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compation is good for the club and hendo as improved
21st Jan 2013 9:15
21st Jan 2013 9:20
"well done Hendo ..and now the hard work begins..keep ur place in the 1st eleven lad"
21st Jan 2013 9:23
"compation is good for the club.hendo has improved"
21st Jan 2013 9:29
"jordon must start every week we must play 442 allen poor player not worth 15 million "
21st Jan 2013 9:39
"future no10 ??"
21st Jan 2013 10:05
"Its coming together nicely, Sturridge ands Suarez, Hendo, Lucas Stevie and even Downing.....All you neigh sayers, go join city, keep up the good work BR, and the team, YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 10:06
"20mill was too much to pay for this lad but we got screwed over a couple of times last season. we did want the players but their respective clubs bumped up the price. fsg have learnt a harsh lesson, it won't happen again. deep down jordan has felt the pressure of that but is at last starting to relax under obviously better tuition."
21st Jan 2013 10:09
"I am liking his aggressive determined approach to playing ball now, really happy for him that he has found out the style he needs to play to be a success and the lad has some engine. Keep it going Hendo! "
21st Jan 2013 10:15
"Good to see Jordan Henderson getting more confident,and taking his chances now.His passing has improved too, great ball to Stewart Downing for Sturridge's goal.Brendan Rodgers is doing a good job in getting more out of Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson."
21st Jan 2013 10:25
"goodnews more in and am sure we would be getting the level of consistency we need for a top four place"
21st Jan 2013 10:50
"It shows Jordan, some stellar performances of late. Forever Red."
21st Jan 2013 11:16
"Good for you lad and good for you for not shushing the supporters!"
21st Jan 2013 11:30
"Well done Hendo, your goal and overall perfomance were superb.Keep working hard and you shall be rewarded amensly"
21st Jan 2013 11:32
"Well played lad - Youre a credit to your shirt. You're even starting to turn the doubters opinions. Please continue to fight for every game as if it was your last."
21st Jan 2013 11:43
"Stop yelling after allen! Typical unfaithful fans. Some years back, same happened for Lucas; last year same for Hendo, this year its allen. LFC is my team and religion, whatever happens i will give my support and the manager and FSG are on the right track. YNWA"
21st Jan 2013 11:45
"redahendo, I definitely see you as almost as intelligent as me and noted that you almost realised the Buddha who appeared yesterday was better with his punctuations, as I write way to fast to care. But you should have known when my so called post on Sunday was the opposite of my Saturday thoughts. "
21st Jan 2013 11:49
"Then, not only does this idiot imposter pops up but we now have a new poster subtlety called, open your eyes, who mysteriously turns up and becomes super sleuth. Not very clever eh? It would be very funny if this person was not taking themselves far too seriously and admitted the ruse and got on with their life, cont..."
21st Jan 2013 11:53
"Anyway, back on topic. Hendo seems to be bucking up his ideas and I am glad he is admitting that competition has invigorated his new stance. He only has to look at the bench and see Allen, Suso and Jonjo to give him the required jolt to perform. As I said, we have to give credit when its due and he deserves it. "
21st Jan 2013 11:56
"thats what we need in evry position. no one is bigger than the club. "
21st Jan 2013 12:21
"Rushjob, man I knew you were emotional but to lose it this way is sad. When you resort to calling anyone on here a Chelski fan as if its the biggest insult you can come up with, you not only show how puerile you are but clearly you hold a deep seated problem with those who challenge you. cont.."
21st Jan 2013 12:22
"No matter what tosh you come up with, I would never call you a fan of another club because I would know it was me being an idiot. What was the crime that got you so rattled? An imposter says derogatory things about Hendo and you lose your mind, why? You come on here slating the owners and no one goes ape at you, cont"
21st Jan 2013 12:23
"You clearly feel the domain of criticising anyone is yours and if someone has a view that veers from yours then it's open season on them. You talk about supporting us and then you laughably attack our owners at will. Do you not see them as part of the family or are you now going to decide for us who is fair game for criticism, cont.."
