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No Injuries pls...
5th Feb 2013 9:21
5th Feb 2013 9:30
"hate internationals waste of time"
5th Feb 2013 10:43
"Best of luck for your international duties lads! Do us proud and foremost... stay injury free and don't get you tired too much! YNWA Reds"
5th Feb 2013 12:10
"Do us proud....but plz no injuries!"
5th Feb 2013 12:37
"Looking forward to the match-up between Reina and Suarez. Betting on Shelvey to grab a goal or two. I wonder how he and Henderson would look side-by-side in midfield??"
5th Feb 2013 12:45
"If England plays phisycal will win Brazilian do not like physical games one or two excepcion Lucas wich he do not play forget about Neymar he do no like it at all so if England make pressure will win.Thats why Neymar do not like Europe.Im afraid about Coutinho because de premier league is physical"
5th Feb 2013 13:22
"I wan2 see all Liverpool players on the score sheet for their country. And come back fresh on a high from scoring and injury free!"
5th Feb 2013 13:27
"Good luck lads and please don't come back injured..."
Always A Red
5th Feb 2013 13:31
"all the way to Qatar just for a friendly, slap bang in the middle of the PL - please, please, no injuries and jet lag boys - we need 3 points on Monday against West Brom! YNWA"
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2013 14:26
"such an honour and deserved for our boys to be picked for International duty, the only problem is the awful timings of these games! Time the FA sorted this out, surely if we lose interest they lose money (look at how empty Wembley was?) ????"
Always A Red
5th Feb 2013 15:45
"Suarez pls! Have u guys read wot Reina said in Daily Mirror -Reds cant compete with Chelski Manure and Mancity -not just about his blunder on Sunday we just cant compete -they have better players and more money!"
Always A Red
5th Feb 2013 15:46
"me thinks Reina defo wants out - his head is elsewhere! we should have gone for Butland. We desperately need a new goalkeeper!"
5th Feb 2013 17:08
"Feel pity for Reina and Skrtel, hope our guys come back with no knocks, hate these internationals."
5th Feb 2013 17:17
"If Suarez scores a hat-trick against Reina, then the Spaniard might get his backside in gear."
5th Feb 2013 17:23
"Feel pity for Reina and Skrtel, hope our guys come back with no knocks, hate these internationals."
5th Feb 2013 18:08
"If all this crap about Reina and Barcelona is just for him to force a move back to Spain I will gladly help pay his airfare. Reina has being losing form for last 2 seasons and only lack of money has stopped managers from getting a replacement. Look at what happened to Dudek? Reina can be replaced."
5th Feb 2013 18:39
"Good to know we hold crew of Nation's best...YNWA!"
5th Feb 2013 20:35
"What the most pointless time to hold international friendlies. They should be only ever held before international tournaments as warm up games, or when there are international qualifiers and a country isn't playing one. "
5th Feb 2013 21:47
"As far as i know Stevie G is like wise.Please Stevie pack it up and concentrate on your Liverpool career!!!!!"
5th Feb 2013 21:49
"No more crap about pepe!!! RESPECT PLEASE YOU MORRONS!!!"
convict liverpool supporter
6th Feb 2013 2:12
"Is Samed Yesil playing for Germany u 21s? "
6th Feb 2013 5:45
"For Suarez' sake I hope Ramos and Alonso don't play..."