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Just gotta keep working hard I guess. However, BR isnt going to change the starting 11 presently, so opportunities likely to be very limited- probably Zenit away. Get back to the form of Man City at home- cos you were superb that day. This is Liverpool however, and no room for passengers....
Rushjob _
6th Feb 2013 9:57
6th Feb 2013 9:57
"Joe played in the Olympics, moved to Merseyside and played for a new team. Things have probably caught up with him. I think we can look forward to seeing a successful season for Allen next season. We've seen enough evidence to be confident."
6th Feb 2013 9:58
"You need to improve your overall game.But it will come through time just need to spend more time in training.Good luck lad."
6th Feb 2013 10:20
"I understand perfectly what he's saying. It's great when one knows the solution to one's problem. Also, I must admit that, in my heart Joe is already a great lad. I would reminisce about how Jordan spoke about his form in the past and how he identified what was needed to bring him back into the team..."
6th Feb 2013 10:21
"think that you will have time up till june to change the idea of our supporters and convince BR that he has not taken a blunder when he said you are the potential Welsh "Xavi"! Probably you will have to play your chances in the double leg game against Zenit, ..."
6th Feb 2013 10:21
"just after that we could take the sums and make the opportune evaluation. Keep working hard and foremost... keep working well Joe!! YNWA Joe Allen"
6th Feb 2013 10:22
"...ha! We got a bunch of fighters and winners in our squad already and very soon they'll get us back to glory. I have no doubt! "
6th Feb 2013 10:29
"lfcredi- Good points, it's been a long summer for him and change can be difficult. He's been good and will be better in the future, he's just having a dip in form. Joe can take the Europa league to be 'his' games, as he may be even better suited to some of the non-premier teams."
6th Feb 2013 10:32
"Joe it will come back, use Lucas and Hendo as examples, they went through tough times with form and confidence and worked hard and look like they have come through it. just look to the future and see what a great squad you could be part off. YNWA. "
6th Feb 2013 10:35
"An honest self assessment and confession is good for the soul. He needs to buck up and get back to his best form. He is one hell of a player and when in form is one of the best in the league. We have all seen what he is capable of so it will be a delight to see him get back there. Come on son. "
6th Feb 2013 10:40
"Joe Allen. Boring.....statements and stale"
Gordon Ottershaw
6th Feb 2013 10:44
"Form is temporary, class is forever. All the sensible people recognise your class. No worries you will be a great addition to LFC?"
6th Feb 2013 10:45
"I have faith in you, Joe. All the best. YNWA."
6th Feb 2013 10:53
"Quality on the bench = an indication of club ambition. I have no complaints against Joe Allen, who also happens to be a very likeable person."
6th Feb 2013 10:57
"Allen = money wasted "
6th Feb 2013 11:13
"aussieliver: you never let us down with your insight and technical knowledge. Keep it coming little man... Allen is a solid player, not world class, but neat and tidy. WIth all players fully fit however, he will be on the bench. "
6th Feb 2013 11:18
"As for fans switching to hating Allen instead of Hendo, some people never learn. The chumps who did the 'misfit' hate campaign are not informed or respected. A few silly kids propped up that nonsense for a while, but most real fans just ignored them, as attention is what these guys crave."
6th Feb 2013 11:35
"soon u gonna turn up work harder and hope lfc go for bojan ... he gonna fit our style of play .... we need a big squad for next season "
6th Feb 2013 11:44
"The dip in form is understandable all things considered.Everyone is different some take more time than others to settle after a change but great atude and hopefully Brendan can take the pressure off him now and he can be better next season.Good luck Joe."
Always A Red
6th Feb 2013 12:15
"Joe, you need to man up, toughen up and sorry, I just dont think you are good enuf for LFC - however, if you show me different (very soon) I will buy a new LFC top - the black one that reminds me of Star Trek!"
6th Feb 2013 13:18
"usa LFC we need midfielders who can score as well as pass and defend! i mean how many goals are we going to get from him in a season 2-3 ? ? not good enough! we already have defencive midfielder in lucas we can afford to have another player who cant score "
6th Feb 2013 13:27
"Shouldn't paint everyone with the same brush Buddha, thats very British of you.... Oops, you got me at it now!!"
6th Feb 2013 13:38
"Joe Allen is woefully weak.I have never seen anyone so easily knocked off the ball , his only answer is put a stone of muscle on ."
6th Feb 2013 13:38
"Like Charlie Adams in a poor team you looked very good, in a good team he looked very poor, in my opinion Joe Allen is the same the only reason that he is getting any game time is he came with BR"
6th Feb 2013 13:50
"Hendo is an example at the moment, he has improve compare to last year :), if he can do it there is no reason why Allen cant. The quicker some will improve the better it will be for the club but until then i will still hope for quality players in the squad...we are still lacking a quality AM for example, will it be Coutinho?..."
