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Do we get the loan fee back?
11th Jan 2013 17:22
11th Jan 2013 17:22
"Shame he didn't get more time here. So far Rodgers has done everything right in my eyes, except for the treatment of Nuri. Cash and talent wasted. "
11th Jan 2013 17:22
"Sad this didnt work, it must be in the best interests of the club. Had high hopes when he signed..."
The Football History Boys
11th Jan 2013 17:22
"Oh dear, absolutely awful decision! unless we get in Sneijder this whole fiasco seems ludicrous!"
11th Jan 2013 17:23
"Good Luck Nuri! YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 17:23
"Should've been playing ahead of Allen when Lucas was injured but with our Brazilian back, and Stevie in form Nuri wasn't going to get much playing time. Didn't really get the chance to show he could deal with the physicality and pace of Prem League."
11th Jan 2013 17:24
"good luck Nuri. thanks for everything. YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 17:25
"totally at the dark of Nuri departure, it's a big miss and a sad leaving! I salute you with the hearth full of sadness and disappointment, best of luck for your future career away from LFC Nuri, I wish you any well! YNWA Nuri Sahin"
11th Jan 2013 17:25
"should have played him the correct position!!"
11th Jan 2013 17:26
"sad.would have been good for the rebuilding. "
11th Jan 2013 17:29
"WISH YOU ALL THE BEST NURI, YNWA!!!!!! It's the loss of LFC ......... WHAT A WASTE OF A TOP TALENT, sigh ..... "
11th Jan 2013 17:29
"light weight I bet he didnt like BR style of play but hey good for both"
11th Jan 2013 17:29
"I think Rodgers didn't persist long enough with Sahin so much as he did with Hendo and Downing. Same thing is happening with Assaidi. And why haven't they revealed Sahin's destination club 'Borussia Dortmund'?"
Rush job
11th Jan 2013 17:29
"Good move LFC. Never got the motion of paying somebody 62k a week to simply get another clubs player match fit. Worth the gamble, it didn't work- we move on."
11th Jan 2013 17:30
"Benat or Turan please. YNWA"
Rush job
11th Jan 2013 17:31
"Always gonna happen when he refused to travel to Mansfield to be fair."
11th Jan 2013 17:31
"People getting angry about this clearly are seeing something most liverpool don't see, he was poor for us, most people just blame Allen now in midfield but Sahin was as small and weak as Allen is, we don't really need him anyway as we need our permanent players given more game it e like Henderson who has picked up his form recently."
11th Jan 2013 17:32
"they need his wages to help pay off h&g lol "
11th Jan 2013 17:33
"I know the lad's leaving, but couldn't you have put a nicer picture on the main website home page? Good luck Nuri. Sorry it didn't work out."
11th Jan 2013 17:35
"So.............Our Central Midfield Options since the start of the season have lost Aquilani, Adam, Cole & Now Sahin, no longer the strength in depth that we had. Makes the selling of our best passer & assister from last season Adam even stranger."
11th Jan 2013 17:35
"think he was on his way before that rushjob dont really think he was up to pl to be honest not physical enough "
11th Jan 2013 17:36
"Such a waste, he could have been a great player for us. Looking forward to seeing Sahin tear it up for Dortmund again though, good luck Nuri, YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 17:37
"The last game he played for us I thought he was excellent but I think we had to many midfielders who did a similar job playing from a deep position so if this frees up money to bring in a No.10 type playmaker to play behind the front 3 who can score and create then I'm all for it so long as they are top quality. i think Sneijder would be nice also Erikson, Isco Jovetic, Bernard "
11th Jan 2013 17:39
"Shame it didn't work out, too lightweight for the epl? All the best though nuri."
11th Jan 2013 17:39
"Shame it didn't work out, too lightweight for the epl? All the best though nuri."
11th Jan 2013 17:39
"A big shame as he's a very talented player and he showed such a great team ethic whenever he played for us. I'm sure he'll show his true class at Dortmund. Anyway, good luck Nuri, you're a gent and I wish you all the best! ps Seanny, we will not be required to pay the full-year loan fee (instead will only pay 1/2 based on the time he spent with us). "
11th Jan 2013 17:42
"Seem to think he could turn up and play without putting the extra needed to perform in England."
