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Its called growing up Raheem - when you are 35 you can look ahead to enjoying the rest of your life - now is a time for work and being well rewarded for success. Live it to the max!
21st Jan 2013 13:09
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Jan 2013 13:14
"your only going to get better raheem the dream!! YNWA Stirling"
21st Jan 2013 13:24
"You have good people around you notably your no nonsense mum. If you keep listening to her and brendan, the sky is the limit for you."
21st Jan 2013 13:43
"now its time to outsmart big defenders in everymatch because in EPL its only these you ve got. with liverpool it will not be occasional gud match. it will be all the time to perform well"
21st Jan 2013 13:54
"Live the dream Raheeeem!!!! YNWA!!!"
21st Jan 2013 14:05
"u havent been playing well of late, downing is doing good..."
21st Jan 2013 15:08
"Your already sounding professional, just keep that atude and desire and of course listening to those who have been there and you will be doing what you need to be at the top before you realise. YNWA "
21st Jan 2013 15:11
"RS, you are a LFC legend in the making! Just keep your composure when you have the ball, and despite your desire to score goals, if not well place please do pass to your colleagues who may be in better position to score. Remember its a team game and Assists are as valuable as the Goals!"
21st Jan 2013 15:27
"Sincerely you are right Raheem, you are becoming an improved and skillful player, foremost for necessity as you need to beat players more experienced and physical than you, think that your progress along the season are blatant, but many more improvements you have to make to become an asset of this club. I am sure you got the means to make it, after all you are just 18 years old! YNWA RS"
21st Jan 2013 15:41
"As does my good friend Buddha,Raheem. I have seen you have put a few in their place.I tried to educate Rushjob in the error of his ways,didn't even bother with GT-LFC.As usual I agree with EVERYTHING you say, I even agree with what you are thinking.Let them have it Buddha! LOOOOOOOOOOOL"
21st Jan 2013 16:09
"Raheem needs to learn from masters of trickery like Iniesta. Small and compact yet able to beat and out fox the biggest of defenders. You still have a lot to learn Raheem so keep your feet firmly planted to the ground and let experience grow on you. As they say walk before you run."
21st Jan 2013 16:45
"its only just starting raheem .go and play your good football for lfc and then look back at the great years you have had ynwa"
21st Jan 2013 17:22
"Keep up the hard work, love watching you play as you at least show up in the game and contribute to something. "
21st Jan 2013 17:38
"Dream the dream,raheem, be mean and make the team,stirling! ;) 34 appearences already is a few, maybe with Sturridge and others around, you can get a rest before the end of season push for top4 +Europa glory!"
21st Jan 2013 17:57
"Look at Maradona small but quick and strong with amazing skills and balance. Height is no object but get physically stonger and I like the fact you never bottle a tackle. YNWA "
21st Jan 2013 18:03
"Us fans belive in you,thats why i wrote your song m8,,still wonder if you like it ? "all we have to do is raheem,the dream""
21st Jan 2013 18:24
"Wise head on young shoulders! The futures bright, the future's RED! YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 18:42
"I like Sterling and he has made great strides this season, however, i do believe that he is very egotistical after watching Being Liverpool, his atude is rather poor compared to other youth players like Pacheco, Suso, Morgan etc. "
21st Jan 2013 19:48
"Sterling, you are doing great especially as the right winger. You have courage to fight. You are Liverpool's real."
21st Jan 2013 20:11
"LDW - I know a few people on here who use skill to un-smart opponents.LLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!1"
21st Jan 2013 20:16
"Sorry out-smart , un-smart. Its all the same. Back to the topic in hand carry on doing what you're doing. Glad you saw the Master Plan and looked away from the so called big guns - For that you get respect and an apology from me. Keep up the good work lad!"
21st Jan 2013 21:40
"Ok people need stop pretending to be regular posters on here its not only childish but its pathetic too. Its clearly an imposter who posted under the name 'LDW' as I have 2k13 on mine. Redahendo you cleary are the you were yesterday. I've always deemed you as a sad lonely man and you have just further enhance that view."
21st Jan 2013 21:42
"Wow the lengths people go to amuse themselves. Smh sad creatures."
21st Jan 2013 21:44
21st Jan 2013 22:05
"Raheem is one of my favorite players. It's been a long time since we had such a young boy playing for the first team on regular basis. Keep pushing boy! YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 22:35
"Lucas Da Warrior - Wrong on both accounts! 1. I was not the imposter last-night. 2 Sorry to break it to you like this but I am not a man, nor boy. Clue was in my old tag. "
22nd Jan 2013 3:15
"Look at that photo of Suarez punching Raheem in the ribs because he's black! reports The Sun. lol"