6th Feb 2013 13:52
"I have complete belief in you, you have been integral to developing our system and know you will have an outstanding career with us!"
6th Feb 2013 14:20
"God bless America - and FSG.... Talking of USA, does this Billionaire who has just taken over virgin media want to buy the naming rights to Anfield while he is splashing the cash - would be a nice way to get under Murdoch's skin if he is looking to take News International head on!!"
6th Feb 2013 14:21
"Do your best lad and remember practice makes perfect you will get there in the end.Good luck."
6th Feb 2013 14:26
"Allen will be given game time because he was part of Brendan's baggage. The fact is he is a sloppy player, passing backwards and sidewards."
6th Feb 2013 14:37
"someone please tell me what he does when hes on his 'best form', that none of our other midifelders can and are doing anyway, let alone that is worth 15 million. we're not mega rich and cant afford such costly gambles. "
6th Feb 2013 14:43
"No, a southern sofy Londoner.... though spent most of the last few years in Southern Africa til I recently moved back home. I do like the USA though each time I go there, and love the people. Do find their Big Businesses a bit scary though..."
6th Feb 2013 14:45
6th Feb 2013 14:49
"To be fair to Joe Allen I think he is not worth 15 millions but then the management is to blame however with competition for places in midfield is getting tougher I hope Joe will show his potential in LFC shirt or another one sooner or later."
6th Feb 2013 14:52
"Keep working hard Joe, proper fans are always behind you"
6th Feb 2013 15:24
"srkd123, Allen's unique skill is keeping the ball in tight situations and threading through killer passes. But, this is if we set out to play the patient Tiki Taka syle, which we are not playing at present. If you watch Xavi he can receive the ball anywhere and never loses it under pressure and he will move the ball quickly on as his brain is ahead of most. "
Rushjob _
6th Feb 2013 16:20
"Buddha- 1524. And there lies the problem with Mr Allen. Can he evolve his game like his manager has done? This is the question. Am sure he can. However, I much prefer the incisive play of now as opposed to the sideways, backwards play of pre xmas being honest like."
6th Feb 2013 16:42
"His drop in form has con-incided with birth of first child. Leave the nappies to the missus, Joe."
6th Feb 2013 16:51
"Maybe beef up a bit Joe ?"
6th Feb 2013 17:07
"Joe you need to keep working hard,and don´t read the negative rubbish written about on this and other pages.Young man moved to massive club things will get much better..YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 17:58
"At present he does not deserve a starting place. I'm just not sure what he does when he does play. He certainly does not provide the killer pass and seems far too lightweight for the Premiership. I hope he does not turn into a £15 million 'misfit' but time will tell. Maybe he can follow the example of Hendo and prove his worth."
Gerrard o ya beauty
6th Feb 2013 18:03
"Rushjob- 9:57 agree with your comment. Lucas, Hendo and Gerrard is our best midfield at the minute, they was fantastic against city. Hendo has turned his LFC career on its head, I wouldn't of thought that I'd want Hendo to start league games at the start of the season. BR is doing a good job by dropping people who ain't on form, it's getting the best out of the players."
6th Feb 2013 19:50
"Joe has come out with an honest self assessment and people find the need to knock him. He's a decent player struggling for form after a long summer of Olympic football, a big move and a new kid - I suspect it has all just caught up with him. Give him time and I'm sure we will see the return of the MOTM form that had us raving at the start of the season."
6th Feb 2013 19:51
"In the meantime, he is rightly spending time on the bench while players in a richer vein of form are getting their turn. That is the way it should be."
6th Feb 2013 20:29
"Jocoes!!whats your answer???let me guess SACK HIM!!! Am i right?Just as you wanted BR and FSG not so long ago!!!Enough Z!!!"
6th Feb 2013 20:38
"keep working joe it usually takes time to settle at a new club. Hendo and enrique have rammed a fair bit of humble pie down some throats and you can do it too. most of the players bought in the last two and a half seasons will be the backbone of this club for the foreseeable future."
6th Feb 2013 21:19
"joe just keep giving your best and when its good enough you will be back in the team. others are better at the moment but you will find your form. man enough not to hide. fair play. come on you reds. lets get 3pts from baggies and see what happens. YNWA"
dangerous davis
7th Feb 2013 1:50
"hi everyone am new hear but love lfc from small .i will never forget watching dem.hope am welcome love the club and fans"
dangerous davis
7th Feb 2013 1:50
"hi everyone am new hear but love lfc from small .i will never forget watching dem.hope am welcome love the club and fans"
7th Feb 2013 2:09
"Work ur socks off boy"
7th Feb 2013 7:38
" hello Allen I thought you still has a long way to go wrong pass, back pass, not very strong on the ball when you came to liverpool I thought we got someone who could fill Gerrard shoe but you not at all so dropping u is a good choice for BR and LFC i thought i will choose jonjo ahead of you"
7th Feb 2013 7:39
"you are welcome"