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Hmm, motivation and pride to wear the shirt is an important factor. Perhaps he will be convinced after and if he comes, but we don't want to force him like Carroll
22nd Jan 2013 10:34
Papa Syed
22nd Jan 2013 10:50
"Reluctant him"
22nd Jan 2013 11:31
"That sounds like a player who is happy where he is at the moment"
Truth Hurts 13
22nd Jan 2013 12:53
"Well, Back from injury,not much playing time , reluctant to come and etc... Where did I experience it before?? De ja vu guys? I would say tread with caution. "
22nd Jan 2013 13:06
"please BR don't force Coutinho to come in overpaying him or promising the moon, if the will of the player is to come to LFC he won't keep doubts and uncertainties, otherwise God bless him"
22nd Jan 2013 13:38
"Sturridge couldn't wait to join us and has had a fantastic start. We need players enthusiastic to wear the LFC shirt, if Coutinho doesn't want to move then forget him."
22nd Jan 2013 14:32
"Of course he says that, remember when we were linked to Borini he sad exactly the same. Think of it if the transfer fails and he would have earlyer sad that he wants to join Liverpool how the Inter fans would react. I think if we agree a fee for him with Inter he will be happy to join."
22nd Jan 2013 16:47
"well forget about him then.. we don't really need this lad. we lack experience in shiploads and this lad has next to none. we have plenty of younglings at the club in that same position.. he may or may not be a future star but we have players like that right here!! we don't need Ince either"
22nd Jan 2013 16:50
"The only reason why we are looking at these players is because we have poor owners that have invested in something they can not handle or compete in, that is why.. we don't need to buy every young player because he is a bargain when what we need is a 26-28 year old with a few medals"