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Nice to here such enthusiasm but top 4 is beyond us because we do not have the consistency required. Can any one be certain of three points against any PL opposition?
5th Feb 2013 9:08
5th Feb 2013 9:08
"difficult but not impossible...lets give a good shot at it."
5th Feb 2013 9:09
"let's hope you''ll be ready for the next game. you are already a true red..."
5th Feb 2013 9:11
"Shame we didnt have Sturridge in the Summer, the table might have looked a bit different now. 4 goals in six games is a super start and it looks no fluke either, great eye for goal, get coutinho in for the creative play and we should firing. YNWA "
5th Feb 2013 9:14
"C'mon Daniel! Keep it up son! Good all-round game on the weekend. 4 in 6 games is a great start. Just keep it going. "
5th Feb 2013 9:25
"everytime we start yapping about top 4, we lose next game. Fact is that we have no change to get top 4, unless teams above us drop enought poits so. So shut your holes and concentrate on next game, it wont be easyone."
5th Feb 2013 9:31
"All lads are pulling their muscles to the dead end but I am not sure with Pepe. You can just count to the number of goals that he could have stopped.To me, he has saved a lot of goals which can be saved by any good stopper,but he has also conceded goals that can be saved by any good goalkeeper. Think of this BR. YWNWA!"
5th Feb 2013 9:45
"exactly said deliver..because pepe is far off his best..he conceded goals that any keeper in prmier league can save...goal from theo...header from vidic...aguero..long list of unnecessary goals...but we can hope he will back at his best..."
5th Feb 2013 9:48
"good start ..daniel...look like brendan almost got the things right...need to press a bit in the midfield...we should have sissoko,6.6 million is absolute bargain...yes he is a giant..."
5th Feb 2013 10:02
"DS has made a massive difference to the team. It would be a big loss if he is out.At least we don't play until monday,so fingers crossed."
5th Feb 2013 10:07
"Top 4 very much possable we just need to do our thing and make sure we win every game! YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 10:09
"To qualify for champions league we will need very close to 33 points (to reach 69 points) out of the next 13 games (39 points on grab). This means we will need to win 11 out of our next 13 games. Possible? Yes. Probable? Definitely NOT. So why take the out of us fans who have been red faced enough by the players performances this season?"
5th Feb 2013 10:21
"Yes we can make the top 4 and why not???while there is a chance there should be hope in your hearts and we will never walk alone. You none believers need so show some metal!!!!"
5th Feb 2013 10:26
"maybe we can achieve a top 4 finish by the end of the current would need a miracle though,we need teams ahead of us to drop points whilst we win most of our games.very unlikely if you ask me.....contined"
5th Feb 2013 10:30
"if it doesn't happen this season,then we would need to aim much higher than than 4th next season.we have shown that on our day we can compete with the best in the league.with a couple of additions in the summer, a top 2 finish is achievable.if it weren't for our poor run in the beginning of the season and a couple of schoolboy mistakes by our senior we would be ahead of Chelsea right now"
5th Feb 2013 10:31
"I agree Dan, we have to believe. Its a big mountain but we must not give up until it is mathematically impossible to achieve it. "
5th Feb 2013 10:40
5th Feb 2013 10:51
"Nice to hear that even you lads are still confident that 4th spot is not still beyond us, sincerely it's a difficult achievement but it's better not leave nothing of untried and battling up till the last day for that who for me would be a true feat. Keep you healthy Dan, working hard and ready for next important upcoming encounters! We need you terribly! YNWA Danny Sturridge"
5th Feb 2013 11:08
"xxrussx well then if no one is guarenteed three points then top 4 IS achievable it's the same for everyone ! Everton,Tottenham, Arsenal will all drop points !"
5th Feb 2013 11:12
"Bad boy Sturridge"
5th Feb 2013 11:13
"Sturridge is playing really well,a constant threat when I worried he might be a bit rusty. Top 4 is still a possibility and if we go on a winning run until the end of the season-why not?! Chelsea look vulnerable, arsenal have stumbled and spurs could really drop lots of points."
5th Feb 2013 11:18
"Progress will be getting into the top 6. We have to be realistic and realise that top 4 is beyond us this year. We would have to have the perfect run in whilst hoping that the teams above us will capitulate. I have a sneaky feeling we will get 5th. But next year its on. "
5th Feb 2013 11:26
"win next 4 : WB, swansea -home, wigan-away, spurs-home....we should could be 3-6 pts behind spurs...and then who knows?? one game difference....let win next four matches please.."
