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i am happy with the individual doesn't matter at the end of the only results will count.there is lot of positives interms of attacking,but the defending is still creepy as times.we got best defenders ,probabily best in the league but.,...
6th Feb 2013 9:31
6th Feb 2013 9:34
"Enjoyed seeing that one fly in :-). Also enjoyed him persistently berating the linesman at every opportunity for about a 10 minute spell in that game, too funny. Keep up the good form lad."
6th Feb 2013 9:39
"This guy is in a form of his life. Keep it up JH, I saw your long pass of yesternight to Tom Ince, it was pure class. JH - Great lad. #YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 9:53
"up for player of the month!"
6th Feb 2013 9:59
"over the moon for him, had a great 45 mins being captain for england u21's last night, where are all the Hendo haters,getting to be fewer and fewer. but they will pick on some one else who might be going through a bad patch."
6th Feb 2013 10:06
"Well deserved award Hendo! I think that recently we've been really lucky and glad to see even more often such a brand of strikes by our lads, specially Hendo and Stevie! Long range drives have made our fortune in recent history and that a bit more far by the time! Well done Stevie & Hendo! Keep going so lads! YNWA"
6th Feb 2013 10:09
"... congratulations Hendo even for the brilliant performance with the U21s England team! What a assist you did, what a fine touches! YNWA"
Stan Still
6th Feb 2013 11:00
"I go along with that. Hendo is close to being player of the month but to be honest Stevie has been awesome so I would have to give it to him this time but Hendo is going from strength to strength he's playing very well indeed. Well done Hendo!"
6th Feb 2013 11:08
"The Hendo haters must be fuming. He was awesome for England u21s, voted u21 player of the year, and now this! Some people it seems are incapable of knowing or admitting when they are wrong about a player. Couple of guys were always defending him on here, arguing with the haters, it seems they were right.. "
6th Feb 2013 13:10
"Another nail in Buddha's coffin! LOL"
7th Feb 2013 1:37
"Gerrard's strike against Norwich is second for me."