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Keep saying these things Luis lad as its music to reds fans ears. #justcantgetenough
Rushjob _
7th Feb 2013 9:45
7th Feb 2013 9:47
"Not what he said last night. I hoppe we don't loose him in summer. "
7th Feb 2013 9:47
"well get champs league luis"
7th Feb 2013 9:51
"What a great interview especially after reading this morning on tv sports news that Suarez will want to move on if no Champions League position. They can't wait for us to lose him. Thank you Luiz, you will always be loved at Liverpool. "
7th Feb 2013 9:54
"Why do they always omit parts of interviews on this site. He also said in june he will decide his future."
7th Feb 2013 9:57
"We have to pinch ourselves every week Luis as well to realize how fortunate we are to have you at our club. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 9:59
"It's funny how there are several different spins on this interview. The Daily Mirror is reporting that Suarez has cast doubt on his continued future at Liverpool and that he will review his position in June whereas on this site there is a far more positive angle to the story. I do wish that the press would back off him - it's not good for my blood pressure and sanity!"
7th Feb 2013 10:02
"Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed and blown .Walk on walk on with hope in your heart And you'll never walk alone You'll never walk alone "
7th Feb 2013 10:30
"I never thought we would replace Torres who in my life time made the biggest immediate impact I have ever witnessed at LFC. Torres was well on his way into becoming a legend but that imploded spectacularly. Then came along this street fighter with exquisite skills and we have not only replaced Torres but this lad could be our best ever player. "
7th Feb 2013 10:34
"Some players love the adoration and realise at a particular club they receive God like status which would never be repeated at another. Players like Modric, Henry, Owen, Torres have found to their cost the folly of leaving their spiritual homes. As amazing as Suarez is he will never get the same adulation, cont.."
7th Feb 2013 10:36
"Luis Suarez, the smiles returning to our faces! Luis Suarez, it feels like years since you've been here! Here comes SUAREZ da de da da, here comes Suarez and I's alright! YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 10:37
"at a club like Madrid or Barca where Ronaldo and Messi, respectively, are the king pins and no one will displace them from their mantle. If Suarez wants to be a bit part player like the before mentioned then good luck. But I wager he knows how lucky he is to be worshipped at a shrine like Anfield and will stay for many a years to come. "
Rushjob _
7th Feb 2013 10:41
"Buddha- never have I nodded at a set of your comments so much as I did just. Absolutely spot on. When he scored that wonder goal at the kop end v Newcastle I turned to my mate and said id just witnessed one of the best players to wear red....."
Rushjob _
7th Feb 2013 10:43
"I reckon decent progress will keep him happy this year. He knows the score does our Luis. For me, he's the 3rd best player in the world behind Messi and Ronaldo. I ing love him. :)"
7th Feb 2013 10:51
"Suarez, we love you at LFC. He is the greatest player in the planet. We are privileged to have him here forever."
7th Feb 2013 10:55
"The conversation doesnt finish like that. He also says ''we should talk this June or the next one, in 2014. My contract ends in 2018. My family is very happy here and I'm living a dream: playing for a club that every kid wants to play for. So we're content, for now." A bit worried"
7th Feb 2013 11:04
"Anyone who has seen the sick perversion of his comments in the mirror should relax. The mirror is worse than the S*n for gutter sports journalism. Especialy from the man u fan who published that article. he always prints tosh to try to destabalise Liverpool. Luis loves it here, We love him, we are getting better, he is fantastic and everythings good!"
7th Feb 2013 11:06
"Not buying a striker last summer and playing out games defensively to settle for a draw - could yet cost us our best player."
7th Feb 2013 11:09
"safely ignore anything with DAVID MADDOCK's name attached to it if you are a Liverpool fan"
7th Feb 2013 11:17
"Hopefully we can keep on winning matches rest of the season, not just because of possible Champions League spot, but because winning breeds confidence and brings culture of winning back to Liverpool which can be major boost when you have a bad patch. ManU keep winning games where they are second best, because they got that kind of culture."
