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Happy birthday Jose y.n.w.a
23rd Jan 2013 8:33
23rd Jan 2013 9:21
"Dose anyone know when he is due back ? "
23rd Jan 2013 9:22
"Happy birthday Jose, hope to see you back in the first team shortly."
23rd Jan 2013 9:58
"He will be back 2 weeks but might be sooner!"
23rd Jan 2013 10:17
" Happy Birthday Jose, come back soon. Y.N.W.A. "
23rd Jan 2013 10:52
"Happy Birthday Jose, you share it with my Fiancee who is 40 today."
23rd Jan 2013 11:05
"Happy Birthday to you Enrique! And what a great archive to see!!! Hope you get back soon! Very influential in the squad."
23rd Jan 2013 11:24
"Happy Birthday Jose YNWA"
23rd Jan 2013 12:28
"Happy birthday Jose! Enjoy the day with your teammates! Keep working hard and get well soon lad! YNWA Jose Enrique"
23rd Jan 2013 13:14
"Quality player who hit the ground running! Happy birthday Jose!"
23rd Jan 2013 14:40
"Happy Birthday Jose. Hope it's a good one and that ur back from injury very soon! YNWA!!"
23rd Jan 2013 15:06
"happy bday Jose get well soon.YNWA"
23rd Jan 2013 20:42
"Happy bday..... Now Hurry up and get match fit!"
24th Jan 2013 10:06
"Happy birthday Jose Y.N.W.A. Good Luck!"
25th Jan 2013 0:00
"Happy Birthday, Jose Enrique."