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Don't mean to sound like a trumpet blower(there's enough of them on here) but this is exactly what I have been saying. I think people forget about Carras organizing abilities,and by God can he shout! Carra deserves to start next prem match.IMO
22nd Jan 2013 9:14
22nd Jan 2013 9:24
""But in the big games we want to kick on, and for that you need experience" - so what are we doing signing 20 year olds"
22nd Jan 2013 9:25
"It will be self killing decision (or 100% sure to miss 4th place) if he is given chance while Skertel or Agger are put on bench. I am confident that Brenden will not make a silly mistake to get cheap popularity a die hard supporters of Cara. For games like the Arsenal and City Cara can not cope with the speed and skill of Walcot, Aguero, Tevez and other fast and skillful players. "
22nd Jan 2013 9:28
"Carra some games but more on the coaching team that is the mixture ahead for me"
22nd Jan 2013 9:31
"YEah....and now also pass the message to the Board to get someone experienced as well"
shanklys best
22nd Jan 2013 9:33
"He is top quality - as a player and a man. Would love to spend a day talking football with him. Legend"
Brazilian meastro10
22nd Jan 2013 10:13
"Henderson was my man of the match"
Brazilian meastro10
22nd Jan 2013 10:14
"Well done to you though Carra. kept Wisdom on his toes"
22nd Jan 2013 10:37
"Not your biggest fan Brendan.However you seem to be a little bit more flexible with your team selections.I think the likes of Hendo and Carra have rewarded you with their performances. Downing also seems to have stepped up somewhat this season...ctd"
22nd Jan 2013 10:40
"Great to see the lower teams being put to the sword BR,particularly at home.Villa being the obvious exception. Long may the home form continue and let's get some results against those teams above us starting with Aresnal and City."
22nd Jan 2013 10:42
"He can't start against anyone with pace or trickery. A start against Arsenal or Man City would be catastrophic. Play him against the less able teams possibly BUT, this is holding back the likes of Coates who needs game time."
22nd Jan 2013 10:47
"please Rodgers don't start Carras on our match with Arsenal or Manc City. he is not fast and strong for the match. speed and strength is not on his side. please Rodgers......ejo "
Gerrard o ya beauty
22nd Jan 2013 10:50
"Absolutely spot on there BR. Just what we have been missing a voice on the pitch who can organise the team, shout at players if they switch off. Skirtle has had a few bad games over the festive period and needed to know that he isn't guaranteed a starting place, he's been giving to many silly free kicks away. Still a better player that carra but not a better leader. YNWA"
22nd Jan 2013 10:53
"I agree GT LFC maybe as DCM, he's been playing there every time Lucas plays anyway IMO..."
22nd Jan 2013 10:59
"Well give him a new contract then, look what happened to Sami hyypa lost him and look what he has done, you want support BR get Jamie a new contract "
22nd Jan 2013 11:06
"Those talking about pace are missing the point. A few days ago BR talked about defending as a team and not individually. That is why he is talking about an organiser and communicator."
22nd Jan 2013 11:25
"Hard job for BR choosing who to play i guess. as i agree with everyone, we need stabilty while we need a voice and we need coates to play. maybe as DM cover/super sub for lucas. Plus he scores goals. in BR i trust. YNWA "
22nd Jan 2013 11:32
"GT-LFC you can blow your trumpet and I'll play a duet with you, I have said the same you have to watch the player to pick it up either on the goggle box or better still Anfield itself where you see and pick it the most. you've got it in one, MWANZOMPYA. YNWA"
22nd Jan 2013 12:12
"I have to agree with the comments about Carra- he's a legend and true leader, though against tricky, fast and top-class players his lack of pace could be difficult. He can play more games this season but the right ones!"
22nd Jan 2013 12:22
"Lets not be sentimental about the whole thing, Cara is no more the player he use to be, he's lost pace and other stuff. Only experience, his spirit is willing but his body is weak, he has to accept that and stop moaning, he says he will quit at the end of the season if he does not get more playing time which to me is cool."
22nd Jan 2013 13:30
"I hope that Carra will stay at the end of the season, despite he plays with the drops-counter and just when one between Skrtel and Agger are unavailable, he's still part of BR's vision. Of course the gaffer can't grant the place as a regular to him as for most of the other players. Keep working hard Carra and plaese reknew your contract at the end of the season! YNWA Carra"
22nd Jan 2013 13:37
"Getting old is cruel and even more so in sport. Carra has been a stalwart and is hero to every fan of LFC. But he can only be no more than a bit part player and help usher in the new. If he can't handle this then he will have to seek pastures anew. Better players in our history have had to accept this. "
22nd Jan 2013 14:01
"Playing Cara in the next two big games (Arsenal & ManCity) means we definitely concede at least two own goals from Cara. Die hard supporters of Cara should not deny the reality that Cara gets frustrated easily in the Box. Please do not mislead BR."
22nd Jan 2013 14:09
"Playing Cara in the next two big games (Arsenal & ManCity) means we definitely concede at least two own goals from Cara. Die hard supporters of Cara should not deny the reality that Cara gets frustrated easily in the Box. Please do not mislead BR."
Rushjob _
22nd Jan 2013 14:32
"Superb against Norwich- and also impressed that BR noted that Martin needed a 'rest' having been 'done' by Benteke, Kenwyne Jones, and Welbeck in recent weeks. Really decent management which definitely bodes well for the future. Impressed."