5th Feb 2013 11:28
"U've got to set your Goal high !!!Be Positive !!"
5th Feb 2013 11:42
"As I said yesterday expectations can be a killer of dreams. We should look at top 6, which would be an achievement. We cant believe that Spurs and Chelski are going to crumble, they won't. They have to lose 3 games and we win every one, a tall order. We are on the right rail, lets celebrate that. "
5th Feb 2013 12:00
"we actually need to beat spurs and they lose two games.... which sounds very possible to me?? they have to play newcastle, arsenal, us, chelsea, everton and stoke... they will lose or draw most of them....I will be happy with top six personally, and build for next year.. "
5th Feb 2013 12:07
"As much as 4th would be a dream season for us, I will be happy with top 6 and a good europa run - will be difficult to balance youth and experience in our last chance of silverware but prem points are vital too."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:07
"Shame the City fans didnt appreciate the respect back. Next time 'do a Adebayor' on them and give it them large. You play for Liverpool now 'daniel son'. :)"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:12
"Take it game by game and see what hapenns is my feeling. Great to be positive, but I went to the Villa game positive.....!"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 12:13
"What I do know is that Neverton fans around me are genuinely concerned about us- which after the cr4p they were spouting pre xmas, is pleasing! :)"
5th Feb 2013 12:14
"Also think that 10 day break between the second zenit game and the Wigan one will do us the pwer of good - how about a 7 day training camp in Qatar or somewhere hot for a bit of team building etc...."
5th Feb 2013 12:18
"That's the talk. Hopefully in the summer he and Luis Suarez will have another top striker coming in to push as well as supplement them; someone like Wilfried Bony, Leandro Damiao, Michu, Steven Fletcher or Christian Benteke. Perhaps Michael Ngoo can also get some games in the cup competitions next term."
5th Feb 2013 12:18
"I am pretty confident of overhauling Everton. But I don't see Spurs, Chelski and Arsenal all crumbling. If we get top 6 then we have to be happy. Its bodes well for next season. I have a very good feeling about Coutinho. If he becomes our creative midfielder then him SG and Lucas will be the main men. Then we have a brilliant squad. "
5th Feb 2013 12:22
"Jojno had done an interview and he sounds hacked off with his omission from the first team. This is good as it will mean he has to step up even more. I am his biggest fan but maybe he took his place for granted. He will definitely fill the SG role but he has a bit of a wait as our captain is going strong. BR is building an amazing squad."
5th Feb 2013 12:22
"sell reina and buy begovic"
5th Feb 2013 12:30
"Butragenio - well said fella. I'd love to reach 4th and it would be a great achievement given that we need it to ensure future success and retnetion of top players / drawing in future players. however the reality is somewhat different and coming 4th would be the same feat as the 2005 UCL final, we need to beat spuds / chelski and to and hope they drop loads of points!"
5th Feb 2013 12:43
"I had a look at the rest of season and can see che,eve & tot all loosing 4 games drawing 3. And arsenal loosing 2 drawing 4. We should win 11 out of our 13 games our run is the easiest. I just hope coutinho does what gary mac did in 2001. WE CAN DO IT! "
5th Feb 2013 12:53
"Anfield will start to become our fun house. A whole lot of fun with prizes to be won. #top4 "
5th Feb 2013 13:08
"I think top 4 is unlikely, there are signs of improvement but really we should have won the last two games but mistakes have cost us.We are now more creative but still lacking the ability to control the game when in front so maybe we shouldn't count the chickens before they're hatched and do the talking at the end of the season! "
5th Feb 2013 13:09
"Its better to temper expectations so as to not disappoint. We have a very tall order to reach top 4 as we are not solely relying on our results. We need 3 teams to crash and that is not normal in football. We should all push for at least top 6 and anything else will be the icing on the cake. "
5th Feb 2013 13:15
"ldn-red-ninja - your optimism is worthy of note however chels / s / blue noses loosing 4 games and us winning 11 sounds like an alternative reality mate. I hope your right though! and the day comes you can say 'I told you so' but for now im writing off this season"
5th Feb 2013 13:18
"Reds Fans - I'd be interested to get your take on the Arsenal game - I felt bitterly dissapointed in BR in regards to how that team was setup and the tactics we played, im not even that upset about oldham, they deserved it but to go to the emirates and setup for counterattack and be on the back foot against arguably the worst gooner defence weve taken on! im still in shock, 3 points thrown away"
5th Feb 2013 13:32
"LFCYNWALFC, the way we set up against Arsenal was wrong in my opinion as we took Suarez out of his most effective position. As you can see against Man City, when we had SAS in tandem we looked much better. We must always take the game to teams with our best players in their ideal positions. "
5th Feb 2013 13:38
"buddha - 100% agree, positioning was a 'trial run' in a game against the team going for 4th but to ur point - we didn't take the game to them! going to rivals to defend is more likely going to cost u than be a winning formula - I hope we learn particularly from that game - other than that im quite happy with BR,just needs to learn from these teething errors, as costly as they may be come May 19th!"
