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Good lad
5th Feb 2013 11:42
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 11:50
"Cant disagree with you Aldo. We all forget the pressure of playimng for LFC a la Lucas, Hendo, and presently Joe Allen. New signings never even got near the first team for 18-24 months 'back in the day'- obviously a reason for that!"
5th Feb 2013 11:53
"I absolutely agree with Mr. Aldridge. He shows last games what a good player he is. Fantastic player, moreover he will be better next year!"
5th Feb 2013 12:14
"Rushjob, but then you get players like Suarez or Sturridge who hit the ground running. Allen is a peculiar one as he started on fire but I feel teams just worked him out in the unnatural deep position. Long may it continue for Hendo as it will benefit LFC. "
5th Feb 2013 12:20
"well done henderson keep up the good work.YNWA "
5th Feb 2013 12:31
"He did have a brilliant game against Manchester City. Even some of the hesitancy he had going forward against Arsenal seemed to disappear."
5th Feb 2013 12:31
"I saw the headline and thought it was from Buddha! Well done Jordan.Your workrate/effort has been fantastic.Keep it up!"
5th Feb 2013 12:35
"GT-LFC, what do you mean? It is me. The lad has done good and long may it continue. "
5th Feb 2013 12:37
"buddha hahahaha ..... eat yr s.... now "
5th Feb 2013 12:43
"ashwind, I gladly will..."
5th Feb 2013 12:43
"same for downing ..... buddha hv to eat his s..... lol ..... oh how i love to see that "
5th Feb 2013 12:45
"ive said in the past the lad just needs confidence and games now hes getting them he is showwing wat he is capable off , and i just cant believe buddha said that lol "
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:49
"Buddha- It is a strange one. TBF- The way we play has evolved though as gone is the meaningless passing that probably Allen was comfortable with at Swansea. BR has altered his game to suit too- as the City match illustrated. contd"
5th Feb 2013 12:50
"hey buddha good to see your big enough to eat humble pie lol "
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:51
"Some players just suit a particular system and era at a particular club- Look at Kagawa at Dortmund as an exampke of that. We are a lot slicker in Midfield of late, playing keep ball when req'd, but exploding at pace too contd"
5th Feb 2013 12:52
"oh buddha buddha buddha .... how silly to say bad thing abt king kenny vision "
5th Feb 2013 12:52
"Rushjob9 5th Feb 2013 12:49- spot on rushjob they played the old liverpool way against city and it showed just how good they can adapt to it without all the wasted back and side passing "
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:55
"Im not convinced the evolved style which is reaping benefits for LFC actually suits Joe Allen.? It appears that Mr Allen needs to evolve his own game as BR has. LFC is about sink or swim- just hope that Joe has armbands.... :)"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:59
"That said, he needs our support and patience as Lucas and it appears Hendo are proving! Some players do just 'hit the ground running'- just how it is. Becoming a her changes things and Joe's recently become one #dossingonthesetee!?"
5th Feb 2013 13:02
"hoping, I have always given credit when its due and I am more than happy to eat humble pie. It will mean that LFC is benefiting which is much more important. Even Downing seems to have pulled his finger out. But I hope everyone will give credit to BR for their re-emergence. So let the humble pies get bigger and bigger and I will gladly eat them. "
5th Feb 2013 13:10
"what a great form Jordan Henderson! Keep performing this way and working hard! Many more accolades will come in a future neither so far, I recognise you as one of the possible heirs of Stevie G in England national team, even as a captain! what a great lad Jordan! YNWA Hendo"
5th Feb 2013 13:23
"Buddha130674 5th Feb 2013 13:02 good to hear that buddha i ate mine with lucas and glad i did hes proved his worth , i dont knock brendan much only wen i think he makes mistakes but he also seems to be learning , his tactics are changing slightly , and if you look at the team i think there was only one of brendans buys in there "
5th Feb 2013 13:27
"He's playing with a lot more confidence on the pitch than before and is showing his potential more and more. Downing also seems more motivated."
Always A Red
5th Feb 2013 13:36
"someone said recently that BR came in without letting Hendo and Downing show what they could do.. BR you cant pre-judge - I still think Andy Carroll would fit in - great at headers and with his feet!"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 13:36
"Credit is definitely given to BR by me re the emeregence of Downing and Hendo- but mainly for him altering his tactics slightly for the good of the team. Pride always comes before a fall and BR hasn't let it. As Ive said before, it shows a reak strength to self evaluate and alter thoughts, views, and methods. Well done BR."
5th Feb 2013 13:46
"I love how he becomes a complete nuisance to the opponents on the pitch. "
5th Feb 2013 13:47
"That´s why I wear his shirt, he´s a hard working winner. I think we will enjoy watching Jordan for a long time. All the young guy´s in the team should watch Gerrad & Carragher couse they have been doing this for over a decade. Go Red´s."
5th Feb 2013 13:54
"He's doing great!"
