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Requiring a hat-trick in the next game is not being "on the verge" of a record. When he's scored 2 already on Saturday, THEN he will be on the verge of it.
17th Jan 2013 15:29
17th Jan 2013 15:32
"Enjoy Luis Suarez while he's here. He'll leave in the summer. The new contract he signed in the summer was simply a way for the club to drive his price up. But don't worry, BR will have a ready made replacement flown in from Swansea."
17th Jan 2013 15:33
"Suarez - most exciting player of LFC in the past 10 years."
17th Jan 2013 15:43
"Well said MarkCofE. Sometimes I don't get where these articles are written! On earth or cloud nine!"
17th Jan 2013 15:45
"he is becoming one nincompoop i cant stand, why will he go to the press saying he dived against stoke and saying all sorts of nonsense all after Rodgers support and backing? This guy is beginning to annoy me, I see him as a JUDAS. what he said will definitely attract a ban, glad Borini and sturridge are now fit incase."
17th Jan 2013 15:50
"tommyt2, If he'll be going in the summer fine, so be it, he is not God, he is not the only good player who has left us, he always tries to cause problems, stabbing his managers in the back, He should do what every he pleases to do with his life, I care less, why does he always get other managers and fans slate our club, he is just the word CONUNDRUM."
17th Jan 2013 16:05
"Surely this is not the biggest story of the day. Neither is it I.Ayre blathering. I am disgusted that one of our players has admitted he is nothing more than a cheat. Does this man have any shame ? Does he know the history behind the shirt he wears? I am disgusted with him , I could not care less if I never see him in our famous shirt again. We are Liverpool , we do not and should not cheat."
Stan Still
17th Jan 2013 16:12
"BelfastWill your wish will come true Suarez will leave Liverpool in the summer. FSG will get a very large transfer fee for him. Then they will spend half of that transfer fee on a replacement striker and pocket the rest for themselves. FSG are in LFC for profit and nothing else no matter what they say to the media or the loyal fans. "
17th Jan 2013 16:22
"this game is not a gimme by any stretch. norwich score goals away from home and they park the bus in defence. earl goal and relentless pressure the only way to go on sat. its being shown live on Setanta Ireland."
17th Jan 2013 16:26
"Red to the core: spot on, FSG are not in this for the love of LFc or even for the love of football.they were advised by David Dein on how to do it the Arsenal way- make money on developing players and play nice football but win f##k all."
17th Jan 2013 16:29
"the media blow everything suarez says and does out of all proportion after the hand shake BS this is all we need lfc are being made to luck clowns. No one person is bigger than this club the pr people,ayre and rodgers need to sort it out and make sure no more BS comes out of the club from players "
17th Jan 2013 16:31
"Think the record Suarez is on the verge of is a record fine from BR for his media comments! Agree with Redtothecores comments. SOS DIC!!!"
17th Jan 2013 16:32
"if they sell him in the summer then i will want a refund on next season"
17th Jan 2013 16:43
"If the Fergie friendly FA hears about the stupid intervie Suarez gave last night, he might not even be playing for a couple of games. Just cant understand why most of the players always have to give interviews all week and than come game day they hide themselves behid the ball or goalposts"
Papa Syed
17th Jan 2013 16:53
"Looks like an Artful Dodger is in LFC! Should leave after tarnishing my beloved football club. Better learn to shut up!"
17th Jan 2013 16:55
"this is a potential banana-skin, but it's a must-win game so we have to keep them quiet from the start and prevent that the game comes difficult! A handful of goals and a cleansheet would be a dream for me, but at the end of the day it matters only the three points! Best of luck for the clash lads, in particular Luis and Dan, we expect a cracking performance! YNWA"
17th Jan 2013 17:20
"look Luis made a mistake, he owned up to diving, I couldn't give a toss, every player in history has cheated, keepers fouling at corners and pretending they were fouled, players holding their faces or heads pretending they got a smack,calling for a goal kick when it's a corner, all the pushing and pulling at corners."
17th Jan 2013 17:24
"I do not think Luis is an embarrassment to our club,I think he's a hero, and we should do everything to keep him, but we wont, money talks. The great Robbie Fowler went through similar negative stuff in his career because he was the best striker in the league and played for us, what a hero he was AND STILL IS, no Liverpool fans wanted rid of him . "
17th Jan 2013 17:26
"I'd punt for a DS hat trick instead IF he starts!!"
whacko jacko
17th Jan 2013 17:31
"Yes enjoy while he,s here bcos might not be for too much longer after this STUPID confession . Possibly looks like he,s fed up wants out n we r in transfer window n perhaps tapped up. For all the defence n love we show in a world class player as we all did with Torres i really hope i,m wrong. A hat trick again on sat will help convince me"
Dede 7
17th Jan 2013 17:48
"Good luck kops. YNWA."
17th Jan 2013 18:29
"3 points is far more important than one player scoring 3 goals. 1-0 with an Aggeredder will do me."
Liverpool NY
17th Jan 2013 18:50
"just win the game Speaking on hat-trick may leave us with pain losing this game"
17th Jan 2013 18:52
"Good old Luis go get em ....."
17th Jan 2013 19:02
"If they try too hard with Suarez, others will get space! I'd even consider getting Luis to go wide and drag defenders around if they're on him, like gravy on chips."
17th Jan 2013 19:16
"all this having a go at Luis is tantamount to racism, because he is not english, when phil neville took a dive in the derby everyone from our players to his manager to them muppets on match of the day and including himself laughed and he said he shouldn't have done it, all forgotten about because he is english"
17th Jan 2013 19:17
"Let's hope we get the 3 points first.."