21st Jan 2013 12:24
"Anyway, I have long got your number and realise where this all comes from. If I had read a post and then realised that I had wrongly attacked someone I would have the good grace to at least apologise and maybe go silent for a bit. I don't doubt that you are a decent person, you are just weak. "
21st Jan 2013 12:32
"we have ro recognise that all the good movements made by the trio upfront has eased the work for the midfield trio, Hendo of course is one of which has stood out for me and has to thank the job done by the strikers for his blatant improvements. His passing accuracy, shots, penetrations, killer passes and workrate are sincerely first class. Keep playing this way Hendo YNWA JH"
Billy B girl
21st Jan 2013 12:33
"Jordan - keep believing kid we are right with you YNWA"
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 12:37
"Redahendo 1132. Totally agree. Its a good job that Hendo and others dont listen to the 'stamford bridge experts' on here as both Hendo and Downing are ramming the drivel that such posters spout right back down their throats. Well done Jordan lad- you were superb on Saturday."
21st Jan 2013 12:41
"Rushjob, I of course agree with you, Oh great one. I am waiting for you to dare attack the owners on here and I will resort to calling you the worst name humanely imaginable, yes a Chelski fan! Even though I though our biggest hate was Manure??? But you are the boss...."
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 12:47
"Funny how the 'holier than thou' brigade have stopped labelling you a misfit now Jordan. Twas only a few weeks ago that the 'experts' were on here slatng you and KK's signings, whilst lauding a recent signing from Swansea as the bees kness. "
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 12:50
"KK obviously saw the talent in you that the purple nosed one at Man U saw- hence his tracking of you for a number of years- but what do they know hey! #experts."
21st Jan 2013 12:51
"Its funny how people claim I'm always up Buddha's ar53..when you get a handful of posters agreeing with each other all the time. I have my disagreements with Buddha..for example Allen..we have different issue on him..but I also see Buddha as the poster who I have similar views that's why 9/10 I will agree with him. Cont.."
21st Jan 2013 12:53
"I consider Buddha to be a forum-friend..and unless he goes out of line..I will continue to back him in his long as they fall in line with mine. If fellow posters can't hack that there is a thing called 'agreeing with one another' then they are on the wrong site. Cont.."
21st Jan 2013 12:56
"Its even more amazing that our self appointed God has tempered his unseemly and irrational outbursts against our owners since we won on Saturday. Its beyond amazing that this poster misses the irony of him admonishing our so called non performing owners whilst attacking others who attack non performing players, cont.."
21st Jan 2013 12:58
"Just because I agree with him does that make me gay? Christ its the 21st Century...and for those who do post such tosh are insensitive to LFC fans who are gay, and in the words of Rushjob 'should have a word with themselves'. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed about who they are. Numptys. "
21st Jan 2013 12:59
"Now, I am used to hypocrisy from fans, but to have the biggest moaner in recent times lecture anyone on who to criticise is not only incredulous but brazen in the extreme. I am more than happy to praise Hendo let's see if the aforementioned culprit does likewise when it becomes obvious that maybe our owners know what they are doing. "
21st Jan 2013 13:00
"Lately this site has been not about LFC or how well the team is doing..but there has been a civil war ast certain fans..tbh don't know why I'm giving certain posters the attention they don't deserve. Take your primary school insults elsewhere. "
21st Jan 2013 13:02
"LDW, my good friend, you pay far too much credence to nonsense. As you have eloquently stated this a forum of people who probably will never meet each other so its irrational to take things to heart what is said on here, something Rushjob should heed. I had a good chuckle when I came in and read what my impersonator wrote, cont..."
21st Jan 2013 13:06
"but was surprised at the pent up vitriol, lol. I think a free course of yoga is in order. What amused me the most was Victor Mildrew who has insufferably been attacking our owners - now has the temerity to besmirch others who moan, jeez you could not make this up, lol. "
21st Jan 2013 13:06
"LOOOL Buddha, I genuinely feel sorry for imposter has ruined your reputation on here you are very much now Public enemy #no1. Knowing you however you probably don't care. Forget the haters and keeping posting..your an important poster on this forum anyone who disgrees is just in denial lol."
