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Carra was great against city, as was the rest of the team,so lets start with the same line up against WBA. They have shown they have the skill so if we dont get a good result its down to lack of determination. I am sick of the excuses trotted out by these players when they dont perform
7th Feb 2013 9:23
Max Pain 7
7th Feb 2013 9:25
"For Mr Brendon Rodgers, your vision = Tik Tak, creativity + vision, Speed and plus a added bonus Samba ="
7th Feb 2013 10:16
"sktle carra dagger enrique johnson lucas downing gerrard suarez sturridge vs wba you'll never walk alone"
7th Feb 2013 10:44
"scrubman- We have been playing well lately,but I think we still need to start with 11 players."
7th Feb 2013 10:58
" oh forgot reina "
7th Feb 2013 12:31
"Carra's great and in-form so should get some games. EL starts again soon, so there's games to rest some players anyway."
SGM 73
7th Feb 2013 13:06
"Really happy Carra is playing. Age is just a number, defending is all about positioning, bravery & experience; Carra has all 3. He's retiring at the end of this season, so I hope he plays every game until then... He's never had pace and has played 700+ games, so people criticising him for that are ignorant.."
7th Feb 2013 13:10
"YES We picked up draws against Arsenal and City so DON'T go and blow it by Losing in the games in the lesser/lower placed teams we have coming up. YNWA REDS"
7th Feb 2013 13:43
"Interesting artcile to put the day he retires"
7th Feb 2013 13:51
"Carra breath football any day and at any hour of the day, absolutely the most self dedicated to the LFC football cause in our team. I see him as future Liverpool FC manager, it could surprise you, but not so far by the time YNWA"