"Carra So sad to hear you're leaving your club at the end of the season. You've been a true LEGEND at this club. I desperately hope you will have a position within the club. I Hope as a future Manager#YNWA"
Always A Red
7th Feb 2013 13:56
"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohe has to continue with LFC in some capacity"
7th Feb 2013 13:59
"A legend indeed"
Always A Red
7th Feb 2013 13:59
"So Stevie G has another 3 years.....the Reds must win the PL before then - pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCaptain Fantastic cannot retire without that accolade on his CV!"
7th Feb 2013 14:00
"Carra you will always be a hero in our eyes. You'll be sorely missed! You'll Never Walk Alone, Jamie."
7th Feb 2013 14:01
7th Feb 2013 14:02
"YNWA Carra - we will never forget!!!!"
7th Feb 2013 14:02
"So sad to hear the news of your retirement, you are a legend Carra and have been and will remain an inspiration to all who serve and have served LFC. YNWA. xx"
7th Feb 2013 14:02
Rushjob _
7th Feb 2013 14:02
"Am absolute legend. For Istanbul alone. "
7th Feb 2013 14:02
7th Feb 2013 14:03
7th Feb 2013 14:05
"Professional to the end. Many thanks Carra."
7th Feb 2013 14:08
"A Fantastic servant of the club and has earned everyone's respect in or outside the club will be truly missed and could have played in any Liverpool squad. Legend 23."
7th Feb 2013 14:09
"what a defender we have had over the past 16 years. you will be truly missed Carra. There's one more thing i would like to say...'i'd love a team of Carra's'...thankyou Jamie. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 14:09
"Come LFC let's win the Europa league for carra. I was hoping to see him play for one more season so to give him another chance at winning the league. You rock Jamie, ynwa. "
7th Feb 2013 14:10
"Totally unacceptable to me!! I still remember the smile on Jamie's face after Carling Cup Final! He played wonderful a game against Arsenal and City! I wonder if he would play another two season with us! Hope you can change the decision Jamie.. Anyway, you will never walk alone! Chinese Fan"
7th Feb 2013 14:11
"Absolute Legend. Once was a Blue but now bleeds RED through and through. To hear him speak of his passion and love of Liverpool brings a tear to my eye. All players who sign for LFC should take a leaf out of Carra's book. You will be sorely missed but will never walk alone."
7th Feb 2013 14:11
"Sad. Very Sad.........."
Jonny Red
7th Feb 2013 14:13
7th Feb 2013 14:14
"you'll be missed Carra. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 14:15
"Thank you for all you have given to our wonderful club. There are very few footballers who win honours at the top level. You have achieved so much. I will always remember you as a player who gave his all to LFC. I actually feel quite sad to think you are retiring. Perhaps you will come back to our club as a member of the back room staff. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 14:16
"I'm not ashamed to admit, that brought tears to my eyes! And also makes me 1000 times happier the shirt I ordered yesterday has 23 Carragher on it! YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 14:18
"legend on and off the field - thanks jamie"
7th Feb 2013 14:18
"We all knew this would come sooner rather than later you will be missed a leader on and off the pitch hopefully you will stay with the club and help bring through some more youngsters like yourself. YNWA legend is overused these days but i think this is one of those times were its appropriate"
7th Feb 2013 14:19
"Thank yyou Carra, you have done great job for LFC in your entaire football carrier to this belove football club. You are a legend. UNWA"
7th Feb 2013 14:19
"This is a sad day, though we knew that one day it had to come , it,s still a shock when it happens. Jamie Carra ,IS a Liverpool legend , he is up there with Dalglish , Rush , Molby ,the list goes on. His pride in the shirt and the club is unquestionable , I wish we had many more like him. Liverpool boss one day Jamie, it has to be."
7th Feb 2013 14:21
"A true legend who would have fitted in to any of the great Liverpool teams. Take up coaching cos anything else you do will we a waste of your knowledge."
7th Feb 2013 14:21
"If there's anyone who deserves the league le, it's you Jamie! But it doesn't matter, to us and those outside the club who see it, you're an inspiration to football and the passion is unrivaled."
