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our LB needs work and Glen is not the one for that position nor is Enrique !
31st Jan 2013 2:03
31st Jan 2013 2:56
"Good explanation of tactics from carra for the clueless noob fans who were asking why were we passive after scoring, we just sat back the whole game blah blah.In soccer its called COUNTER ATTACKING.And it worked great for an hour so well done BRENDAN RODGERS!Now lets get SOMETHING at city"
31st Jan 2013 3:33
"For counter attacking, give the ball to Gerrard more. His skill is wasted playing short all the time. I didn't see him spraying the ball about too much this game. I'm still not really convinced about tiki-taka in our own half. It looks too precarious. Carragher's right, we were encamped for long periods. On occasion, longer balls can release this type of pressure."
31st Jan 2013 6:32
"Our no 23 is a legend..."
31st Jan 2013 7:22
"Glens duin a fantastic job covering on both sides wen called on its ill advised to start nocking him we have plenty of left back talent coming thru the ranks "
31st Jan 2013 7:30
"Every 1 would be happy with 4 points in these 2 games so if we beat city it's been a good couple ov hard games away "
31st Jan 2013 7:32
"why are we always playing bad againts the top team we are supposed to play our strength and that is passing game but from what i see againts arsenal we are struggled to keep possesion of the ball as we just waiting to be punished by them.....can't imagine how we'll play againts man city on this weekend hopefully god will be on our side..."
31st Jan 2013 7:43
"No !!it does not depend on the next game.The matter is we were up by 2 and we were assaulted like mice by cats. All the time we could not handle them.That is it. No hard feelings we are not there yet.YNWA"
31st Jan 2013 7:58
"Well Done Hendo i luv the player you're turning into"
31st Jan 2013 8:41
"Enrique is a player of quality, he needs to start on sunday with Jono at rb, We cant just go buy a player everytime it looks like we short. The backbone has always been and definatly needs to be a core of scousers born and bred with passion. buying player after player is exactly the thing me and many others criticised Chelsea and man city for. All that money for me is spoiling the game for me"
31st Jan 2013 8:54
"Well said! Hopefully a point or three against City!"
31st Jan 2013 9:13
"Carra=Gold well played last night Carra"
31st Jan 2013 9:15
"we defended much better against crosses. I wouldn't say we counter-attacked really. We watered it down after initial pace/long ball with slow sideways/back passing."
31st Jan 2013 9:20
"Hendo come of age! Played brilliantly and deserved his MOTM."
31st Jan 2013 11:13
"glass half-full for Carra performance, glass half-empty for team performance, sincerely attractive football is another thing!"
31st Jan 2013 11:14
""rajusa" thanks so much for your explanation, I had no idea was counter attacking was. At 35 years of age I only woke up this morning and decided to follow "soccer" and LFC. Oh, by the way is the emphasis of counter attacking football defence? Cause we did a great job of that, conceding 2 in minutes. Finally since when did Liverpool park the bus and counter attack?"
Gerrard o ya beauty
31st Jan 2013 12:20
"Well said Jamie lad! It's all about city away now the Arsenal game has gone. Also I'd play Enrique now, wisdom doesn't offer much going forward, u can see he's a center back, but hes done ok up 2 now. I think when Kelly gets back he's No.2 after Johnson, he offers more going forward. YNWA"
31st Jan 2013 13:05
"Very mixed comments here You can only play what is front of you, Arsenal were poor in the first half and if we are all honest we should have been out of sight by half time. We sat back to far in the second half and gave then room to come at us. The answer is we would have taken a draw before the game.This is Liverpool but not as we know them.YNWA "
31st Jan 2013 13:57
"Whatever way you look at it we shudda won and we didn't. Lets not hide from that, let's sort it out instead!!!"
31st Jan 2013 14:06
"they could only score because they had the ball .should of played quick easy balls frustrating them had them chasing shadows ynwa "
31st Jan 2013 14:27
"I can't believe someone just called football soccer and attempted to teach us what a counter attack is."
31st Jan 2013 14:43
"Carra..Legend!!think for weekend we need enrique to start at left and usual strongest back line up of Agger sktrtl and Jono..defo need to look for someone in LB position after summer..its a pity we ever sold Risse for making an odd mistake yrs ago..would have loved to still play for the Pool.."
31st Jan 2013 14:52
"PS...ANYONE knowhat this lad Diakite of Lazio is like?? rumours of wanting to come when out of contract in June?? Full back?"
whacko jacko
31st Jan 2013 15:00
"wmraker, i disagree on the enrique quote ! When he's 100% fit he's the man for LB. He was outstanding in that posistion previousley its the manager who doesnt fancy him there n i cant see why ! I actually think Johnson could play r/midfield with Wisdom at R/B. N think that would work big time but just my opinion."
31st Jan 2013 16:02
"Transfer window has not closed..... Carra on his way? Has BR done enough to keep him?"
Manuel Miller
31st Jan 2013 17:05
"Well said Car. the young lads are taking after your footsteps. You and Captain fantastic."
31st Jan 2013 17:54
"Carra is going to make a great Liverpool Manager once BR has finished getting us back up where we belong. Our turn will come to knock Manure off their perch, and Jamie will be there I'm sure. Insightful comments from our No. 23"
31st Jan 2013 18:46
"Reina must have taken the second goal. We need a top- class stopper as well as goalkeeper and things will eventually turn better and brighter. Sami. YNWA."
31st Jan 2013 19:27
"That's the spirit. We did good in terms of team performance despite the draw. Yes we slipped & let them scored twice, but we're progressing. We're going in the right direction. And Carra is still rock solid after all these years. We still need him. Walk on mate!"
31st Jan 2013 19:49
"He was outstanding last night and i really think he will our manager one day YNWA"
1st Feb 2013 11:46
"wmraker, then who is the one for it?"
1st Feb 2013 14:13
"It's true what wmraker mentioned. We need lots of improvement on LB. Whomever plays that position recently always seems forgotten about his LB position when we're attacked. C'mon you lads!"