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Amazing - did they attempt to patronise him because they thought he was elderly or provincial? Presumably the guy that does the interviews couldn't get the cleaning job. If I felt strongly enough about this, I'd take out a subscription with 4-4-2 just so I could cancel it immediately. Pity that Roger got subjected to this - no matter - it isn't him that comes out of it looking like an **se.
5th Feb 2013 13:57
5th Feb 2013 14:21
""Have we finished now." Gold."
5th Feb 2013 14:46
"my question is was this posted on LFC? Roger certainly didn't care, so why should anyone here?"
5th Feb 2013 15:04
"Sorry but really loved the questions it gave me a good laugh hopefully Sir Roger has a sense of humour and can see the funny side of it, all those moon questions and then he answered many moons ago to the hunting qustion I think it was getting to him, classic interview, great stuff!"
5th Feb 2013 15:13
"No - sorry - this is disrespectful. Roger actually is a real living legend - they could have asked him entertaining questions without being patronising. They wouldn't do this to Pele or Sir Bobby."
5th Feb 2013 15:18
"A disgraceful interview to say the least; it was rude and patronizing the questions were beyond terrible to say the least... NEEDLESS to say the person who came up with these questions and conducted interview MUST BE SACKED!!"
5th Feb 2013 15:43
"Why doesn't LFCTV interview him? The man's a legend."
5th Feb 2013 15:52
"Totally disrespectful. This is not worthy of being on the LFC website. "
5th Feb 2013 15:56
"Someone trying to be funny and failing. Sir Roger Hunt........a legend."
5th Feb 2013 16:02
"Once Roger realised the type of questions he was being asked, he seemed to join in by replying with appropriately fun answers. Thought he did very well. Legend."
5th Feb 2013 16:04
"Roger is a legend no doubt - but some of you guys need to get a sense of humour. :)"
5th Feb 2013 16:16
"If you read the start it states 'Sir' Roger was the latest to feature in this light-hearted feature. Others obviously have and probably got worse questions! I was silly but I think Mr Hunt came out of it very well, mentioning bargin hunt!"
5th Feb 2013 16:17
"What a nice humour sir Roger Hunt! YNWA RH"
5th Feb 2013 16:44
"I'm a great believer in stamping out drug taking in all sport. I think this should be extended to people who conduct interviews. What was this guy on?"
5th Feb 2013 17:39
"Lighten up everyone, this section is in 4-4-2 every month and is always a good laugh, you're all just getting touchy because he is an LFC legend. The same questions were asked to Paddy Kenny and Amir Kahn, were they disrespectful?"
5th Feb 2013 18:01
"I know this is off the subject but I just seen a press conference where Mario Balotelli tells a sun reporter that "I dont want to talk to you, you only say bad things about me". he's gone up in my estimation and a kick in the nuts for the rag sun. rock on YNWA96"
5th Feb 2013 19:00
"I have a very good sense of humor but that wasn't funny in the slightest and it was disrespectful to a living legend! Unbelievable to think that some idiot actually gets paid to ask these moronic questions. Shouldn't be on LFC website. I hope this clown tries to interview Roy Keane or someone and gets smacked in the mouth!!! Get Claire Rourke to do a proper interview with Sir Roger on LFCTV..."
5th Feb 2013 21:26
"Are some of you for real? If you read 442 you would know this is a light hearted feature nothing more nothing less! It is not a dig at a known legend. It is not meant to be good journalism it is meant to be crap...thats the point! Im sure Roger had a preconceived idea of what it was all about! Get off your soapbox and get a life!"
5th Feb 2013 22:13
"As for the moon questions, he should have said he was over the moon everytime he scored for Liverpool."
6th Feb 2013 0:10
"Soulsam - I have a life - I also have a sense of humour. This 'light-hearted' feature is not worth the time it took to read - I'm really not upset about it, it doesn't warrant that amount of interest. Getting RH to answer non-questions is less sad than getting an opinion from Rodney Marsh about Balotelli, for example - the press don't seem to have to work very hard for a living."
6th Feb 2013 0:11
"I saw him play, by the way - did you?"
6th Feb 2013 1:32
"Twentyman, what does seeing him play have to do with it? That doesn't make your opinion any more valid. "
6th Feb 2013 1:32
"For the record, this is one of my favourite features of Four Four Two, and it's nice to see an interview that doesn't just ask the same old questions over over - "What was it like to win the World Cup?" etc etc. They've done it to Hansen, Lawro, Peter Reid, Terry and it's never intended to be serious. So calm down guys. Peace and love. YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 1:39
"^ Terry , that was meant to say."
6th Feb 2013 5:12
"^ Terry , that is. Apologies, it's late."
6th Feb 2013 7:24
"Hmmm Twentyman, the fact that you are the only person who posted back out of the gang of get a lifers suggests that you are the get a life ringleader. Why you think by watching the legend in his prime gives you an argument as to why the article is rubbish i'll never know. Perhaps you are little ly because it was late and you hadn't had your warm milk before bedtime. Understandable. "
6th Feb 2013 9:37
"I was mentioning that I saw him play just out of conversation, in case someone else wanted to say something positive. Not much hope of that - some bad atudes round here. Never mind. Soulsam - excellent - is that really all you have to offer? Your mum must be really proud of you! And it's me that needs a life?"
6th Feb 2013 11:40
"What dumb ers 4 4 2 employ. Dumb dumb dumb"
8th Feb 2013 16:48
"Apologies Twentyman, I misread the tone of your post. For the record, I sadly never did get to see him play. Also, because some gremlins in the system seemed to refuse to let me type the word '', it looks like I'm going mad. I'm not."
8th Feb 2013 16:48
"It's done it again. I was talking about the Terry that used to be manager of England, Middlesbrough and Leeds. El Tel. Who's surname is apparently banned..?"