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Get better soon lads....we have work to do! YNWA
6th Feb 2013 16:20
6th Feb 2013 16:20
"Great news"
6th Feb 2013 16:21
"Good luck to both! YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 16:52
"need to give sterling a break and now is a good time with his personal life problems "
6th Feb 2013 17:01
"Good news from the infirmary... get well soon Danny and Raheem, we need you absolutely for West Brom game! YNWA RS & DS"
6th Feb 2013 17:23
"As ol' Shanks used to say 'Can you not limp quicker lad?' :)"
6th Feb 2013 18:00
"Looks like a case of the old friendly-itis that seems to be going around"
6th Feb 2013 18:46
"What a player Sturridge is. Always rated him as a striker but didn't realise how good he is further out the field. A steal at 12 mil and only gonna get better. "
6th Feb 2013 20:16
"hope you are able to carry on the great work on monday daniel and hope raheem can show hunger on the training pitch and get back to his best. seems like ages until monday comes especially when other teams play sat/sun. at least we will be able to see them start dropping pts. come on you reds. YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 21:04
"Good luck you two we need you on Monday. Sturridge in particular played a good game against Man City - he is proving his worth at this early stage - long may it continue YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 21:42
"hope they'r fully fit come next monday. we need sturrdge so that we can trash w.brom like they did at their ground. get well soon."
7th Feb 2013 1:43
"Sturridge is the last one we want getting injured, he's been ace since he signed, keep it up, lad."
7th Feb 2013 7:42
"please guyz not this crucial moment of the season get back on ur feet dude"
7th Feb 2013 8:54
"I was concerned when Glenn Johnson looked a little uncomfortable in the dying stages of the ENG v BRA game.he waws holding his groin.i hope its nothing serious.we need all the lads fit for the remaining games"