7th Feb 2013 11:40
"YNWA... Can't get enough of those... Always eager to hear more and get more from him..."
7th Feb 2013 11:42
"YNWA... Can't get enough of those... Always eager to hear more and get more from him..."
7th Feb 2013 11:47
".. and our dreams are built firmly around you. TKS."
7th Feb 2013 11:54
"Did you see The Mirror's article on what he said? The Sun surprisingly showed it the proper way. YNWA Luis"
7th Feb 2013 11:55
"Rushjob, thanks bro..."
7th Feb 2013 12:04
"atleast he is appreciating the fans for the support and he is positive and ready to fight for CL place unlike other players of LFC WHO keep saying liverpool can't compete..we love you suarez YNWA..."
7th Feb 2013 12:09
"Luis is another another great Dalglish signing. At least BR has the intuition and sense to capiatlise on Kennys signings like Hendo, Downing and Saurez. Patience is always a virtue instead of pathetic imbecilic knee jerk reactions and vitriolic child like hate campaigns the like of which we saw on these comments last season against Kenny."
7th Feb 2013 12:12
"Kingwillis-The mirror can't just print 'Luis happy' they want drama to sell 'papers. As for the s, I hope you didn't buy it."
7th Feb 2013 12:28
"Suarez is going NOWHERE he loves the team, fans and City! In the utmost worst case scenario he left us...we would be £40 million pound better off in the bank ..there is always a Torres and Suarez in the making...the only players i find impossible to replace are Stevie and Carra..YNWA"
Always A Red
7th Feb 2013 12:37
"Luis - you are the greatest man! However, I fear you will leave us if we do not get a CL spot and who can blame you. As Stevie G said, you deserve to be playing CL football! "
7th Feb 2013 12:50
"I agree with mushroomscouser. Some of the abuse that was hurled at Dalglish, a club legend, and his players was disgraceful. Some of those who did it have apologised, most have disappeared, but one keeps coming back to ram his pettiness down everyone's throats.. "
7th Feb 2013 13:24
"you have declared you are not sure if you will stay at the end of the season Luis, sincerely I hope you will address your mind toward the direction which all the LFC fans want being addressed, which is a future at LFC independently by the fact we will grab a Champions League spot or less! ..."
7th Feb 2013 13:24
"... Keep working hard, scoring with consistency and thinking to our supporters as the best in the world! That will be enough to conditionate your decision! YNWA El Pistolero"
7th Feb 2013 13:47
"Pleasing to hear Luis is wanting talks at the end of season about his contract so an extension could be considered thereby stopping other teams poaching him."
7th Feb 2013 14:41
"SUAREZ, let us aim for a TOP FOUR (4) finish as I can't wait to see representing LFC on those ecstatic Tuesday/Wednesday CL nights. "
7th Feb 2013 14:43
"Let's see where you'll be if we fail (Heaven forbid) to qualify for the Champions League next season."
7th Feb 2013 14:47
"I have resigned myself to expecting anything regarding Suarez in the future. These days, players are rarely commited to football clubs and Suarez is no different. Whatever he chooses to do, Liverpool Football Club will always be here for its committed fans. No one player is bigger than a football club."
7th Feb 2013 14:51
"I want you to be the future Captain of the club when Gerrard retires! YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 15:31
"he says nice things but a lot of his answers are open ended if you read between the lines. If we're not top 4 this season, I think he'll leave. "
7th Feb 2013 15:31
"he says nice things but a lot of his answers are open ended if you read between the lines. If we're not top 4 this season, I think he'll leave. "
7th Feb 2013 15:33
"he says nice things but a lot of his answers are open ended if you read between the lines. If we're not top 4 this season, I think he'll leave. "
Red WeaponX
7th Feb 2013 16:06
"If anything, this should be a rallying call to the team to win everything they can through the end of the season to get to CL. It's up to the team now."