7th Feb 2013 14:22
"many many thanks to jamie for some glorious moments. what a player and role model. i hope the club will make use of his talents and love for the club in coaching roles of some kind. all we want is a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers, a team of Carraghers!!!!!"
7th Feb 2013 14:25
"carragher living legend ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 14:26
"please retire jersey number 23 and a statue would be the perfect gift to jamie!! YNWA jamie!! :')"
7th Feb 2013 14:26
"Gutted!Still so much to give on the playing front. Future manager for sure. Thanks for the memories Carra you legend."
7th Feb 2013 14:27
"End of an era since Carra & Stevie both represent the last of the 90s crop. Hope he stays and be a inspiration for the academy youngsters. I am happy for him since going by the form he's shown in last 2 games, he's signing off on a high. Legend. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 14:27
"He's been playing really well lately so it's a bit of surprise because he looks like he'e got at least another season left in him but maybe it's best to quit while you're ahead and leave them wanting more.Good luck and thank you Jamie. Hope you stay at the club, YNWA. "
7th Feb 2013 14:27
"As much as I have deceived myself into hoping that this moment never arrives, it lands right on my door step first thing this morning. No one can go on forever, but, thank you for all the great memories and for your wonderful committment to our great club. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 14:32
"Legend is just not that big a word for you..How i will miss you, you have no clue.. That block on Ronaldinho oh and countless body blows.. Hope some one fills this void.. YNWA Jamie"
7th Feb 2013 14:32
"LegenD will miss you loads YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 14:32
"23 Carra Gold. Legend."
7th Feb 2013 14:33
"his leadership will be sadly missed in this team.. by far the best defender for the last decade.. An absolute must for defensive coach next season.. the number 23 should be retired in his honour "
7th Feb 2013 14:33
"In modern days and football Jamie Carragher is inspiring all of us.He played all the time for us Thank for all.He is true legent"
7th Feb 2013 14:35
"Sighs! I love you man. How I wish you wouldn't leave. Sighs!"
7th Feb 2013 14:35
"I wil nvr frget the incredible contribution of Jamie Carragher 2 LFC for as long as I live. True legend. One day I wil tel my kids stories bout his immense performances, his unwaivering loyalty, his love 4 the club, the bottle he demonstrated time & again throughout his career & above all his huge heart. We will always dream of a team of Carraghers. YNWA Carra."
7th Feb 2013 14:38
"What a massive loss.Big boots to fill,for sure.I hope he stays at the club in a coaching role,as he has so much more to offer.IMO a commanding CB is now top priority in the summer.Carra an absolute legend,without doubt."
7th Feb 2013 14:43
"Liverpool will not be the same without Jamie C he is just the heart of the club that we all loved and it will never be the same. The Club must try to get him to work in couching or something to help the running of the club. When Stevie goes my life time love of LFC will be over."
scott mcsweeney
7th Feb 2013 14:45
"Thanks Jamie for everything you have done and good luck in the future. I believe one day we will see him managing Liverpool winning us lots of silverware. YNWA . Thank you JAMIE CARRAGHER"
7th Feb 2013 14:45
"jamie u are mr liverpool i wish you all the best is a shock never ever forget what u have done for lfc iyou are a role model for me and my children"
7th Feb 2013 14:49
7th Feb 2013 14:50
"thx Carra ur my fav defender"
7th Feb 2013 14:51
"I'm speechless! We Love You Carra! "
7th Feb 2013 14:51
"We all dream of a team of carras!!! Sad to see him retire but full credit to him for his loyalty and passion, nobody can create what he had and felt for liverpool well maybe they can like gerrard but he has been amazing and nothing less only more :) YNWA ever jamie!"
7th Feb 2013 14:53
"legend, all the best for your future YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 14:53
"All Reds are proud of having you. All you have done for Liverpool, all you have said about Liverpool will always be remembered. Carra23 the Legend of Liverpool! Join the coaching staff, Legend! "
7th Feb 2013 14:58
7th Feb 2013 15:01
7th Feb 2013 15:03
"tears tears everywhere :'("
7th Feb 2013 15:04
"A true legend.......BR plz give this guy a coaching role.......he deserves nothing less.......thank u carra.......the whole liverpool fc family loves u.......ynwa!!!"