5th Feb 2013 13:44
"What's this xxrussx? Your pessimism is so pathetically disheartening! If our players are positive thinkers we should be supporting them instead of putting them down! If you do perhaps you should be supporting another team! Nothing is for certain and anything can happen. Be positive! YNWA!"
5th Feb 2013 13:44
"Mr Brendan Rodger, Luis Suarez needs to score more goals to win the golden boot. Will you please not play him out of position again and again, though is he a all rounder player!!!!!!!!!"
5th Feb 2013 13:46
"but then we will lose to weaker team"
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Feb 2013 13:54
"If we can finally string 3 wins together in the next 3 games who knows, next 3 are winnable and if we want CL it must be 9 points b4 we play Spurs at anfield. Spurs, Gooners and Neverton are garenteed to drop points when they play each other, so I'm going to keep believing we can do it. Come on u reds! YNWA"
Red Mgogo
5th Feb 2013 13:54
"I can see Chelsea conceeding more games. As long as we maintain the current standard of the last 2 games, we have a big chance. So keep that dream alive !!"
5th Feb 2013 13:58
"4th place will be hard but NOT IMPOSSIBLE-as i have said many times before its a marathon season not a sprint!!!13 games to play?39pts up for grabs? its not impossible"
5th Feb 2013 14:14
"I wish. But that means we must win most of the matches still to play and those top teams must loss many. It could happen but the propability is LOW. Better keep on playing great and protect the backyard. We have hope for next season."
5th Feb 2013 14:27
"Mathematically possible but very unlikely. Defence needs stiffening. Nice to see optimism though."
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2013 14:28
"If we don't do better than last year then new manager on the way !!!"
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2013 14:31
"BR is building an amazing squad ???? do you include Borini, Assaidi, Allen ? Only one I can see is Sturridge otherwise it's KK and Rafa's boys - sorry but this is fact !!!"
5th Feb 2013 14:35
"Billy B, come on, you have to post one positive one. Break a habit of a life time and give due when its deserved. Confession is good for the soul. You are at odds to most after the game on Sunday. Lets see a post from you recognising our magnificent performance"
5th Feb 2013 14:35
"daniel sturridge- ynwa lad"
5th Feb 2013 14:39
"dont hold your breath budhha!!i think billy b is up there with belfastwill and yazangs!!! have you ever wondered what the B stands for?"
5th Feb 2013 15:15
"Daniel, I think its great that you are so positive, but lets be realistic. I think its great the way you have fitted in but good performances do not get you 3 points unless you do it for ALL the match. If you look into the history of the club, our most successful manager said, we do our talking on the pitch. Lets get the points THEN talk about it"
5th Feb 2013 15:23
"Billy B girl...I hate to break it to you but Rodgers is not going anywhere. Like it or not he isn't getting the sack. He will be judged on two years performance and my belief is we will be in a very good position by then. Most people believe that. Time for you to get with the program or move on..."
5th Feb 2013 15:25
"i love that we are even talking about claiming a CL spot. Even if we dont we have come a long way and still improving. at one point we were 17/18th! What an acheivment if we end up 6th let alone 3rd. Next year aim for 4th year after the le!!!"
