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I agree with you full Mike and I'm am certain that Sturridge will also score on his anfield debut against Norwich and Suarez will get his normal hatrik against the Canaries.I predict a 4-0 rout
17th Jan 2013 8:35
17th Jan 2013 8:36
"YNWA boys! Suarez and Sturridge will set the PL on fire in no time...stay positive and go on a good winning run...we may yet make it to the top four come May this year!"
17th Jan 2013 8:47
17th Jan 2013 8:48
"Great signing & will hopefully score loads of goals for us but I wish that people from the club would stop talking about Daniel and start talking about possible other signings that are also desperately needed!"
17th Jan 2013 8:56
"Sturridge is what we needed but we still should get another 2 strikers ! AS Borini is crap . And if we want to compete for the le then we should have 4 top strikers! Like Man.U and Man.City have..... Y.N.W.A "
17th Jan 2013 9:06
"I thought what we needed was a goal poacher....."
17th Jan 2013 9:16
"He Is quality!!!!!!!!!YNWA"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
17th Jan 2013 9:23
"Sneijder ????????????? Ok we have sturridge now,great.... We need someone of sneijder's capabilities.. What's this about Suarez owning up, he needs to just keep quite, the media love him grrrr.. "
17th Jan 2013 9:42
"we need 3 world class players to get top 4 midfield iker munuim william isco forwards higuim lorente soldado benezema we get any 3 of these players we will get top 4 allen downing not lfc players we have young players coming through but will take time."
17th Jan 2013 9:49
"So far Sturridge has made quite a few people go very quiet. Including myself. Well done to him."
17th Jan 2013 9:56
"Agreed exactly the player we needed but we also need players who can link the play between midfield and attack and deliver the necessary crosses. Allen, Downing and Shelvey are not good enough. Also worried about Sterling, hopefully he is not a one trick pony who has been found out already by Premiership defences and instead he just needs a rest."
17th Jan 2013 10:53
"Sturidge will be a good forward when he & suarez start playin regular we need someone like snejder so gerrard can play is natural game like he was last season gerrard is doing to many jobs although allen is not up to the standard he showed at swansea he should get is form back with more work in the mean time put hendo in instead and give him a run in the team"
17th Jan 2013 10:55
"Norwich will lucky if they keep the score down to 4-0 sturigde to score a hat rick"
17th Jan 2013 11:40
"where is assaidi?..."
17th Jan 2013 11:54
"Well said Mike! Even if I am not the greatest fan of Sturridge I can agree that he is what "we needed". And Sturridge is already paying of! Now, I would like to hear from Mike what else do "we need". What type of player?"
17th Jan 2013 11:55
"Poor John Ruddy must be having Suarez nightmares. Luis has his number and this Saturday will be no different."
17th Jan 2013 12:03
"I like Mike, talks sense, hope they have him on more"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 12:13
"Great interview from someone who works with the team 24/7 & therefore knows what they're talking about. "It's a very welcoming club, you're made very welcome early on so it's not difficult to settle in." - great quote, shame many LFC fans couldn't extend the same courtesy before he signed. Love hearing about your talent Daniel - demolish the 2nd half of the PL. YNWA."
17th Jan 2013 12:27
"agree with most of what Mike said! I think that Dan Sturridge is what we needed, the ideal partner for Luisito, but in despite of the fact this duo started yet to combine well, I am sure the things will go even better with the time goes by and finishing a better understanding! think that against Norwich that pairing will enjoy good times! YNWA DS & LS"
17th Jan 2013 12:45
"Has Mike been smoking crystal meth ?? Sturridge is pants. Can't get a place at Man City or Chelsea, so we accept him and bang on like he's gods gift to football.If he can't get into the tam at Chelsea or City, why does anyone think he's going to make it here ??"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 12:49
"stevelondon: go & support City or Chelsea then, although it sounds like you already do because you certainly don't support LFC. Some of the most infantile comments I've ever read posted on here & that's saying something."
17th Jan 2013 12:50
"Sneider would be a top signing. Lots of good PR too. May even attract other top players."
17th Jan 2013 12:55
"Champions of Europe, What are you on about ? If a player has failed at two other top clubs in the premiership what on earth makes you think he's suddenly going to be a top player. What do you think you're going to get for £12 mil ??"
17th Jan 2013 12:57
"stevelondon - would that be the Chelsea area of London? How can anybody say a player who is not 100% fit and has scored 2 goals in two half games is pants. It may be early doors yet, but hard to see how much more Sturridge is supposed to do in such a short time at the club. "
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 12:59
"How has he failed at the other 2 clubs, neither of them played him because of other strikers they had at their disposal - DS is in his early 20s & showed bags of talent when playing for Bolton in the PL (8 goals in 10 games). He's played 2 for us & scored in both & against ManPuke, & both games he had about 20 mins. Try supporting him first & give him a chance, is that too much to ask a fan?"
