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We will beat Norwich no problem . B.R play Suarez and Sturridge together up front let them gel more. We should go and get Sneijder as we need a goal scoring midfielder and also go and get Dzeko as hes not happy at Man City. Because we also need atleast 3 decent strikers ! YNWA
17th Jan 2013 16:40
17th Jan 2013 17:17
"Stats are heavily odd on our behalf, so it's useless make other considerations. There are 4-5 goals of difference between us and Norwich, of course had the game be played on the paper, basing only on the stats."
17th Jan 2013 17:23
"LS please go and score another hat trick! and cut down the divings please :-)"
17th Jan 2013 19:33
"Scouse what if we add Cavani? Falcao too, or even Messi, Cristiano, Zlatan and Iniesta combined? When you suggest these players, do you want to bankroll their wages till their contract expires?"