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At Anfield, we pressed but got hit on the break and never converted our chances. Brendan will have greater attacking options on this occasion, so I think we'll do well. We were too timid against Man U in the first half, but have played well in the league since then. I just hope the players come out with all guns blazing.
29th Jan 2013 11:17
29th Jan 2013 11:22
"I expect a really difficult game, they will try to break us down with their best weapons, the pace and the quickness of the counter attacks, so beware of Arsenal! I hope we will play a good defensive game and take advantage of our quick and skillful attackers. Give it all lads and do us proud! Best of luck for the game guys! Come on you Mighty Reds! YNWA"
29th Jan 2013 11:56
"Stop Cazorla & Wilshere. No one else can create goals"
29th Jan 2013 12:04
"At Anfield we pressed? The group and philosophy! A good new jargon. What happened to playing well and scoring goals. That's how you win matches! I am not confident at all about a win.... Those days have gone..... "
29th Jan 2013 12:22
"Not raising hopes anymore (it hurts)"
29th Jan 2013 12:27
"To Be Honest, I was merely trying to point out that we enjoyed the majority of possession and had plenty of chances, which we failed to convert. Brevity is wit, but why say things in a concise manner when I can take 400 words to say the same thing? However, you are right, goals win matches."
29th Jan 2013 13:14
"We need to start this game Aggresively and put Arsenal on the back foot right from the start. We can't play soft football like We did on Sonday against Oldham. I know BR will pick a stronger team for this one so We should Overcome the Gooners with Hope. YNWA REDS "