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seems to read the game well and can pick a pass if only at a lower level but good luck veggard
14th Jan 2013 19:45
14th Jan 2013 19:46
"Never heard of him,"
14th Jan 2013 19:47
14th Jan 2013 19:52
"never heard of him."
14th Jan 2013 20:23
"If you have never heard of him that means potential for less money. And its smart to come and train with liverpool. Brendan will see what kind of person, player he is. "
14th Jan 2013 20:25
"FSG need to find some bottle..... Well done BR loan out an international central defender & bring in an unproven player on trial. Trial before you buy.... Time to get some decent scouts on board!"
14th Jan 2013 20:51
"So Moyes watched him twice and wasnt interested. And Fulham want him. Shows were we really are on the transfer front these days."
14th Jan 2013 21:00
"sadly this is what we are linked with this days!"
red till i die
14th Jan 2013 21:11
"mid table manager mid table team mid table players comin what is goin on"
14th Jan 2013 21:13
"Don't know much about him so can only hope he does well. Over 6ft tall and could learn a thing or two from Daniel Agger. Wish him all the best. "
14th Jan 2013 21:14
"There you go, thats the extent of our vision for the future. No commitment to making an immediate and significant improvement to the team, scared of spending some big money on recognised quality, instead only looking at hand-me-downs on the cheap."
14th Jan 2013 21:17
"Why do we always have to spend big for you guys? So many great players have come from obscurity. Sami Hyppia to name but one. Fingers crossed for the trial and the lad."
14th Jan 2013 21:21
"Just watch. Spurs will buy Sneijder and he will win them top 4 this year....just like Van der VAART! Thought our policy was youth and players WHO CAN SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVE OUR TEAM. I dont see many of those being discussed and I dont think we ever will. Mid-table here we come! Sorry!"
14th Jan 2013 21:22
"seems confident in his own abilities. fair play if he wants to test himself in prem. worth a look and poss cover left side. in brendan i trust YNWA"
14th Jan 2013 21:47
"Im from Norway, Vegard is problably the best centerback after Brede Hangeland. Hes good to have in the box both offensive or defensive Set pieces. He reads the game well but he might lack some pace. Depends on the price but i think he can be a good signing."
14th Jan 2013 22:12
"Comfortable with the ball at his feet and can pick a pass... Prob could do a job at cb or dm. I like what i've seen, hope the trial goes well. "
14th Jan 2013 23:25
"Our defence is fragile at the I think getting another defender is the right move. Best of luck Vegard Forren...hope you make the grade!"
15th Jan 2013 6:51
"Why loan out Coates and bring in another central defender. He was player of the copa america.I thought BR was focusing on youth as Coates is still 22. Seems like BR is wasting his time here. Can't loan out good players and bring in scrap like Joe Allen. 15m waste of money. Could have got Gaston Ramirez for that price. At this rate, BR need another 20 years to win the premiership. "
15th Jan 2013 12:00
"whats happen to are club this player as turned us down for sothampton!!"
15th Jan 2013 12:22
"before jumping the gun lets assess the situation. he's training with the squad at Melwood, if there are any flaws to his game SURELY he will be found out, if good enough or not. must admit I don't like the lack of pace bit?"
15th Jan 2013 14:24
"omg a nobody has chose southamton over us is lfc still tradeing or gone bust"