7th Feb 2013 16:21
"your not just living your dream! ynwa"
7th Feb 2013 17:12
"We really do have to Thank hodgson and Commolli for identifying saurez, and then comolli bringing him to the club. he has been great for us under BR, And BRs coaching has really helped bring the team together, you can see piece by piece it starting to click!! Wonderful"
7th Feb 2013 19:15
"Great words Luis. Keep up the good work."
7th Feb 2013 19:27
"Sounds like you (hopefully) can resist big money offers and stay with us many many years!!! A famous club with outstanding fans needs world class players as you are Luis! Walk on and live your dreams WITH us forever! We love you!YNWA!"
7th Feb 2013 19:31
"QUE SERA SERA luis you obviously enjoy your time at liverpool and i hope you stay for a long time. great players come and go but LFC and its fans have supported you in difficult times. we hope what you say is true and i guess only time will tell. in meantime just hope we can have teriffic end to season and 4th spot. that should be enough i hope. YNWA elpistolero"
Ben #JFT96
7th Feb 2013 19:54
"The more I see this video the more I think he wants to leave... am not even sure why but I hope Luis stays and follows in Carragher's foot steps as a Liverpool Legend!!"
Mr Ostrich
7th Feb 2013 20:20
"I can smell something in the air, similar to 2005, a return to Amsterdam Arena for Luis? 15 May, 2013...Stevie could be lifting the Europa League trophy above his head. Let's hope. YNWA"
7th Feb 2013 20:50
"Who told him to say that. "
7th Feb 2013 21:08
"Hope Luis stays here until he retires like Carra and has many successful years inbetween. YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
7th Feb 2013 21:27
"The Independent 01-Feb-13 Luis Suarez intends to stay at Liverpool even if they do not qualify for the Champions League. "I want to say now that, if you want to know what will happen to me if we don't qualify for the CL, then I will say this: I have a contract with Liverpool and I am very happy here. I will stay." This quote from Luis was literally 6 days ago - HE IS STAYING!"
7th Feb 2013 22:32
"Every newspapper in the uk is saying that he is happy apart from the mirror,even The Sun didnt stir it up as we all know how much they hate Liverpool.He may says he wants to talk about his contract in june but only for an extetion, which will all know probably for the money but lets face it he deserves it anyways.He already stated he will not leave Liverpool even if they fail to qualify"
8th Feb 2013 0:25
"Music to our ears Luis. We love you too! I love watching Luis play - its like having a mate in the side. Hope he feels this way for many years to come. YNWA"
8th Feb 2013 0:50
"You"ll never walk alone Luis....."
8th Feb 2013 5:41
"awesome talent. "
Rushjob _
8th Feb 2013 6:48
"It would have been so easy for Luis to walk after 'evragate'. Kenny Dalglish deserves the most credit ever for backing him, supporting him no matter what, and ultimately putting his own neck on the line to back our Luis through the darkest times. Tis no surprise though, cos its what Kenny has always done for this football club!-Thanks Kenny. "
Rushjob _
8th Feb 2013 6:52
"People praising Hodgson on here! Have a word will you. That buffoon would have relegated LFC. The worst manager playing the worst football ever at Anfield that I witnessed. Thanks god Kenny stepped in and put some silverware on the table. It's great to see Kenny's 'misfits' delivering now every game. Kenny knew what he was doing. Just a pity Comolli didn't with the money he paid! Another Buffoon."
Rushjob _
8th Feb 2013 6:56
"Strange isn't it. When Kenny managed, people posted that 'it was all Rafa's signings'. Now BR is doing better with Kenny's signings (and not his!) it's cos of BR's coaching! You really couldn't make it up! 3 points Monday evening absolutely imperative. Win- cos Bren coaches them. Lose- its cos of Kenny's signings! :) YNWA. "
8th Feb 2013 7:04
"King Luis,we hope you stay here forever.Long live the King."