17th Jan 2013 13:01
"As for saying he was a flop at City and Chelsea - what a load of tosh that is. Both those clubs have a rep for buying up the best young talent to sit on their bench just so other clubs can't get them and the fact that Sturridge didn't get a fair rap at either club is not a reflection of how he will play as a Red."
17th Jan 2013 13:02
"Vixter, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Played for Chelsea : failed. Played for Man City : failed. He score agains't Mansfield. I could of scored against mansfield. Did you see how many chances he missed against Mansfield !! Fitness has nothing to do with finding the target..."
17th Jan 2013 13:03
"stevelondon He has scored in his first two games and he is not even fit or played with the other players much to get an understanding.One of the goals was against manure before yuo start saying he scored against nobodies. You need to support the players and LFC otherwise Chelski or City are your options!!!"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:04
"VixterK1J: the voice of reason, thank you, shame others, even after DS's performances so far, still ostracise him for scoring in both his games so far."
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:06
"LFC1958: I'm pleased the sensible brigade have broken out, thank you."
17th Jan 2013 13:09
"Guys, this is not a witch hunt against sturridge. My point is that Liverpool are the most successful club in England, fact. One of the biggest in the world, fact. And we have two world class players, possibly three. This is not good enough and signing sturridge is just reinforcing my statement."
17th Jan 2013 13:10
"YNWA just keep bangin them in "
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:14
"stevelondon: C'mon, granted LFC are the most decorated club in Europe, but it was a long time ago now. The foundations of my beloved club have crumbled over the past decade & as a result, we are where we are. This wont stop me supporting the club, the manager or the new signings. When did LFC fans become so fickle that the didn't even welcome a new signing, unheard of..."
17th Jan 2013 13:16
"Liverpool FC should be targeting world class players as well as bringing through young talent. Allen, Borini and Sturridge are not top class footballers. Please remember we are Liverpool FC and settling for second best is not in our make up. Why shouldn't we be going for the best players in the world ??"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:19
"stevelondon: The lads only played twice for us yet & you're writing him off as a nobody (even hough he's scored twice). How does signing DS reinforce your statement, it just shows you're not being honestly realistic, we will get to the pinnacle again, but the supporters need to support the development."
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:22
"stevelondon: You ask 'Why shouldn't we be going for the best players in the world?' Of cousre we should, but ask yourself this, do they want to come here unless its for a bumper payout, that's not the LFC way (see Shankly for that answer)."
17th Jan 2013 13:22
"past failures does not mean they are a complete failure, they are just at thr wrong club, does anyone remember a certain Thierry Henry, widely regarded as one of the best players ever to grace the premier league, he failed at Juve before enduring a rubbsih start at Arsenal.Look how that turned out. DS could be as important albeit in a different way"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:25
"stevelondon: Would you rather hear BR or Ian Ayre stating to the world that he's asked some world class players to join LFC, but all turned him down citing we are not a big enough club & we don't pay enough. At least give the new signings a season & if they don't work out I'll join you in berating them."
17th Jan 2013 13:25
"ChampionsofEurope, I do support the team and the manager. However, we are NOT signing top players, FACT. Liverpool fans need some exciting news, a player to get us all buzzing, a player that would get the worlds media buzzing !! Get Liverpool FC back to where we should be....."
17th Jan 2013 13:27
"we only play well against small teams and never composed against the big teams cos we can't pass the ball under pressure, you guys need to train with much more speed and also try to reduce back passing too, and please start Henderson or shelvy ahead of Allen BR. "
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:39
"stevelondon: totally agree we need to get team buzzing again with a 'top' signing, but how do you propose we do this; I don't see any of them kicking our door down to play for us; why would they leave a CL team to play for us & at what cost. How can we say at this early stage that DS wont be a top signing? Look at Hyypia/Alonso/Molby/Aldridge/Barnes/Houghton/Johnston/McMahon/Walsh/etc."
17th Jan 2013 13:47
"COFE, my point is that we're not going to be a world class team unless we buy some world class players. I'm all for bringing young players through but this has to be balanced with buying at least two more world class players. Sneijder would be a great start..."
17th Jan 2013 13:50
"CofE, you're quite right, top players are not going to bang our door down. We'll have to grab the bull by the horns and go and convince them to come to Liverpool and help make us the best team in Europe again. The Liverpool revolution needs to start now...."