5th Feb 2013 15:25
"i love that we are even talking about claiming a CL spot. Even if we dont we have come a long way and still improving. at one point we were 17/18th! What an acheivment if we end up 6th let alone 3rd. Next year aim for 4th year after the le!!!"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 15:36
"We may get 3rd yet if 'our agent Rafa' continues his 'good work' :)"
5th Feb 2013 15:40
"nice one rushjob!!"
5th Feb 2013 15:42
"...year after that the le. I think BR knows he got that tactic wrong even tho hends got his goal from playing central. What i think needs to happen is for the players to intelligently swap positions then BR would of looked a genius. ppl say we were lucky but while they had a fresh air shot. suarez came much closer to a winner at the end. so i say THEY were lucky!!!"
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 15:47
"3 wks from the end of last season, no-one believed City would win the league; that last kick of the ball shows what can happen when your team believes in themselves. Complaining about players wanting to finish in 4th baffles me; its as if these people think the players don't see the mathematical challenge - give them some due, they're the pros. cont"
5th Feb 2013 15:47
"Win the europa league... thats it..."
5th Feb 2013 15:48
"Nice to see the confidence, but think top 4 is out of reach ( will be deighted if I'm wrong ) just can't see Spurs, Everton & Arsenl all slipping up. Let's get a good run going and see where it ends."
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 15:49
"Granted, it's unlikely, but what's the harm in having a goal; it's what drives the team. I'd rather he said this than say 'there's nothing to fight for now'. Our players aren't thick, they know we have to win almost all our games. Wouldn't it be better watching them try than fold now?"
5th Feb 2013 16:17
"All I've got to say to the doom & gloom merchants is It ain't over till the lady sings. There is a long way to go and it is still possible so why not believe? Get behind our team or go follow another that appreciates your pessimism "
5th Feb 2013 16:20
"I don't know if we will make top 4 this season, we are too inconsistent but it's good to have that drive and mentality. Next season I think we will definitely be up there. Can't wait to see Coutinho play I reckon he will be brilliant with suarez, stevie g and daniel!"
5th Feb 2013 16:33
"Players would be better off thinking about what has gone right over the last couple of games and contemplate how they're going to keep that level of intensity. The defeat against Oldham was a huge catalyst. It helped the players identify how we were giving the ball away too cheaply. They can't think West Brom will be a stroll. They've mainly been doing well because they've battled harder lately."
5th Feb 2013 16:43
"Sorry Daniel, think it's a bit too late now for top four. :("
5th Feb 2013 16:51
5th Feb 2013 16:53
"The chances of us getting into top 4 are about the same as Man City winning the league again, very slim but just about do -able it would require the team (especially Daniel) performing as we did last Sunday every week and not giving away any more leads."
5th Feb 2013 16:58
"Ya never know!?"
5th Feb 2013 17:41
"I know this is off the subject but I just seen a press conference where Mario Balotelli tells a sun reporter that "I dont want to talk to you, you only say bad things about me". he's gone up in my estimation and a kick in the nuts for the rag sun. rock on YNWA96"
5th Feb 2013 17:52
"i am veryveryvery excited about our future...ynwa"
5th Feb 2013 18:45
"True, its not beyond us.. We just have to show our character and never say its done for. 3 goals down in halftime does not mean the game is lost. Or else we'd only have 4 CL cups. 9 points apart and a lot of games to be played. We just need CONSISTANCY from the lads and SUPPORT from the rest of us."
5th Feb 2013 18:47
"no disrespect to you Reina but if you don't get your act together than we will be more than happy to see you go :("
the regent
5th Feb 2013 18:49
"if u read what reina said u will know that he has lost his confidence n lfc should start looking for good keeper for next season bcoz player who says that we can't compete against top four teams after making all sorts of mistakes against those team should leave the club than discourage his own team.he doesn't look like lfc player these days at all might want to return to spain sooner than later."
5th Feb 2013 18:50
"WE ARE LIVERPOOL! We fight until the ref blows the final wistle! That is our character.. YNWA!!"
