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I think Carra has still got IT! He is not as quick, but he's experience is massive, espec if Jones is gonna be in goal - he needs to speak up more and his distribution needs to be better
Always A Red
21st Jan 2013 17:07
Always A Red
21st Jan 2013 17:08
"If Barca wants Reina, then why dont we have Valdes coming this way. Otherwise get Butland. I like Jones, but he is a little flaky I think. He needs to talk more to his back 4 - 3 points against Arsenal boys - lets prove Patrick Barclay right!"
21st Jan 2013 17:15
"my back four: kelly, agger, skrtel and then who ever is in better form, johnson or enrique"
21st Jan 2013 17:19
"Carra still has a bit to offer, better than Skrtel at reading the game. Still has the leadership and defense marshalling capabilities. My choice:- Johnson(RB) Carragher(CB) Agger(CB) Enrique(LB) Brad Jones has shown that he is a good shot stopper, good positioning, good aerial skills in his area(that's if his own defenders don't get in his way) - VERY CAPABLE. Give him more game time."
21st Jan 2013 17:21
"I think I speak for more than 90% of the fans that our back four would be Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enrique. "
21st Jan 2013 17:26
"Its a back 5 glen dagger coates hurtall enrique. I know we dont play 5 but maybe we could use coates as DM cover for lucas like david luiz. He can bring the ball fwd and great at set peices. "
21st Jan 2013 17:41
"Our best back four is def,Johnson at right Skrtel/Agger in central and Enrique at left. But both backs are going forward alot with Enrique and Johnson maybe sometimes Wisdom at right and Johnson at left is better. Theres no question to me that Agger/Skrtel in central is best,but at left/right back I dont really now witch is best, theres also Kelly when he returns but Wisdom has done great."
21st Jan 2013 17:55
"Pepe's still the best goalie on our books. I don't know where this Valdez cr*p comes from, he's not a patch on Pepe. Jones is inconsistant in the box. Our back four utilise the goalkeeper too much anyway. Also, we let Hyypia go a little too soon, let's not make the same mistake with Carra. 5-0 against Norwich doesn't mean much, the next two games up are the proof."
21st Jan 2013 18:00
"Reina Wisdom-Skrtel-Agger-Johnson Lucas-Gerrard Downing-Suarez-Sterling Sturridge Top 4 finish on the way this season"
21st Jan 2013 18:03
"Carra deserves all the extra LFC appearances that he can get. However, for me, Martin Skrtel should play alongside Daniel Agger against Arsenal and Man City. I hope Jose Enrique is back by then, although I am very happy with young Andre Wisdom's progress. As for Glen Johnson, what can 17m get you?? A Liverpool legend, of course."
21st Jan 2013 18:08
"Pepe Reina is better than Victor Valdes. Why let him go if we can help it?"
21st Jan 2013 18:11
"I think Coates deserves more playing time, he is technically gifted than most of our defenders, I think Cara should give the young guys a chance as he's lost pace himself, the Van persie goal against us last season at anfield proves why. give Coates & Agger a chance and see things for yourself BR. He just needs some confidence now."
21st Jan 2013 18:26
"Frankly if everyone plays to their best there is no real argument. Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique. Carra is not up to playing top forwards now. Lack of any pace is a real problem and his physicality is not what it was. Coates SHOULD be getting time ahead of him."
21st Jan 2013 18:28
"I am asking for world class players in lb cdm lw sf..thats what we need and the whole world can see this.Gerrard wont be heRE for ever so please bring in quality as soon as possible..P.S Garrard and Co. are loyal thats why we are even in top 6.But we need world class proven players peeeaase.Do it for the Captain PLEEAASE"
21st Jan 2013 18:38
"Johnson Carra Skertel Enrique. I would like to see LFC playing a 4-4 -2 formation with Sterling or Henderson LucasGerrard Downing and Suarez and Sturridge as the front 2. "
21st Jan 2013 18:54
"Renia is the best GK we have had for years, Jones is an ok number 2. It would be a grave mistake to think otherwise! "
21st Jan 2013 19:03
"Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enrique when we play top teams. Henderson, Skrtel, Agger and Johnson when play others"
21st Jan 2013 19:39
"Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enrique no doubt YNWA "
21st Jan 2013 19:47
"I think that both should be only regular in cup competitions specially Carra who can contribute with his experience, while start from the bench in EPL or play just when Pepe Reina, Martin Skrtel and Dani Agger are not available for injury or suspention."
21st Jan 2013 19:52
" back four: Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, doubtless!"
21st Jan 2013 20:44
"Give Coates run of game please. He's gonna be as good as Hyppia."