7th Feb 2013 15:08
"GUTTED! But all good things come to an end! You've been, and will continue to be, an absolute legend for this great club. If future Liverpool players show half of the commitment you have over the years then there will be good times ahead. I wish you every success in whatever you do. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 15:08
7th Feb 2013 15:08
"YNWA legend! We'll miss you so much."
7th Feb 2013 15:10
" more year pleeeeeease! Then stay to coach and manage...Jamie Y.W.N.A ever!!!"
7th Feb 2013 15:11
"Noooooooooooooo!! YNNNWA Carra!"
7th Feb 2013 15:14
"Genuinely saddened by this, happy for the legend that is though."
7th Feb 2013 15:20
"This is a shock! Carra can't go! We need him now more than ever!"
7th Feb 2013 15:21
"We all dream of a team of Carraghers, team of Carraghers, team of Carraghers! Thank you, Carra. You are a true legend! YNWA!"
ger red
7th Feb 2013 15:28
"Carra must stay on as part of the coaching staff,not to offer him some sort of role would be a kick in the nuts to one of our greatest servants. THANK YOU JAMIE for being who you are."
7th Feb 2013 15:29
"Jamie, it's been a privilege and an honour to have watched you play for LFC. You are not only a great player but a great ambassador for LFC. What ever your chosen path is, I am sure it will be successful. All the best to you and your family. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 15:29
"Teared up a little hearing this. I was only 3 when he started playing for Liverpool so I cannot remember a time when he wasn't with us. Absolute character, gentleman and one of the best defenders I've ever known"
7th Feb 2013 15:30
"The word legend is massively over used by the media but there is no other description for Carra. A true LFC legend and one of our greats. Thanks Jamie for everything and like many more I hope to see you back at Anfield soon. It goes without saying that YNWA."
Denza Red
7th Feb 2013 15:30
"26 years of good, honest work. Enjoy your retirement Jamie and Thanks For The Memories. Liverpool Legend. YNWA."
poolman 96
7th Feb 2013 15:34
7th Feb 2013 15:39
"Red from the start, Red forever! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 15:42
" I love this guy so much that I will presonally miss him. Jamie Carragher you are the best. thank for all the time you put in. God will reward you. again thanks."
7th Feb 2013 15:43
"What a sad day this is for everybody connected with Liverpool F.C. But for Jamie this must have been one of the hardest decisions he"s ever had to make, A True Legend as the song says A Team of Carraghers!!!! Thanx for some GREAT MEMORIES CARRA YNWA...."
7th Feb 2013 15:44
"Absolute legend Carra.. Every match you gave heart and soul for the club. Can't remember you having one bad game!Best memory is 2005 Champions League semi final against were awesome :)Hope you begin a coaching career at LFC. #YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 15:45
"It's the end of an era. Legend. Liverpool through and through. Thank you, Jamie."
7th Feb 2013 15:50
"Don't see that coming! Whaooo! I hope there's a role made up already! A true character I wish you all the best cara!!!"
7th Feb 2013 15:54
"Thank you Carra!"
7th Feb 2013 15:54
"good luck for the future.. legend ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 15:54
"good luck for the future.. legend ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 15:54
"good luck for the future.. legend ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 15:54
"good luck for the future.. legend ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 16:02
"What a player, hope he gets a coaching role after a well earned long holiday! WE ALL DREAM OF A TEAM OF CARRAGHERS!! YNWA!!"
7th Feb 2013 16:03
"YNWA we will miss you "
7th Feb 2013 16:05
7th Feb 2013 16:07
"LEGEND. Absolutely gutted. I love the guy. Carra has always been part of Liverpool since I can remember. He has been a quality player throughout his career. He will manage LFC one day for sure. All the best in the future YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 16:07
"its a shame we cant win the league in your last year, never mind though as uv'e been a great servent of our beloved club and YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 16:17
"Carra you will always be a legend at Liverpool YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 16:17
"One of the true greats..."