22nd Jan 2013 15:09
"Buddha - You really can't be serious , as much as we all listen to your crass comments,"Seek pastures new?" JC's feet are set in LFC concrete.Its beyond amazing to think that a fellow LFC fan would say otherwise. Will you now also admit to the multiple accounts as I seem to be outed as a fraud?"
22nd Jan 2013 15:10
"GT-LFC The talk of trumpet blower is giving me the horn."
22nd Jan 2013 15:59
"please stay carra. we still need you. i cant imagine carra going to another club. he could player/defensive coach at the same time so he'll be satisfied."
22nd Jan 2013 16:14
22nd Jan 2013 16:31
"Pepe just keeps quiet and does not attack balls in his area, need some one Cara to shout the instructions, Agger Skertel don't do that. Said it long tym ago."
22nd Jan 2013 16:34
"I'm glad to hear that we still need Carragher's experience, know-how, savvy, knowledge, organizational ability, positional sense - call it what you will, but he's still got plenty to offer."
22nd Jan 2013 16:44
"And I don't know why people keep going on about his pace. The best defenders marshal attackers into areas where they can do least damage, sometimes without even making a challenge. Some of the greatest defenders have lacked all out speed and it's pretty rare for a defender to have genuine pace anyway. Let's face it, attackers with genuine pace (and skill) are a pretty rare commodity anyway."
22nd Jan 2013 17:03
"The first 5 yards are in Carras head."
22nd Jan 2013 17:11
"Like we use to know him here "CHARACTER" ynwa"
22nd Jan 2013 17:13
"I've wondered at times why we don't stick Carragher in at right back. Wisdom is a great talent, and has many years to improve, but Carragher offers that extra bit of influence on the pitch and he always gives 120%. I'd love to see Johnson, Agger, Skrtel and Carragher on the pitch. He was great against Norwich, as was the whole squad really."
22nd Jan 2013 17:40
"Carra is an absolute legend, but his time as a starter has passed. When the Arsenal game rolls around, there is no other choice other than Agger and Srktel."
22nd Jan 2013 17:45
" Carra will be the first to admit that albeit he is still super fit but he has lost some pace and his reactions have slowed a tad bit.. I see Carra playing an important role as a squad player and giving Martin and Daggers a chance to catch their breath every now and then. Yep, if I went to sleep in this team for a moment...I would definitely be awakened before I knew"
22nd Jan 2013 17:55
"Will surely get a job with lfc when he quits end of next season ok now for the lesser teams and cup games."
22nd Jan 2013 19:13
"now theres a director of football that would put the club before any thing else"
Billy B girl
22nd Jan 2013 19:26
"He should be Liverpool's manager !!!"
22nd Jan 2013 19:31
22nd Jan 2013 19:56
"This guy is a legend and will always will be. I just hope that he loves LFC enough to play the role of elder statesmen. His experience will be invaluable and he can pass on his knowledge to others in a coaching role. "
22nd Jan 2013 20:56
"Carra has surprised me this season as he was always one of those that tended to play the ball long out of defence, but he has adapted effortlessly to BR's style - guess I shouldn't have doubted him! One thing for certain though is the need for his communication out on the field and we now know why sometimes our defence goes to sleep, we obviously need another general in the same mould!"
22nd Jan 2013 21:13
"His leadership skills and prowess are in no doubt however he is lacking in speed which is a weakness. Can't see him going elsewhere. Wd like to see him in trainer role. You can hear him shouting on the pitch at others including instructions to wisdom who is learning. If he ends up half the player carra was he'll be brill. YNWA"
22nd Jan 2013 21:49
"My God, They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Budbudhaha/buddha130675 - Youve been swimming like a crazed ramora fish in my enlightened slip stream for some time now. I belive a barnacle may be more fitting for your attire. You are one sad deluded individual. "
22nd Jan 2013 21:58
"Right then folks, back down to earth. I can foresee JC in a coaching role in the not to distant future. His past leadership has been superlative. He can play a small role in this seasons tirminus for CL football."
22nd Jan 2013 22:21
"Yea the young players nid someone like Carra alongside"
22nd Jan 2013 22:57
"On a completaly different note would like to congratulate Stephen Darby and his Bradford teammates for reaching The League Cup Final this evening. "
23rd Jan 2013 0:43
"in BR i trust ,but i do feel agger and skirts are better"
SGM 73
23rd Jan 2013 12:08
"I agree GT-LFC. Too many fans just see his age, and don't understand the importance of organisational skills in a defence. They just think "pick someone who is fast" without understanding the dynamics and importance of positional play. "
SGM 73
23rd Jan 2013 12:12
"ha ha. All these buddha accounts are hilarious. Although they do have one thing in common: they all talk nonsense. Seems everyone wants to be a clown these days! "
23rd Jan 2013 12:17
"SMG 73 or whatever his name is clearly Pennywise. A sick and twisted clown that lurks in the lavatory awaiting the spooking of a young child. I shall call him IT from now on."
23rd Jan 2013 18:19
"Carra can sometimes play holding midfielder, the 1 in 4-1-2-3. He can organize from there while not having had to sprint too often. I think his stamina is still good, but if he has to sprint too often he will tire very fast."