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What a pity for this defeat! Finish 8th in the tournament is not a good end, anyway we have seen plenty of new youngsters, some 97-98, grow up with the most experienced U18s! Well done for the effort profused mini-Reds, well done Mr Cooper!...
5th Feb 2013 16:01
5th Feb 2013 16:01
"An excellent school of life! Really unlucky for some ref decisions and some silly mistakes at the back, hope they won't be repeated in the upcoming Youth Cup games and U18s league games! Keep working hard mini-Reds! YNWA U18s Reds "
5th Feb 2013 16:16
"Coach said yesterday that "results are not all important at this level.It would be nice to get a win, of course, but I'm more interested in our style and I'm very happy with that". Hence we get beat!!"
5th Feb 2013 17:20
"Not one of your best pics stevie???"
5th Feb 2013 23:07
"oh no 8th ...... hope lfc gonna recruit some top young guns and develop partnership with some clubs "
6th Feb 2013 2:59
"Afraid Steve Cooper will be gone very soon."
6th Feb 2013 3:59
"Aspire Qatar who? Winning is in the blood! Win now and fight for what you believe in..We try our best and for LFC we should always but as youngsetrs to say winning is not the only way forward its the experience? They are 18 they should know better they finished 8th! Not good enough sorry to say full stop. "
6th Feb 2013 7:52
"what are you on about joecos? Steve Cooper is an excellent coach. Don't try and introduce the 'fire them' mentality into other areas of the club. We've already got enough fickle fans calling for heads when the seniors lose.. It's un-Liverpool to act like that... Heads up lads, its just about experience.."
6th Feb 2013 9:35
"How long before the new Angleby becomes as crass and ordinary as Kirkby was before Rafa's broom swept through? "