5th Feb 2013 18:57
"i know reina was at fault for the last goal on sunday but can we all get behind him and support him, we got 13 games left support ALL our players untill end of season."
the regent
5th Feb 2013 18:59
"actually he is the one should support team n not make comment like these after making mistakes"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 19:06
""I'm thinking we'd do worse than doing a player cash deal with NUFC for Krul and Carroll cos noises coming out of Reina are fairly obvious of a 'LFC weren't matching my ambition at this stage of my career' type gone in the summer. I rate Krul and I reckon him plus 8 mil would be a gd move. Not a clue what we'll get for Reina- 10mil? ""
5th Feb 2013 19:29
"Rushjob, what's your opinion on Celtic's Fraser Forster?"
whacko jacko
5th Feb 2013 19:52
"Just watching eng v sweden n was thinking how good they were looking with shelvey , Hendo n ince linking up n Shelvey has the miss of the season with a header wide fron less than 2 yards !! Unbeleivable"
5th Feb 2013 19:55
"Pepe should just hold his trap, gives everywhere stupid interviews about us and how he loves Barca. Get rid of the sulking Judas be4 he is the new Torres who also left us whit a bad atude. We can still make spot 4 so just play top in goal and do what you get paid for at our great club."
whacko jacko
5th Feb 2013 20:28
"i think Pepe may be lacking a bit of form at minute but he needs a top challenger for his place n Butland wud have been just that !! Cannot beleive we never got this guy ! Incey looks good tonight lets hope we get him in summer. Hes creative n can score goals , Ince , suarez n sturridge will tear teams apart if played together. YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 20:56
"cant see us getting ince we gave him away fsg wont pay 8m to get him back."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 20:59
"LDW- sadly not really got one as just don't see any Scottish football. Same with the lad up front Hooper-Just not seen him play enough either. Andre Marc ter Stegen already being 'linked' b' gladbach I believe- not seen him either! Do rate Krul though. You? "
5th Feb 2013 21:03
"Not impossible but difficult-get some results together and what happens elsewhere is luck but lets be honest we are well overdue tons of that stuff!! So maybe just maube -surprising what you can achieve if you believe (the 96 prove that) so support and believe and dont be a doubter YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 21:03
"Not impossible but difficult-get some results together and what happens elsewhere is luck but lets be honest we are well overdue tons of that stuff!! So maybe just maube -surprising what you can achieve if you believe (the 96 prove that) so support and believe YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 21:08
"An on the subject of Pepe-maybe he is suffering loss of concentration and perhaps time for a change-if he wants to go let him, he has given good service never forget that, Courtois at Atletico Madrid on loan from Chelsea is brilliant if we could get him. We need a replacement anyway as i dont think Jones is up to it."
5th Feb 2013 21:11
"Rushjob, Yeah don't really pay attention to the SPL..but he was very impressive in both matches against Barcelona. I've also heard a lot of good things about ter Stegen..however , apparently he made a real howler last weekend lol. I wouldn't mind Krul..he's a great shot stopper."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 21:13
"LDW- he is yeah. Can't see Carroll ending up anywhere other than newc- so makes sense!?"
5th Feb 2013 21:18
"I have a funny feeling that AC is coming back to us. The mutterings at West Ham is that they won't pay the going price. I don't think NUFC would want him back as they play a different brand of football since he departed. So he might become a misfit, which is sad. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Feb 2013 21:31
"Andy carrol was the worst signing in football history, it's basically ruined his career and nearly ruined LFC. I feel sorry for the lad as he wasn't good enough for us and certainly not for that much money and the spot light was on him every time he played. I very much doubt he's coming back to us, we have a good strike force at the moment, we don't need a hit and miss striker. YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 21:33
"yes russ. im sure daniel (if fit) and the lads will get exactly 3pts on monday. come on you reds. lets continue the good displays of late. we are playing some exciting attacking football and just need to sort out defence. hope philippe plays some part. good times. YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 21:40
"cant sae carrol coming back lads"
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 21:42
"Buddha- just don't see that. No way while BR is boss IMO. He be flogged in the summer I think. Prob at a 22 mil loss :("
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 21:45
"I like the idea of Carroll as a plan B, but he'd be an outrageously expensive one & the pressure of a 35mill plan B wont be shaken off easily by him. I hate to say it, but it may be better for both parties just to let him move on; such a shame as I had such high hopes for the lad & I easily forget he's still so young. I you do come back, you have my full support AC."
