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What a tense game guys, well played! Pacheco once again proved he has a chance to play in the first team & Ibe schooled almost half of the Saints team like a boss :D Sama a hero in defence, saved the day! So much effort and passion, senior players should learn that from you. YNWA guys!!
14th Jan 2013 15:54
14th Jan 2013 15:55
"Only negative - 2 injuries for Brad Smith and Flanno, hope lads will be ok, best recovery for 'em!"
14th Jan 2013 15:59
"A well deserved win, we just need to make our superiority tell when we are so dominant and score more goals. We may not be able to compete financialy with the likes of Man.City and Chelsea but we have a fantastic academy with some real stars in the making. ynwa"
14th Jan 2013 16:00
"not the most entertaining to watch but job done. well done lads!"
14th Jan 2013 16:06
"What does pacheco have to do to get on the bench?"
14th Jan 2013 16:08
"LusettiGerrard - Pacheco worked his socks off to get the goal, what a desire. I will cry like a baby if he will leave :("
14th Jan 2013 16:14
"what a good win young lads! After a first half under par and despite difficult wheather conditions we played an excellent second half! Well played to all our defence, Dani Pacheco who scored a formidable goal, Teixeira and Ibe! Congrats to Mr Inglethorpe for the good reset made in the interval! So pleased for a so talented Academy. Keep going so U21s Reds! YNWA"
14th Jan 2013 16:17
"Well played and a deserved win though we wasted a few chances to get more goals! The whole squad is good enough to make into the 1st team. Best wishes to Flanagan and Brad Smith who were both down with knee injuries! Get Well soon! YNWA!"
14th Jan 2013 16:27
"Brad Smith had a superb game again - he will be one great player for us if he keeps this going. Get fit soon young man - well done. Team looks very useful too - loads of flair. Excellent."
14th Jan 2013 16:47
"What does this guy have to do to get into the 1st team?"
14th Jan 2013 16:53
"YNWA guys! Would love to see Ibe given a chance in the first team !"
14th Jan 2013 17:12
"ibe is 16... no chance he will get first team football now..still needs 1/2 years experience with u_18's/21's"
14th Jan 2013 17:33
"I love Pacheco's football, I cant wait to see him in senior XI."
14th Jan 2013 18:32
"why the hell arnt we giving pacheco first team footy the guy is clearly class and would to a better job then borini"
14th Jan 2013 18:41
"LFCMIAH - As Brad Jones said, football is about opinion and seems like unfortunately Brendan already made his about Pacheco.. Surely guy still a lot to learn but my boy he's worked his socks off in every single game I watched this season."
14th Jan 2013 18:42
"But, this game was watching Colin Pascoe so might be he will tell something good about wee Spaniard to BR."
14th Jan 2013 19:16
"Well do Lads keep up the excellent work! YNWA!"
14th Jan 2013 19:59
"good lads well done"
14th Jan 2013 20:02
"good win boys! On another notes, these days it seems we cant even sign a player once we have signed him! Now they say defender from molde is only getting a trial, tuesday after intial reports we had signed him already. much drama even over simple matters at lfc these days!"
Liverpool NY
15th Jan 2013 0:04
"hopefully Pacheco wont leave us in this window, that is going to be a mistake and he needs to play, I think he is the same age as Borini, he has to be given a chance "
15th Jan 2013 8:37
"Play Pacheco, Mr Rodgers. Please."
16th Jan 2013 2:28
"If Wesley Sneijder is available, why not make space for him on the team NOW???"