7th Feb 2013 16:20
"Just want to say I'm gutted that Jamie Carragher has dceided to retire at the end of the season. He has played brilliantly this season when asked to come in. He will always be a legend at LFC for everything he does on and off the pitch. I'm sure I echo many Liverpool fans thoughts when I say I hope he stays on or comes back in time as a coach. Jamie Carragher, future Liverpool manager ? YNWA !"
7th Feb 2013 16:20
"Massive guy at this club-he almost is Mr LFC, would be a shame if he wants to go elsewhere as he has so much to offer but we will see, no one could hold it against him ifhe did, wish him all the best either way YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 16:20
"Would love to see him stay at the club and be groomed as our future manager. Will definately be missed in every single aspect at the club from playing to his experience around the place. Thanks for everything Jammie. FSG take note. Its not always about RESALE VALUE. It about what you give while your here."
7th Feb 2013 16:24
"One of the best players I have seen to read a game, I remember in one game he was badly injured and was to miss the rest of the season instead of going to the side of the pitch he stayed on and shouted at the manager to get a player on instead of going down to ten, the commentator said that really epitimises carragher and what he is about, legend."
7th Feb 2013 16:26
"shame he was not able to add league winners medal to his collection."
7th Feb 2013 16:28
"You are and always will be a Liverpool Legend! Thanks for everything Carra YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 16:29
"WE ARE A TEAM OF CARRAGHERS, says the song. Make him coach and make him play for one more season, or until we get someone like him. Just one more Season, please!"
7th Feb 2013 16:30
"Good luck Jamie, want to wish you all the best in your future life. Local lad come good, brilliant "
7th Feb 2013 16:32
"This is incredible! Sad news. Especially considering his contribution in the last couple of games. What if we are serious challengers for the le next season? It would be horrible for him to miss out. Really, really shocked! Anyway, thanks and best wishes Jamie!!! YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 16:36
"Will be missed massively!! We need his experience on the backroom staff."
7th Feb 2013 16:38
"You will be sadly missed Jamie. You are a true legend and ambassador to football both on and off the field. Wishing you every success for the future. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 16:40
"An absolute legend, gutted to hear the news.He will never be forgotten. LFC should retire the number 23 shirt. THANK YOU CARRA!!!"
7th Feb 2013 16:41
"It's an absolute delight to see you play and I'm grateful for all you have done for the club!"
7th Feb 2013 16:42
"#YNWA, Jamie Carragher true Liverpool Legend!"
7th Feb 2013 16:42
"Don't leave ! You are so important to all of us - to us fans, the players , the manager, the officials , the directors, the club as a whole, to everyone. - You are what Liverpool is about !! "
7th Feb 2013 16:45
"True legend . YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 16:59
"Wish you all the best Jamie, if only all our squad had your commitment and drive.. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 17:09
"This man stood in front of speeding bullets to hold onto a win for LIVERPOOL FC. i miss sami BUT really gonna miss CARRA. LIVERPOOL BORN LEGEND"
7th Feb 2013 17:09
"A model proffessional,and a gentleman. He and his liverpool colleagues over the years have given me many happy memories. Good luck Carra, if there is one footballer on this planet who deserves the 'Legend' status its you."
7th Feb 2013 17:17
"I was so glad to see him back on the pitch the last few games. He still can play so well. Now I'm very sad. "
7th Feb 2013 17:34
"i hope y win 2 billion in the lottery 2 buy our club....ty carra 4 every single second y played 4 us.....tears from heaven...ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 17:38
"Walk on JC! Please join the backroom staff ASAP! We need his experience!"
7th Feb 2013 17:39
"A true professional"
7th Feb 2013 17:41
"after the way he's played in the last couple of games i'm absolutely surprised.....and gutted."
7th Feb 2013 17:44
"jamie,give us a goal.jamie,jamie give us a goal."
7th Feb 2013 17:45
"We will miss you mate. As long you stay in our management team will be ok...."
7th Feb 2013 17:48
"We all dream of a team of Carraghers...a team of Carraghers....a team of Carraghers!! A true legend Jamie lad!!"