5th Feb 2013 21:58
"Rushjob. BR might have no choice. If there are no takers at a reasonable price then our owners won't let us flog him. He will come back and knuckle down and be a viable option. Many a strange things have happened and this might be one of those. "
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 22:00
"Championsofeurope. Second that. I rate the guy. Just the most insane deal ever-as was the Torres one. And ironically it's ruined them both! Both 25 million overpriced. Sad really- and all down to 'that dirty Russian'! Footie will be a better place when he 'does one' IMO."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 22:03
"Buddha. Hmm. Just don't see it. But true, I guess you never know. Being honest, I hope he has a brilliant last dozen games, and we get as much as we can for him. "
5th Feb 2013 22:06
" i think we miss AC physicality at times. wish we had him on against chelski abit earlier. never mind. come on you reds. lot more positive posts of late. much better. YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 22:13
"Rushjob9 5th Feb 2013 22:00 I really do feel for AC, he didn't set his fee, but IMHO, was too young to cope with the pressure. The lad's got bags of talent & is the classic burly CF focal point, which I suppose is not BR's type of play. Whichever way it goes, I hope he does well. Totally agree about the Russian - ruined the PL."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 22:14
"Think N'goo can do the 'plan B' stuff in the future.? Like BR said- you can't have a 35 million pound subsute. "
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 22:15
"Rushjob9 - I also always refer to his presence at CFC games, & how their fans detest him, when posters say FSG should be at LFC games. I agree they should be at some games, but not if they decide to get involved in team selection & tactics."
Champions Of Europe
5th Feb 2013 22:20
"Rushjob9 5th Feb 2013 22:14 Now Ngoo would be an ideal plan B, well spotted; 2 goals already in SPL, gotta be worth a chance on the bench. Noticed Pacheo scored on his debut too, not sure if he'll ever feature for LFC in the future though."
Rushjob _
5th Feb 2013 22:26
"Championsofeurope- don't get the Pacheco thing. Always rated him when I've seen him, and you'd think a BR type player? However, 3-4 managers just mustn't see 'it'. "
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2013 22:33
"Buddha - I love LFC it is only BR I have an issue with. He has wasted the beginning of the season with his tika taka and I believe Stevie and Carra have had words hence we are now playing a more Liverpool way. I thought Sunday was great apart from Sturridge/Allen change! contin...."
Billy B girl
5th Feb 2013 22:38
"BR, in my opinion, is a bully manager and his envelope mind games etc is everything I loathe. I believe the best team now is still Rafa's and KK's so I am only giving my honest opinion. Daniel Sturridge shows great promise. Sorry if anyone is offended YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 22:49
"Good words. Let just hope they can break this problem with consistency. It has been a problem for us for too long and it's about time we get beyond it!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
5th Feb 2013 22:54
"Billy b girl- what was wrong with the sturridge for Allen sub when sturridge had a Knock and it was in the 89th minute. To have a dig at BR for that is pathetic. YNWA"
5th Feb 2013 23:07
"Billi B Girl: Rafa's rotation policy cost us a lot of games when he was in charge and remember he was the one that got Alonso and then got rid of him. One of the worst mistakes ever. Torres in the end was also fed up and lost the will to play for LFC under Rafa. KK is a Legend but BR is a new breed of manager who is young with ideas to go forward.CONTD"
5th Feb 2013 23:10
"Rafa took the Team so far and fair dues to him started one of the best academies. He has lsot his way a bit after the Champions League win and getting us to 2nd Spot. He is also too defensive to win the league. Just ask Chelski. I think KK was a good stop gap until we got our house in order and it was sad that it didn't work out."
5th Feb 2013 23:12
"we rushed into changeing the sqaud!! if we started the season with kuyt and maxi the team would have had that comfort of game changeing subs!! 4th place is gone but the pool are ready to kick ass 13/14 season."
5th Feb 2013 23:13
"BR is learning quickly and I believe does have that ruthless streak to leave players out when they are not performing. He is learning fast and making his decisions with the team in mind. He has learnt with Joe allen that loyalty can only go so far."
Papa Syed
6th Feb 2013 1:15
"Action, consistency, goals & wins speak better than words! All going smoothly plus more lady luck on our side, then we can hope & talk about Top 4 plus CL as an added bonus. Work hard LFC! YNWA!"
Papa Syed
6th Feb 2013 1:26
"We need more Rafa's losses for us to be at 4th or 6th (in reality). Arsene & AVB won't crumble (stumbling block)"