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As long as no one got injured.
6th Feb 2013 21:54
6th Feb 2013 22:07
"see Fabio Borini can score!"
6th Feb 2013 22:20
"well done fabio and all the other internationals we had on duty. lets hope you all return fit and healthy ready to get 3pts on our remarkable season ending run to 4th spot. YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 22:23
"we should sign Mertens!"
6th Feb 2013 22:35
"Johnson looked injured, lets hope its nothing serious, "
6th Feb 2013 23:01
"well done to Fabio and all the lads involved in the internationals! What a classy performance by Stevie G and Glen Johnson I've watched! they are for sure two assets of the England national team I guess! Thank God none of our lads has been injured tonight! YNWA Reds internationals "
6th Feb 2013 23:09
""In the right place at the right time" Hopefully this is a sign of things to come."
6th Feb 2013 23:23
"Amen to that BlackSwan! YNWA!"
6th Feb 2013 23:34
"I wonder how he would look playing through the middle??"
6th Feb 2013 23:34
"Borini, that is."
7th Feb 2013 6:35
"He is more suitable for Italian games. I don't think any Italian players made their mark in Liverpool."
7th Feb 2013 6:37
"So now Valdes is ahead of Pepe in the national squad. Maybe that is the kick up the a55 Reina needs. Even though Reina has not been awful his displays are not to his best standards. Come on Pepe, we have faith in you. YNWA."
7th Feb 2013 8:19
"Please, no ono got injured. But still I appreciate your nationality lads. Congratulations to Gerrard for his individual achievement and the winning result against Brazil (it means to Johnson too), Joe Allen for his assist to Bale, Skrtel to draw result, and keep your heads up high Daniel Agger,,,"
7th Feb 2013 8:35
"Yes exaclty what we needed. Our players coming back with high spirits (apart from dagger, 3-0 !)and no injuries!!! Was shocked to see brazil are ranked 18th in the world before we beat them. But i supposed it showed esp 2nd half. they only scored because of a mistake and Neymar is RUBBISH!!!"
Top 4 for sure
7th Feb 2013 8:46
"Did anyone see neymar. One of the most overrated players around. How they compare him to messi and ronaldo is beyond me."
7th Feb 2013 9:29
"Absolutely shocking result for Denmark! Losing 3-0 Macedonia of all teams... Other than that Wales & England did very well, impressed by England although back 4 was suspect at times"
7th Feb 2013 9:30
"congrats to all our players. you did you'r respective countries proud even if some of you'll lost.congrats to borini in scoring for u21s.i was more interested in the England was a great team performance johnno n cptn.stevie were solid.1 or 2 guys who impressed me were jack n walcott.i defo see jack as England's future captain walcot made neymar look like a fool for his earlier comments."
7th Feb 2013 9:55
"Johnson seemd to have got a pull on his thigh late on in the game last night, he carried on but looked as if he strained something. hopefully not. we need so stability in no injuries and consistency until the end of the season. CL bit of luck might just come our way. "
7th Feb 2013 10:16
"well done lads nice to see fabio score hope he can keep it up and start hitting the net for us"
7th Feb 2013 10:26
"keep things steady fabio.dont try too hard and stop seeing those spooky shrinks"
7th Feb 2013 10:28
"I could be wrong but did i hear Neymar say we are a one man team!? If so what a fool. I heard so much hype about neymar and only seen him play 7 or 8 times and if he is the star then brazil are a No Man Team!!! "
7th Feb 2013 11:01
"oh i hope nothing's wrong with johnson.God knows we need him fit in the next coming games."
Always A Red
7th Feb 2013 12:32
"I have not seen any International games - I hope Stevie G and Johnson did not play the full 90! Friendlies, _____ friendlies! YNWA lads, 3 points against West Brom and for the rest of the campaign!"
SGM 73
7th Feb 2013 12:59
"Happy for Borini, he needs a few goals to get his confidence up.. "