17th Jan 2013 19:20
"Rotchie - You dont see Phil Neville doing things like that week in - week out.LS has got to learn that our club has an image to uphold. 1 player tarnishing that image should he dealt with in the correct way. He's getting better but he's far from squeaky clean."
17th Jan 2013 19:21
"Let's hope we get the 3 points first.."
17th Jan 2013 19:30
"redahendo. your right he's far from squeaky clean, but what I'm trying to get across is the man can't pick his nose and he's pulled up for it,other players don't, our hero Robbie Fowler showed his back side and pretended to snort coke on the pitch and he is still our hero, and by the way if you look at it he doesn't cheat week in week out. cont.."
17th Jan 2013 19:36
"cont.. every player cheats, but everyone likes to look at the negative stuff about him, why not talk about him being 2nd leading goal scorer in the league or one of the best players in Europe."
17th Jan 2013 19:48
"MarkCofE...he's scored 2 hat-tricks against the Canaries consecutively so netting another hat-trick would put him in the record books. He is on the VERGE of setting record"
17th Jan 2013 20:01
"Rotchie - fair point. BR's done the right thing about saying he's not happy though - Now Luis has to take note and do what his gaffer says. I just feel so embarrassed by his antics but this particular news about him admitting it is probably getting blown up out of proportion like you say."
17th Jan 2013 20:05
"that wl nt happen"
Top 4 for sure
17th Jan 2013 20:51
"Why is everyone having a go at suarez. When he handballed vs mansfield they all said he should own up to his mistake. Now that he has he is getting tortured for doing so."
17th Jan 2013 20:58
"rotchie- you are absolutely right. The vast majority of players do things that are not allowed (even other LFC players). He has done it but not week in week out. Besides if anything the club should have punished him when he actually took the dive (it was evident it was one) and not when he accepted making a mistake (that is what he actually did in the interview by the way)"
17th Jan 2013 21:04
"Luis should not be giving ammunition to his critics and I must say I was disappointed. Please learn from this mistake (if that is what it was) or was it misinterpreted. BR's response was sensible. Come on Luis, continue to do your talking on the pitch YNWA"
17th Jan 2013 21:14
"Oh the double standards... if Luis accepts a mistake he is a cheat. But I am sure that if Phil Neville would have done the same everybody would be saying that was the right thing to do, blah, blah. Having said that I totally agree he SHOULD NOT give ammunition to his critics and he should stay away from the press. To be dissapointed at him for this is just too much I think..."
Top 4 for sure
17th Jan 2013 21:25
"Yosired i totally agree with you. Had it been phil neville owning up to a dive the media would be singing his praises about how honest and truthful he is."
17th Jan 2013 21:41
"there are alot of fans who like to jump on the bandwagon. every player who fouls or handballs or touches the ball last when decision goes other way are all breaking the rules so could be called cheats. luis is from another culture so who are we to judge him. carry on as you are luis. if you got us CL they wouldn't be jumping on your case. YNWA luis"
17th Jan 2013 21:53
"rotchie 17.24 totally agree. see the usual negative posters are out in force. they must have sad never see a good positive comment from belfastwill, benbollix, brucelee33 etc. try supporting your team and players or are you the perfect trio??? YNWA"
17th Jan 2013 22:03
"I just hope that LFC and BR are punishing Luis for not being careful when speaking to the press and not because of diving against Stoke (which I think it was fairly evident at the time) or for accepting he made a mistake in that game... otherwise I would be disappointed at LFC for playing the media´s game and going for the politically correct solution "
17th Jan 2013 23:04
"Why is the Suarez thing about him admitting diving such a big deal, I think everyone knew that was a dive against stoke, it was such a blatant dive, "
17th Jan 2013 23:16
17th Jan 2013 23:48
"Lois Suarez is the ONLY world class player in the squad beside Stevie. He is the ONLy good legacy "King" Kenny left us. S.G. has perhaps 3 more seasons in him, if Suarez leaves and Stevie retires we are left with total mediocrity. Be grateful for what we have."
18th Jan 2013 0:22
"BR, after your ill-timed, public condemnation of Suarez, you'd better be ready to find a replacement in Summer. I don't at all condone what Suarez said but then the matter could have better been dealt internally. And let's not fool ourselves into thinking Sturridge can replace Suarez. Suarez is too good a player and we are lucky to have him. End of"
18th Jan 2013 0:43
"suarez 3-0 at ht then park the bus in 2nd"
Stan Still
18th Jan 2013 2:40
"Long gone are the days when we kept things behind locked doors. Brendan does love the media doesn't he. Given the chance he'd talk to them all day long. He could learn a thing or two from the mangement skills of Bob Paisley. The best manager the UK has ever seen. I miss you Bob. Wish we could find another like you mate. Alas it will never happen. "
18th Jan 2013 2:43
"if you want a recored to beat, lets win 12-0 or more, it beats the result against stromgodset back in the 70`s on a european night, now that i`d like to see happen."
18th Jan 2013 8:28
"Suarez is a legend. Unlike that hypocrite Pontius Pilatus imitator manager we have. What a disgrace to slam the guy in public for being honest. We needed Mourinho and we got his apprentice."
18th Jan 2013 9:02
"Even though Suarez is an utter fantastic footballer, the crap of this article is in ultimate competition of what a journalist in Daily Mail would write. Wait for the match result and scoreline before making the headlines and history breaking exclamations! You stupid people. The only thing that comes out of this is disappointment when your "prophecy" isn't fulfilled."