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Good to see a great club taking interest in its fans around the world. YNWA
24th Jan 2013 12:21
24th Jan 2013 12:24
"Pure Class Act Daniel Agger! YNWA~"
24th Jan 2013 12:48
"Everything is fine, but he should have answered StevieG for the Ballond'or question rather than suarez, stevie carried the club for many years even now he is taking that responsibilty without bothering bothering about his own benefits...."
24th Jan 2013 12:51
"I share your view on Luis Suarez Daniel! I think ElPistolero can be one of the possible upcoming candidates to win the award. Still congratulations for all of good your foundation and charity are making to help people, in particular street kids! It's a good cause YNWA Dani Agger"
24th Jan 2013 13:33
"i keep saying this but its true: Messi only wins the ballon d'or because hes in "that" team. if he came to the prem he would be good but not great he aint that great with argentina. And he knows to sign new deal and stay. If suarez was in that team he would win the ballon d'or. i just hope this team gets good quick to help suarez win it soon. "
24th Jan 2013 13:41
"cr7, messi, iniesta, ibrahimovich are 1 level higher than our Luis.."
Champions Of Europe
24th Jan 2013 13:49
"Luis is incredible in an above average squad; Messi, Ronaldo, etc are brilliant in excellent squads - Luis is the better player without doubt & that Stevie G aint that bad either."
Billy B girl
24th Jan 2013 14:39
"You are a very grounded man Dagger - we are proud that you play for us! a lovely photo from India,I have visited the country many times and it is wonderful Keep supporting LFC YNWA "
24th Jan 2013 15:12
"Gr8 Work Daniel. Always knew you had a big heart on the field but seeing your charity work just proves that you're a big heart in life too. "
24th Jan 2013 15:43
"Good words from the Great Dane. Nice to see Liverpool reaching out to the fans aswell."
24th Jan 2013 17:47
"Pure class Daniel in every way."
24th Jan 2013 18:19
"Laudrup was class! Good work Dagger-Lets get India behind us and a tour would be amazing! I do suspect Agger prefers scoring though...!"
24th Jan 2013 21:16
"i'd nominate Agger for ballon d'or!....Best Defender in the World!"
25th Jan 2013 1:09
"well done Agger ..U certainly should be the next captain of LFC .."
25th Jan 2013 5:19
"your top mate,,but stop coming up the feild as your not gettin back"
25th Jan 2013 7:27
"ohh dane.. how did i miss achat with u!! :( :( sadness.... hope u come to india soon! love from india YNWA! :) "