7th Feb 2013 17:48
"I can just about understand that Jamie might want to retire as a player but am stunned and very sad that the statement says he "is to leave LFC and will be retiring from football.""
7th Feb 2013 17:51
"Few minutes ago, i just bought the home kit at the lfc online shop with Carragher 23 at the back. This is my saying of thank you for the wonderful experience. Good bye Jamie!"
7th Feb 2013 17:51
"LFC A sad day a giant of a man and a true LEGEND. THANK YOU CARRA. YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 17:54
7th Feb 2013 17:56
"Legend, really thought he had another season in him. Hope he can get on the coaching staff get the next generation of bootroom boys on the go."
7th Feb 2013 17:57
"Just heard the news, unbelievable, Jamie legend is too mild a word for you, there is no words that can describe what you have been and meant to LFC and the fans over the years, great memories and a true scouser. Please stay on the coaching team, the youngsters need your example. God Bless you Jamie. Sad day. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:00
"This statement is one more proof who is Carra-Legend.That's the way how truly LFC player and gent. respond.Thanks for all these 15 years,Jamie.Your team's comitment has been fantastic.Thanks,Carra and YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!"
7th Feb 2013 18:10
"Give him a defense coaching role please! He still has alot to offer experience-wise! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:11
"Have tears in my eyes reading this. This lad is the heart and soul of LFC and it's going to be strange not seeing his name on the team sheet every week. We all knew it was coming but I can say I've never been so gutted to see a player hang up his boots. YNWA Jamie lad!"
7th Feb 2013 18:17
"Typical Carragher focused and determined right to the end! Lets get that Europa Cup for Carra!!"
7th Feb 2013 18:17
"Will never forget those clearances and last ditch blocks in the Ataturk stadium. It wouldn't have happened without you Carra. Legend - YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:19
"a sad day in Liverpools history but nobody can go on for ever a true great player for the club,not many players stay with just one club good luck Carra maybe one day you will be the man in charge of Liverpool YNWA JFT96"
7th Feb 2013 18:22
"Top player,great role model....Legend! "
7th Feb 2013 18:27
"what a legend. hope you stay involved with liverpool fc it would be a massive waste of your talent and enthusiasm for our great club . YNWA "
7th Feb 2013 18:32
"Absolute Legend. Thank you for the memories. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:33
"i think im gonna cry heartbroken"
7th Feb 2013 18:35
"Liverpool legend. Says it all. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:36
"You are what football and our club are all about Jamie and we wish you all our best to you and your family in a well earned rest,because you certainly have not rested while you have been on the pitch !!!Bless You for all your efforts. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 18:40
"I will never get use to a team list without a legend like cara. YNWA forever in our hearts"
7th Feb 2013 18:42
" God bless Jamie Carragher!!!! Now to Brendan and Co: Get Jamie in the boot Room!!!"
7th Feb 2013 18:43
"All good things must come to an end. YNWA JC"
7th Feb 2013 18:43
"jamie you are a legend and have been immense for this club. hope somehow you will change your mind as last few games show you can still do a job. hopefully your knowledge and loyalty wont go to waste. we love you jamie. YNWA WALK on"
Jimmy Melia
7th Feb 2013 18:47
"I would of hoped for (expected even) a simultaneous announcement from LFC about a coaching role. If we do not retain JC's services in some capacity then it really is a very sad day for LFC, and suggest a different kind future for the club. "
7th Feb 2013 18:53
"Carra, You have been a star for longer than i can remember and will be missed beyond belief at LFC when you retire. "we all dreamed of a team of Carraghers". YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 18:58
"Sad day..."
7th Feb 2013 19:06
"Not a shock but still a very very sad day when my favourite contemporary footballer decided to hang up his boots. Gutted..... Always Carra 23 but my No.1 player."
Centenary Queen
7th Feb 2013 19:06
"May as well have told me a close member of my family have die. Can't believe you're going J. Thanks for all you have done and will (most likely) continue to do. Best wishes for the future xxxx"
7th Feb 2013 19:09
"THANK YOU CARRA!!!!! Quite surprised to hear this, since he was getting game time, bt will still be sure years to come we'll still be talking about the LIVERPOOL LEGEND-JAMIE CARRAGHER"
7th Feb 2013 19:11
"That has come as a bit of a shock.Considering his recent form I thought he might be around for one more season. Mere thanks are not enough, the guy is a legend ."
