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You must login to post comments. are playing good..keep it that way..u shall continue rising
16th Jan 2013 9:07
16th Jan 2013 9:07
"Good list hendo"
16th Jan 2013 9:22
"Joe Allen?"
16th Jan 2013 11:19
"lol Joe allen comment. Hendo's doing better than him and lucas at the moment and if hendo reaches half Gerrard's level which I doubt(but hope i'm proven wrong), will have Gr8 midfield in futre "
SGM 73
16th Jan 2013 12:01
"The way he's been treated by some Liverpool fans, I'm surprised he wants to stay here. It always seems to be the ones who shout loudest, but know the least that have a go at him. He's England u21 captain and a red man, so he should be shown more respect. "
16th Jan 2013 12:15
"You rock Hendo la!!"
16th Jan 2013 12:36
"top lad hendo, there is room to improve but you only have to look at how much muscle hendo has put on since last season to see the effort in the gym and on the training field. def one of our best mid this last couple of months and getting better every game."
16th Jan 2013 16:46
"you guys are all liars. you all know that this kid is not good enough to be a LFC player yet you are singing his song. he should move to the reserve team and wait for the future. we need a world class player to take us to CL"
17th Jan 2013 12:17
"work hard hendo"