5th Feb 2013 14:17
"I used to think that he was a lost course since KK but he is a changed kid since BR took over. He play with more confidence and is improving with each game."
5th Feb 2013 14:38
"Hoping, I'm so glad you make that point about BR learning. I've made the point before, that people expect a manager to come in and develop players but are not normally expected to develop themselves but surely that is why we employed a fantastic young manager? How many top managers were as good as brendan is at 40? Big things still to come."
5th Feb 2013 14:38
"Does Andy Carroll get to get a chance? He seems to be doing fine for West Ham."
5th Feb 2013 14:43
"And on Henderson, I've always stated on here that his ability is there but I always wished he'd believe it was by showing it. For that he needed confidence. I remember telling Buddha that he'd develop under BR and he mocked me, but I'll forgive him this once as he'll be sick if he has to eat much more humble pie. Must be all round his chops right now..."
5th Feb 2013 15:39
"Yes sir !!! Hendo has shown some good form of late. I was one of Lucas' biggest critics as I was Henderson's, but I must admit that as with Lucas, Hendo's starting to win me over. Good on you lad. Keep on improving and you'll deserve a permanent starting spot soon enough. "
5th Feb 2013 15:49
"As for BR changing his system, doesn't it look so much more like the Liverpool of old when they attack swiftly as opposed to all that side and back passing (which is still conceding us stupid goals )??? Sturridge has given us that extra pace upfront but Hendo is quick too and the interchanging of positions keeps our opponents befuddled."
5th Feb 2013 15:55
"Henderson's using his strength to break up play and to storm forward more. I can see him becoming even more dominant in his area of the pitch as he grows in maturity. Theses are factors that I thought he could improve on and to his credit, he's started to do it."
5th Feb 2013 16:07
"Hope the critics realise they're now disagreeing with Aldo and the official awards of the FA. Stil think Hendo's for the future and next season he'll be better(experience,strength and confidence) "
5th Feb 2013 16:09
"You realise that the most criticised players are all in central midfield-Lucas,Allen and Hendo? A very difficult position unless you're an experienced german international or Gerrard!"
5th Feb 2013 16:24
"Congratulations Hendo, keep up the good work"
5th Feb 2013 17:06
"Progressing away nicely... Thumbs up..."
5th Feb 2013 17:52
"Well done man, very well done!"
5th Feb 2013 17:58
"This makes me laugh, Br has said, with his style he flips how the forwards play depending on how he wants the team to position itself against the opposition, the only difference now is opponents marking, they have to think about sturridge and that has given us space in midfield to play!! and Hendo is taking advantage of this, Its pretty obvious?"
5th Feb 2013 18:00
"and in regards to allen, he is a class player, and will prove to be a great player for the club. his style was influential to progressing the team... He was played in an unatural position and lost form, it will come back! But he now has to get past the aspiring Hendo which... creates competition for places.... Wonderful..!!"
5th Feb 2013 18:27
"I've always had faith in Jordan, he will be our new Gerrard in midfield. If the manager gives him a decent run in the side & having to realise he may have made an error with Joe Allen. Take this chance Jordan & have faith in yourself, a class act !!!"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 18:42
"I'm thinking we'd do worse than doing a player cash deal with NUFC for Krul and Carroll cos noises coming out of Reina are fairly obvious of a 'LFC weren't matching my ambition at this stage of my career' type gone in the summer. I rate Krul and I reckon him plus 8 mil would be a gd move. Not a clue what we'll get for Reina- 10mil? "
5th Feb 2013 18:56
"Jordan has proved he has the abilty to be the 20 mil player, he has the brain for it and the rest to back it up. Lets just hope he continues this way."
5th Feb 2013 19:26
"He's gonna do a Lucas and shut all the wingeing doubters up, just wait and see. Best box to box player in the Prem at the moment and getting better every game. Keep it up Jordy boy."
5th Feb 2013 20:46
"Ron, you most certainly did tell me and its starting to come true and I am genuinely happy it has. I just hope he can maintain this level of play and we will have another good player in the ranks. We are amassing a squad to be feared and next season its game on. "
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 21:02
"Buddha- it could be this season yet! Never forget halftime in the Ataturk.......... :)"
5th Feb 2013 21:21
"Rushjob, I would be the happiest man in the world if this season we came top 4 but alas I think we the dropped points in the last 2 games put paid to that. But I am so excited at the team we are creating and genuinely feel that we have a team to match anyone. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Feb 2013 23:04
"Welldone Hendo your in the form of your life!! YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 1:55
"Ive learnt to appreciate that players dont always hit the ground running for various reasons. Moving away from home the first time like Henderson, Lucas etc whereas Suarez and Sturridge have traveled a lot in their careers. Plus he now has a better manager tactically who also seems to be able to get the best from his players. Always been a Henderson fan so hopefully he continues."
6th Feb 2013 10:33
"Well done have improved immensely over the last couple of just goes to show that a little bit of constructive critisism can help a player up his efforts.i hope the same goes for Allen"