7th Feb 2013 19:16
"Gutted - should have played him in the cups - it was the least he deserved. What a legend. "
7th Feb 2013 19:18
"Ohhh Jamie, I don't think we're ready yet. I pray you stay with us in some capacity. You are an absolute legend as well as an amazing guy and role model to all. Such passion and knowledge of the game, such devotion to the club, unbelieveable commitment. It's very sad news but THANK-YOU for everything!"
7th Feb 2013 19:20
"For a year or so I have been thinking Carra is past his best but he's shown in the last couple of games that he can still be as good as any defender in the league. His amazing football brain and his red heart have been such an asset to this club, and I hope we see him here for a long time as a coach and future manager. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 19:26
"What can you say about Carra that hasn't already been said? Legend barely covers it and I hope we see him at the club for a good many years yet in some role. I've lived abroad for 15 years and the most genuine tribute I can give is that when I was last in England I bought a shirt and it was Jamie's name and number I wanted on the back. Fantastic servant and an inspiration to all young players."
7th Feb 2013 19:29
"A big Thanks Jaime for all unconditional love and sacrifice for the Club I have always thought you were the best CB in the EPL not just for your football abilities but also because of your courage love loyalty to protect LFC in every game something is missing nowadays in footballer I'm sure that even in another life YOU will be a Liverpool player allover again YNWA!! "
7th Feb 2013 19:35
"What can you say, he's a real; man in every sense oif the word, a true sportsMAN and a real gentleMAN but above all else he is a legendry Liverpool MAN. Where ever you go or what ever you do all the very best and take care."
7th Feb 2013 19:38
"we all knew it was going to happen 1 day, but i thought he would give it one more season, you are a legend jamie,YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 19:54
"Thank you Carra! LEGEND! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 19:54
"Thank you Jamie for all of your work and commitment to Liverpool FC and all the you Joy you brought to us throughout the years. It's been a privilage to watch you give your all for the Team week in week out. Your one of a dieing breed, Loyal to the core. YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 19:58
7th Feb 2013 20:06
"Carra is a legend at Liverpool and I think he has picked the right time to retire. He's still playing well and it's always best to go that way. He has earned the respect of football fans all around for his loyalty, determination and commitment to the club. He will not be forgotten and I hope he still has some part to play at LFC. "
7th Feb 2013 20:07
"Jamie, you're the mouth of the north with a crunching heroic tackle yet you remain graceful and wise with your choice. I would have you play until your legs didn't work - Your expertise helped our team compose so much against city."
7th Feb 2013 20:09
"LFC in your blood. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 20:09
"absolute legend carra will b missed one of the greats! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 20:10
"I want to thank you for making a passionate part of my life an inspiration to watch. Absolute gentleman and forever the best gutsy all-round defender Liverpool ever had. You epitomised scouse pride when you cramped up in the CL."
7th Feb 2013 20:11
"such a great gentleman and an even greater hero will be missed by so many been watching you for long felt like you would always be there so sad at this news but so happy for you and your family thanks for everthing cara YWNEWA"
7th Feb 2013 20:12
"And I want it recognised that players like you Jamie are what makes football the beautiful game. Pride, hard work, grace on and off the pitch, the will to learn and most of all heart. You have that a million times over. You'll never walk alone."
raheem liverpolian
7th Feb 2013 20:12
7th Feb 2013 20:15
"Jamie should be a coach - He already was on the pitch...why not keep going you've got the qualifications right?"
Mr Ostrich
7th Feb 2013 20:18
"Gutted as I reckon he still had another season or 2 left in him as he showed over the past few weeks. However, its Carra's decision. Take a year break off but please come back! You'd be the perfect defensive coach. Brendan, you are going to have a tough time finding a replacement however, this needs to be your summer transfer priority!"
