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Was Pelosi playing as a CB? Or was that Coady? The only actual CB I can see on the list is Sama.
28th Jan 2013 16:08
28th Jan 2013 16:09
"Good to hear one of our teams is capable of winning week in week out. "
28th Jan 2013 16:09
"Our future is bright! Support the team when we lose or don't support the team at all. You'll never walk alone needs to start meaning something again. "
28th Jan 2013 16:09
"well done boys, at least you guys are consistent."
28th Jan 2013 16:11
"That's the boss! Good game lads, feel so good now and can't wait for the highlights or how about full game huh? Well done guys, still unbeaten and still the best side, YNWA young warriors!"
28th Jan 2013 16:15
"Well done young lads! proud of you! This fight back is a proof of character and hunger of success and he's an exceptional basement on which we can build our future success! Neither seen a minute of the game but I appreciate the outcome the same and I will enjoy much more the highlights! Well done lads and Mr Inglethorpe! Keep going so U21s Reds! YNWA"
28th Jan 2013 16:17
"Wait a minute, Morgan? I thought he's on loan, isn't he?"
28th Jan 2013 16:33
"Well done boy... Hope you score many more in the future in the first team. YNWA"
28th Jan 2013 16:38
"Good..keep it up lads."
28th Jan 2013 16:43
"Constructive Criticism is acceptable. Yesil one for the future YNWA Reds "
28th Jan 2013 17:25
"These guys seem unstoppable!!!"
28th Jan 2013 17:49
"Morgan returned from loan already. Not sure why but it was only to be a month loan and they had two games cancelled in January. Glad he's back though. True Red."
28th Jan 2013 18:22
"Coady was the other CB. Pelosi started at LB, finished in midfield, with Roddan operating at LB."
28th Jan 2013 23:22
"Congrats lads! Keep the flag flying! Many players of the future to be found in this team! YNWA!"
29th Jan 2013 15:13
"Morgan only came back for this match, he is now back with Rotherham ans is playing in their RESERVES match tomorrow!!..... to me he would be better playing with our U21's surely!?!"