17th Jan 2013 13:51
"Finally, you get £30 mil for qualifying for the champiosn league. Let's go and get Sneijder and one other top class player now !! let's go for that forth spot and £30 million. Sneijedr and one other would pay for themselves if we make it !!!"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 13:53
"stevelondon: I'm in total agreement with you, we're not going to be a world class team unless we buy some world class players, but do you think WCPs will come to LFC, that's all I'm asking? I think it's unlikely, but you seem to think its possible, I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree there, sadly, I just don't think we have that draw any more."
17th Jan 2013 13:58
"cofe, show them the anfield trophy cabinet, tell them they're going to play for the most successful club in Europe and pay them the going rate for a world class player. £30 mil for fourth spot !! speculate to aculate....."
17th Jan 2013 14:00
"I did type "aculate" before I get slaughtered !!"
17th Jan 2013 14:03
"We need to drop Allen and bring in a top quality World class, proven experienced midfielder."
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 14:04
"stevelondon: I'd expect a WCP already knows LFC are the most successful club in Europe & that they know what trophies we've won, but it was nearly 20 years ago now, they'll also know that. I hope you're right that we have that draw, but the salaries & transfer fees for these WCPs are out of our reach as there's no guarentee that a top4 place will come. I like your hope mate."
17th Jan 2013 14:05
"Ha ha, this is ridiculous. Loks like LFC'S server doesn't like the phrase "speculate to A C C U M U L A T E""
17th Jan 2013 14:11
"COFE, 20 years ago ??? Istanbul 2005 ?? Athens 2007 ?? Only five years ago mate...."
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 14:12
"stevelondon: try also the words: am.ongst, t.itle, compet.itive, suc.b, etc, it's hilarious really."
17th Jan 2013 14:12
"The way we are going to get a sustainable world beating team is if players grow up together playing their hearts out for LFC and not for the dollars. Even Barca took time to get to where they are now.We have 5 to 6 really experienced players two of whom are world class. The youngters are learning from one of the best.CONTD"
17th Jan 2013 14:13
"Not sure if he's the out-and-out striker we need, but his working with Suarez and 2 goals already show he's doing very well-Keep going!! Norwich desparate to mark Luis out of the game leads to 2 for Sturridge and one for Borini 3-0!"
Champions Of Europe
17th Jan 2013 14:13
"stevelondon: Sorry, I was more refering to PL ti.tles."
17th Jan 2013 14:15
"A year or two and our 19 to 23 year olds will be seasoned campaigners good enough to take on all comers. Patience is required building Team that will last for years and are not one hit wonders.30Ml from the Champions League is not what we should be looking at. We want all the trophies!! "
17th Jan 2013 14:17
"The very top world-class strikers aren't going to run to join a club without CL football for a couple of years.Rafa bought in Alonso and Garcia and few people really knew how good they'd be.Torres came on the back of our CL finals. Win the Europa league/get 4th place we could get some quality players."
17th Jan 2013 14:28
"Dan is a cracking player and he is gonna get better a poacher we needed a poacher we got; Stevelondon your not an lfc fan youve done nothing but riddicule the lad since he signed go watch the chelsea rent boys thats all your good enough for"
17th Jan 2013 14:44
"Grinder, calm down dear. Too much caffine mate. "Dan is a cracking player", "Dan" is he your best mate or something ?? If he was that cracking, wonder why he's not made it at any other club in the premier league ??"
17th Jan 2013 14:48
"on sky news.. Galatasary have offered £7 mil for Sneijder and £5 mil in wages over three years. That's £12 mill. Hmmmm. Sneijder or Sturridge !!! Wake up LFC ...... Inter have accpetd offer bu Sneijder not keen on move. HELLO !!!!!!!!"
17th Jan 2013 14:57
"It's been confimed again that Inter have accepted a bid of 7 million euros for Sneijder. Brendon where are you ?? Stop hanging around the youth club trying to find next Fowler and get the cheque book out. 12 million including wages for 3 years !! It's a snip !!"
17th Jan 2013 14:57
"I still feel that we need another very good signing before the January window closes!"
17th Jan 2013 14:57
"Completely off the topic but I hate the fact that the site don't bother putting both negative as well as positive news about the club. I'm sure they will conveniently miss out the news that BR is unhappy at the fact that Suarez has now confessed to diving in the Stoke game. I support Liverpool through the good and bad! "
17th Jan 2013 15:10
"What partnership? Luis couldnt keep his mouth shut and now could face a five match ban for misconduct. There goes the season. Cant blame him though, he needed to vent and hes prob ready to quit crappy old england."
17th Jan 2013 15:48
"Oh good second place here we come......."