7th Feb 2013 20:26
"So why announce it now? "
7th Feb 2013 20:33
"Committed till the end, don't make many like that these days. "
7th Feb 2013 20:34
"i think we all know jamie was retiering soon if not this season it would be next.the days of a player STAYING AT ONE CLUB FOR ALL THEIR CAREER are long gone.carra was LOYAL to the very end. unlike the players of today,who only care abt flash cash.CARRA YOU ARE IN THE HALL OF FAME and as i type im crying.remember WE ARE LIVERPOOL FC TODAY,TMRW AND ALWAYS ..LOVE FROM CENTRECIRCLE100 YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 20:37
"All the very best for the future, whatever you decide! C'mon LFC -get top 4 and give Carra a decent send off!! Been my LFC idol since I was a kid - true Redman at heart, shows his passion everytime he walks on that pitch - and plays with PLENTY OF BOTTLE!!! YNWA"
Rushjob _
7th Feb 2013 20:51
"Martin Kelly signed a new long term deal today (apparently) expect announcement tomorrow (Friday). Reckon he's our future centre back." "
SGM 73
7th Feb 2013 20:51
"Gutted about this. I think he can play on, but he's a proud man & doesn't want to be only getting a handful of games. This season's defensive frailties has shown we're not ready to replace him yet.. If I was Rodgers, I'd beg him to play on... Hope the people who've been demanding he quit are happy now.. "
7th Feb 2013 20:52
"Absolute legend. You will be dearly missed. Come on, go out in style and end it with a bang. We love Carra. YNWA Jamie"
7th Feb 2013 20:52
7th Feb 2013 20:59
"Give him the captains armband for the last game of the season."
7th Feb 2013 21:02
"Got upset when I heard the news on Sky news.Jamie, you do not have to tell us you did your best, we know that you did more than your best. You are a great example to others,a legend and thank you for everything and I hope this is not a goodbye forever as I believe you still have more to offer us in another role. "
7th Feb 2013 21:15
" one of the best he will live on in our hearts for years to come, and will never be for got tone all the best and hope to see you working at anfield "
7th Feb 2013 21:22
"Youv'e been a quality servant to the club thanks for all the memories. Pity thought you could go one more season you've put in some quality displays this season"
Nice one Cyril
7th Feb 2013 21:25
"It has been a total pleasure to watch Jamie over the years. He is everything I want my club to be about. Surely, if he wants to, he must join the backroom staff, he is Mr Liverpool. A wonderful player,a legend!"
7th Feb 2013 21:31
7th Feb 2013 21:33
"Thanks Carra True Red,there has got to be a coaching role (please)miss you YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 21:36
"Thank you for everything you gave to the club.. And everything you're gonna give! YNWA Jamie! Number 23 never forgotten!"
Champions Of Europe
7th Feb 2013 21:36
"Your ties with LFC are permanent Jamie, as is the admiration from your fans. You've stayed with us through thick & thin, quietly doing the work of an incredible defender, leader & role model. The acronym YNWA was made for players like you."
7th Feb 2013 21:43
"What a legend you are Jamie. Istanbul summed you up, those tackles made sure we won that European Cup. Gutted to hear you've decided to call it a day but I really hope you stay on in a coaching role. YNWAJC"
7th Feb 2013 21:52
"Thanks for everything Carragher. We will always dream of a team of Carraghers! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 22:03
"From a Boy to A MAN- with LFC, THANK YOU Jamie!!! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 22:05
"Jamie Carragher, Liverpool through and through; legend, rock and ultimate player. The world will see you return to this beloved club in a senior role, and the machine that was Liverpool FC will march on again. Thanks, lad, you are amazing.YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 22:16
"Thank you, Jamie! It will be the greatest loss to LFC to see the most committed player we've had leaving. Would really like it for you one dday to take this club to greater heights! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 22:21
"Retirement from playing I can just about get my head around but last season at LFC NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The club must keep him on in a coaching capacity, the only exception being if he wants to gain some experience at another club first."
7th Feb 2013 22:25
"I know we normaly dont do this in Football but lets retire that 23 shirt!!!"
bloodred like wine
7th Feb 2013 22:40
"To Jamie You have lived the dream. From Kevin and his son Dylan"
8th Feb 2013 0:02
"Will probably be replaced by a 17 year old. Who will turn out to be crap."