21st Jan 2013 20:44
"johnson carra agger enrique when fit dont get me wrong skertel is solid so i would put him in next game and alternate him and agger with carra"
21st Jan 2013 20:44
"i love reina and Brad has never let us down when called upon.Brad's starting position for situations while the ball is in play is top notch!! personally i don't want valdes to come!"
21st Jan 2013 20:58
"(r to l) kelly skrtel agger johnson"
21st Jan 2013 21:02
"reina johnson skrtel agger enrique for normal games, when we play a team at home who get behind the ball a back 3 with coates between MS and DA, YNWA."
21st Jan 2013 21:35
"I'd like to see Carragher fill in at left back when Enrique's out. I just think the defence would have a more solid feel to it than when Johnson plays out of position, especially in the tougher games. "
21st Jan 2013 21:36
"Kelly skrtl aggr Enrique I'm back now ignore all the"
21st Jan 2013 21:58
"Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Enrique no doubt about that. On the bench: Coates and Kelly or Wisdom. Sorry Carra we need to think about the future, at least on the bench. YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 22:14
"Can't be ainarsed with this...however we are getting a 'TOP 11' Great to see LFC players smiling and enjoying their football on Saturday. Well done TO ALL. YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 22:49
"I think Johnson is brilliant but likes going forward so much he leaves the defence exposed when the opposition break. I think he should play in midfield and we should get in a solid no compromise defender. I like Micah Richards if we could get him"
21st Jan 2013 22:55
"However in answer to the question posed, at present Johnson Agger Skyrtel Enrique.I was a bit alarmed how RVP out foxed Skyrtel and Agger at Old Trafford though. They are robust, but need to be a bit more aware. "
Jimmy Flip
21st Jan 2013 23:36
"Johnson-Skrtel-Agger-Wisdom for me. Johnson and Enrique together is weak in defence as they both spend most of their time in the attacking half. Wisdom staying back more allows Glen Johnson to push forward as a left winger, which allows Suarez to play centrally with Sturridge. I prefer Enrique to Downing as a winger to be honest. Downing goes backward, Enrique goes forward."
22nd Jan 2013 0:03
"Leave carra out. We should be looking to the future. Agger & skrtl still our best cb's. Back them up with Coates."
22nd Jan 2013 1:14
"We MUST start to develop Coates who should be getting game time alongside Agger/Skrtel. Carra showed against Norwich that he has it but to be honest he had little to do. "
22nd Jan 2013 3:21
"As usual, attacking mentality back four consisted of Jono-Skrtel-DAgger-Enrique. "
22nd Jan 2013 4:06
"Any update on Kelly ?"
22nd Jan 2013 5:08
"We do not seem to have a vocal leader at the back when Carragher is not playing and I think we miss that. Agger and Skrtel are very good players but sometimes I do not think they talk to each other to better organize our defence hence the lapses we have had this season. Brad Jones is a good second keeper but not in any way as commanding between the sticks as Pepe Reina."
22nd Jan 2013 6:00
"If they're all fit...Johnson,Enrique,Agger and Skrtel. The first option for centre back should be Coates not Carra."
22nd Jan 2013 9:54
"We must keep Pepe Reina. We are kicking on and we must keep Pepe who is good on the pitch and in the dressing room. This group with a couple of extra players in the summer are destined for great things. They will be LFC legends."
22nd Jan 2013 10:52
"johnson is skilful but likes to go forward. Why not put him in midfield and when he is fit use Martin kelly at right back, Skrtel, Agger centre and Enrique on left. Kelly is great but easily injured unfortunately.Reina still best in goal."
22nd Jan 2013 11:10
"No doubt for me:Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enrique with Kelly, Carrra, Coates and Wisdom as good subsues . "
22nd Jan 2013 12:01
"Well as you can see by the different combo's we are spoilt for choice. when fit Jonno Skrty Agger Enrique is the choice when fit,BR is doing a good job keeping a happy ship and giving youth a chance for the future."
22nd Jan 2013 16:16
"defence is not our main problem this season !!! man.utd conceded more goals than us... "
22nd Jan 2013 19:25
"Love the Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique back four, but Wisdom and Carra coming in are just as reliable. Its good to have too much choice. "
22nd Jan 2013 22:01
"Jones is becoming more better game by game and for Carra its a massive boost the way he comands his line "
22nd Jan 2013 23:24
"Wisdom is more defensive player, whilst Kelly and Jonson are on same level for me. Coates could be good against weaker teams with tall strikers. Would be good to rotate a little bit our defenders as I believe they get few injuries we dont know about."