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i no i cant wait! gone be unstoppable i hope. Book my tickets against Swansea cannot wait :D :D YNWA
16th Jan 2013 8:37
16th Jan 2013 8:41
"Agreed.But we need more signings!Fsg get the money out!!!"
16th Jan 2013 8:44
"Great idea! This is what I have just wrote in a post here minutes ago and I can imagine that Luis and Daniel will do marvels up-front but in a 4-4-2 formation with full support of the midfield behind them."
16th Jan 2013 8:49
"Think we should play our strongest 11 for the next 3 games and then the youngsters against city as SG, Saurez, Agger and Skrtel will need a deserved rest- not that I want us to throw the city game to give them every chance of stopping manure making it 20! Anyone else heard the rumour that SG might go on loan to Real for rest of the season with Alonso coming the other way...."
16th Jan 2013 8:59
"The only formation which has the capacity of transformation into 2-4-4 in attacking mode. And with midfielders being modern players with all-rounder abilities,get rid of the pure attacking or defensive or holding midfield roles ..."
16th Jan 2013 9:03
"you did just considerations Didi and you find me agree with you when you say Luis and Dan will electrify the crowd as Norwich will come on to Anfield and I reckon United globally deserved the win last day, but on one thing I am not agree with you: we needed a more attack-minded team in the first half and probably had Sturridge been on we would have something from the game at the end!"
16th Jan 2013 9:05
"These separate roles prevent the team from operating at full strength when having to rely on particular midfielder to do a particular job. Then apply the zoning system. For me, the midfield is the pivotal line in the team that connects and supports the other two lines. I believe it is where it hurts in LFC. BR, stop getting stubborn with your 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation. "
16th Jan 2013 9:12
"the partnership looks very promising alright.i however think we still need 1 extra free-scoring attacking player,then we can fire in all cylinders.i'm not very convinced by Borini,or maybe we need to play him in the middle?he doesn't add much value on the sides"
16th Jan 2013 9:12
"Very excited indeed. Hope they both start with Gerrard playing just behind. "
16th Jan 2013 9:20
"Suarez to hit a 3rd hat-trick v Norwich"
16th Jan 2013 9:30
"id have suarez,sturridge borrine gerrad hendo luc in mid "
16th Jan 2013 9:47
"sikhred - Who would you have up front then? :D "
16th Jan 2013 10:21
"There are other formations other than 4-4-2, when there's two forwards on the pitch! + I expect BR will use them."
16th Jan 2013 11:08
"I Agree With Other Kops, Just Wanna Appeal To The Boss, Mr Rodgers To Atleast Consinder Jojo Shalvey. This Is Because He Gives More Balls To Strikers Than Any Midfilder. If I Were Rodgers; I Could Start Jojo Than Allen. We Have No Time Left On Our Side Than To Score More Goals To Win The Remaining Games'"
16th Jan 2013 11:17
"Theyre gonna be FANTASTIC together the way they linked up was great. But we NEED sneijder to help gerrard get these two some service he cant do it alone. Come on FSG sell carrol hendo shelvy downing get mertens and tello in summer but get SNEIJDER NOW!!!!"
16th Jan 2013 14:04
"i can't wait to see if the TRIO of suarez, sturridge and borini get a chance to play together. as well as sterling has done this season, i don't think he is such a key player that he has to start every game. plus with sahin gone, unless we sign anothe midfielder, suso can play in the midfield 3 insetad of front 3, allowing more room for the actual forwards."
16th Jan 2013 14:26
"Start the match with Suarez, Sturridge and Borini up front. Sterling needs to become a late sub to bring pace later in games when defenders are tired and his lack of size and strength won't be such an issue for him. Start midfielders who will send balls forward!"
16th Jan 2013 14:27
"Start the match with Suarez, Sturridge and Borini up front. Sterling needs to become a late sub to bring pace later in games when defenders are tired and his lack of size and strength won't be such an issue for him. Start midfielders who will send balls forward!"
16th Jan 2013 14:44
"i wouldnt get your hopes up to high people, unless Rodgers ghanges his formation then 1 of these players will be made to play out wide where they wont be so effective. and the fact that no one at Liverpool is showing any interest in signing a world class player like Sneijder for less than 3 of the players he has signed already just shows a real lack of ambition by the club.. "
Always A Red
16th Jan 2013 14:46
""drno" Suarez has scored his hat-tricks at Carrow Rd, not at Anfield. DS to score hat-trick at Anfield this wkend! i think they can be exciting and Shelvey put a great through ball to DS so he should start ahead of Joe!"
16th Jan 2013 15:25
"Mr. Liverpool (SG) must also rediscover his long range shots at least 2 or 3 per match!"
16th Jan 2013 16:23
"Hope to see Luis and Daniel start on Saturday, but they are going to need support from the rest of the team. Feel that Joe Allen and Raheem Sterling need to sit out a game or two, they both looked a bit jaded. Might be worth giving Pacheco a seat on the bench (depending on whether he plays on Friday)ynwa"
16th Jan 2013 17:10
"We are also hoping that Borini will prove us wrong for discarding him as 11 million waste "
16th Jan 2013 20:45
"Sturridge,Suarez,Sterling and Shelvey = the four 'S'!"
16th Jan 2013 22:56
"Some of us want alonso back more than anyone,, but not at the cost of a loan on sg"