8th Feb 2013 0:14
"saddest news in years, but inevitable. enjoy an extended break with your family then get ur ass back here in the coaching ranks. freak of footballing nature, solid dependable etc etc. gl n ynwa"
8th Feb 2013 0:17
"As ever Carra rises to the occasion and bows out with great dignity and respect. The younger players who want everything now and aren't prepared to graft for it should take note. Hope he stays with the club in some meaningful capacity. YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 0:39
"jamie u have been a great ambasador for this great club of ours and i want to thank you personally for your contribution. u will be sadly missed on the field by us all but i know u will never be far away and your heart will always be ours .Y.W.N W.A "
8th Feb 2013 0:45
"I'm absolutely gutted to hear that. Thank you for your wonderful service to Liverpool Football Club, you will no doubt be a legend ast us fans. "
8th Feb 2013 0:52
"L E G E N D....."
8th Feb 2013 1:09
"It has been an absolute honour watching you play Jamie. A true living legend. YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 1:29
8th Feb 2013 1:48
"Is this a trick to get me to buy another Carra jersey...All jokes aside you hope the day will never come but of course it does at some point.Thanks Carra for all everything. You are a true professional and a legend at our club. Feel free to stick around off the pitch and spread the spirit of Liverpool to all youngsters fortunate enough to get to play for us."
8th Feb 2013 2:37
"All I want to say is thank you for all the whole-hearted effort! YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 2:39
"Funny...he has been needed in the team and has been played by Brendan in crucial matches which needs his leadership. Why retire ? Not yet more me. Brendan still needs his services."
8th Feb 2013 2:52
"Thanks man, you have been superb for the club. A real leader, very loyal and patient when thins are working or not, when we're winning and losing. I can imagin the task left to Steve Gerald, I know he'll be themost sad for your depature. If I'm asked, you still have some other two great season. YNWA. "
8th Feb 2013 3:18
"thanks for everything Carra. All the best"
8th Feb 2013 4:37
"great servant..... good luck carra"
8th Feb 2013 5:28
"Thank you for your great contribution to to this club you will be greatly missed YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 6:11
"We Love U Carra , U have Played an amazing role in the great history.U r the Legend of Legends. Forever red. YNWA. "
8th Feb 2013 6:23
"Thank you Carra for your commitment to LFC your are a Legend!! YNWA "
8th Feb 2013 6:41
"You did well Carra. But sadly all good things will come to and end. I hope you will still help the club and mould the future generation fo stars"
8th Feb 2013 6:55
"Thanks for everything.A True Legend.YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 7:11
"Carra, Istanbul, body on the line. nobody will ever forget what you have given to this club. I hope you become our manager one day and that this is just a break and not a goodbye.that last match at Anfield in may is gonna be one hell of a tearjerker."
8th Feb 2013 8:11
"Jamie Carragher is a great Liverpool hero whose love for Liverpool should be harnessed. Therefore Jamie should be inducted as a coach! His ability and experience should not be wasted!"
8th Feb 2013 8:14
"thank you Jamie for the dedication and effort you have put in for Liverpool. Legend gets banded about too much for players but you are a true legend. Good luck for the future and hopefully we will see you in the Anfield dugout as manager for the Red Men. YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 8:17
"Good Luck Jamie. You have been a absolute legand at LFC, your services have been fantastic over the years. Top Defender. Will miss you."
8th Feb 2013 8:29
"Just one word needed. LEGEND"
8th Feb 2013 11:39
"Such an influential player. Going to be missed, will always remember the constant effort put in! YNWA Legend!"
8th Feb 2013 13:26
"A great leader and a true legend. We wish for a team of Carra's. YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 14:40
"Red's legend forever,YNWA~!"
Bang Ucup
8th Feb 2013 16:03
"Please offer him a position as Brendan's Assistant..... He is true Legend, i don't think anybody else could use his 23 shirt... keep it only for Carra.."
21st Feb 2013 4:37
"he could play another 2 seasons with proper rest ..especially guiding the youths in League Cup and fA cup games .."