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i think Teixera will be a great player for LFC, perhaps the next Kaka, (Fingers crossed) YNWA and work hard Teixeira and you will achieve great things with us <3 YNWA
20th Feb 2013 8:50
20th Feb 2013 8:51
"It's going to be awful crowded in midfield with Suso, Texeira, Nacho, Allen, Henderson etc."
20th Feb 2013 9:09
"Certainly looks the part, lets hope he can be nurtured and brought into the first team giving us more youth options going forward. at 20 though you would expect he should be knocking on th door, I guess his back injury has held him back."
20th Feb 2013 9:31
"Looking forward to the day you make your first team debut, Joao. If you continue to improve, you might even have a run out before the season ends. "
20th Feb 2013 9:35
"Time will tell boy! Keep working hard, we're all behind you."
20th Feb 2013 9:37
"only1Cloggs That's exactly what we need so we can perform at high level even without our main people:) YNWA "
20th Feb 2013 10:01
"keep working hard teixeira and with brendan at the helm you will get your chance ynwa"
20th Feb 2013 10:06
"I seem to remember another KOP idol who had back issues as a youngster. Hmm wonder how that turned out?"
20th Feb 2013 10:32
"kev35 Good shout!"
20th Feb 2013 10:59
"I think that Joao is about a great player in the making, his recent facts with the U21s team are a proof of his talent and perspective of career with the LFC shirt. Keep working hard and learning as much as possible Joao! You are a real gem! Best of luck for your upcoming duty, give it all on the pitch and do us proud! Come on young Joao Teixeira! YNWA JCT"
20th Feb 2013 11:36
"It must be hard for Rodgers too have so many gifted youngsters and not being able to play all of them and tell them they have to wait. Will our future mid when Gerrard retires be Lucas Teixeira and Coutinho? they are all portugese speaking players "
20th Feb 2013 13:29
"Who was the reporter on this one? We aren't unbeaten. We lost one nil to Spurs. Anyway keep up the good work J C and you will get your rewards. Hope the injuries are now behind you. "
20th Feb 2013 14:46
"The future"
20th Feb 2013 16:53
"Best of luck!"