21st Jan 2013 13:09
"LDW, a point of correction sir. Its not that my views matches your, it yours that matches mine. As you know I am the superior thinker and you are my able deputy, don't forget this and for old time sakes I forgive you this time. Did you enjoy the spanking we gave Norwich, lol. "
21st Jan 2013 13:09
"Buddha- Yep yep, Rushjob is a massive hypercrite. Btw I have to give a shout-out to Ani-Road..he IMO is what I call a true fan..unlike some of his fellow peers he is at least consistent with his posts. "
21st Jan 2013 13:13
"lool duhhh what was I thinking..sorry. Yes very much so..we were outstanding and I agree with what you said the other day..I believe Sturridge will be signing of this window..possibly the season. He's giving us..what we've been missing, someone to score those tap-ins and is in the right place at the right time."
21st Jan 2013 13:15
"I'm looking forward to seeing what Jordan Henderson will do against Arsenal and City..never has there been a more crucial time in his LFC career than our next two games we wont make or break his career at L4..but it will determine (for me anyways) what type of player we have. Up to you 5-yards..."
21st Jan 2013 13:21
"Oh and Buddha, regarding the imposter..they made 2 critical mistakes which was obvious. 1stly you never call me by my full account name and lastly they didn't have a 13 in their account name..and as you've said 13 is your lucky number."
21st Jan 2013 13:22
"LDW, you know me too well. I honestly don't give a damn what an invisible bunch of people think. I was amused at the outbursts though. I am taking GT-LFC to task on the Hendo thread, you should read it in archives page 3, lol. All those who popped up in my absence are cowards. I am back now so its game on. "
21st Jan 2013 13:28
"LDW, I have to give the imposter credit as he was able to rattle some idiots cages. The fact the idiots could not see the comments on Sunday was a complete divergence from my post on Saturday say everything about them. Anyway my detractors have been smoked out and now there will be hell to pay, lol. "
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 13:46
"LDW 1309. Hypercrite? How please?"
21st Jan 2013 13:55
"Rushjob 13:46, are you serious. You are the worst kind of hypocrite. You should read what centrecirle said about you on the original Hendo thread. He actually thought you were a leader and your unwarranted outbursts shocked him. You pretend to me moderate and a voice of reason, cont..."
21st Jan 2013 13:58
"but then recently you make some unusual tirades against our owners which had me scratching my head because it felt odd coming from you after telling all of us to back them (Hypocrisy) Then you have civil discussions with me apologising several times when you resorted to name calling which I gave you credit for, cont..."
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 14:00
"Sorry- I asked LDW. He does have his own voice?"
21st Jan 2013 14:00
"then yesterday an imposter poses as me and you let rip showing your deep held vitriol, completely dismantling every ethos you purported to uphold. You used to tell me off for moaning against the previous regime and you do exactly the same now. I have posts where you have attacked players and yet when others do you rail against them, cont.. "
21st Jan 2013 14:03
"Now that you know that I didn't write those posts, don't you think you should do the decent thing and apologise for your maniacal outbursts, since in the past you have been big enough to do so for less. I will always know that you are weak but at least I would give you small credit for admitting a mistake, cont.."
21st Jan 2013 14:05
"Rushjob, don't take this forum too seriously you have neither the temperament or the heart to withstand emotional debates. You clearly wear your heart on your sleeve and take all comments to heart as if they are all directed at you. If someone admonishes a player, remember its not personal to you. I hope this helps... "
21st Jan 2013 14:11
"Rushjob, why do you care if LDW tells you or if anyone else does. You have read what he said its loud and clear what he thinks and you should step back and think for a minute and maybe you can work it yourself. But you should read what centrecircle who clearly likes you, wrote, as it just might make you see sense and take a deep breath and help you refrain from being an ass. "
Rush job
21st Jan 2013 14:40
"LFC not CFC. X"
21st Jan 2013 15:15
"Rushjob, I know you. You will be feeling bad about getting it so wrong and attacking me needlessly, only stubbornness will stop you from doing what comes natural. Its ok no one will think less of you, we all make mistakes and it was an easy one to make. "
21st Jan 2013 15:47
"Well done Jordan. Take bow lad, YNWA."
SGM 73
23rd Jan 2013 11:52
"Buddha and your idiot mate LDW, shut up and start your own site like that bell end that everyone hates, Jamie Kanwar. You both make real Liverpool fans sick with your arrogant BS. You're both clueless and everyone knows it... "