11th Jan 2013 17:42
"Spare wages for benat, yes plz!"
11th Jan 2013 17:44
"So sad it did not work out.Good luck in your future and thank you for what you did whilst you were at LFC. YNWA "
Gordon Ottershaw
11th Jan 2013 17:45
"Nice tidy player with good skills however not really suitable for hustle of the EPL. Will be very good in Spain and Germany were one has more time and space to play attractive football. The EPL is getting more hectic as teams are pressing with physical dominance counting before technical skills. Sad I suppose for people who want to watch technical play"
11th Jan 2013 17:47
"Some fly, some just don't get off the runway. He didn't. In the wrong place e at the wrong time. Good luck in the future. you have the talent."
11th Jan 2013 17:48
"Can't beleive Nuri is Leaving us! Just get a replacement as quick as possible BR! Go to Real betis, wit a good offer BENAT will be a very good buyB BEnat! Benat!! Benat!!! Plz BR this Spanish is claz! Benat!"
11th Jan 2013 17:49
"He is good and I am going to miss him but I suppose we need to cut down on our spending! Best of luck Nuri!"
11th Jan 2013 17:52
"i've seen most of our matches this season and i dont think the lad was all that. Thanks 4 your service tho...YNWA "
11th Jan 2013 17:56
"I hope this means we are signing at least one more player, I mean adding 1 and then losing 2 doesn't make sense if our squad is already thin right? Anyway I wish all the best for Sahin"
11th Jan 2013 17:58
"Obviously wanted to get back home - and he wasn't likely to play all the time so??"
11th Jan 2013 17:59
"And we offered Charlie Adam for this lad? JOSE??!?! Can we get the money back?"
11th Jan 2013 17:59
"mistake........ :-("
11th Jan 2013 18:00
"At least he'll have a sweet Liverpool kit, he can look back at it with pride when he's an ol fella & telling his grandkids he played in front of The Kop!!"
11th Jan 2013 18:00
"lets be honest, we didnt need him his not good in the premier"
11th Jan 2013 18:00
"didn't cut it for me. He's got good ball skills but lacked any real pace, once a player got past him in midfield he was beat. "
11th Jan 2013 18:01
"Reports doing the rounds are that we're getting half the loan fee back."
11th Jan 2013 18:04
"Bad buisness :/ jonjo better than nuri ? Hmm debatable but we better get 1 or 2 more players in, let cole and nuri go and bought danny s, so much for strengthening :/ "
11th Jan 2013 18:05
"Why? The lad needed to play more for us. "
11th Jan 2013 18:05
"Good luck Sahin. Shame you could not get fit enough to play more games for us."
11th Jan 2013 18:07
"Shame but in the PL you must be able to compete with strong physical but skillful players. I dont think Allen will ever be strong enough, and now he is being closed down quickly he is having problems. He should come on when teams are getting tired"
11th Jan 2013 18:09
"Sad 2 hear he's leaving. But I think this is in the good interest of Nuri as well as LFC & Madrid. He is a class player but I don't think we were the right fit 4 him. Though I really like him alot, there was always something lacking in him 4 me. Some players no matter how talented they are are just not meant 2 be Liverpool FC players. *sigh* We wish you all best & remember...YNWA Nuri Sahin. :)"
Mines a pint in the Sov!
11th Jan 2013 18:10
"So Sturridge in. Cole, Sahin, Morgan and rumours of Assaidi out(albeit some on loan)?! Now Buddha, you appear to be the font of all knowledge on here. Is this simply further cost cutting or making way for a couple more signings? "
11th Jan 2013 18:10
"Didn't work out. Wish him luck but that's what you get when you think you're bigger than this club I'm afraid.At least this may be an end to the where is Sahin?questions! "
11th Jan 2013 18:13
"Seanny, we can forgo the loan fee as long as we save what we paid him in very hefty wages"
11th Jan 2013 18:14
"Loan deal was never going to give LFC what they needed. For Hendo to keep him out of the side once Lucas came back must have been a real lack of heart and motivation. Not to mention he got injured. Good luck Nuri, best for both parties."
11th Jan 2013 18:17
"I think this is right for both parties , no doubt hes talented , but he just seemed lethargic when playing in the league , he just cant deal with the pace an physicality , Good Luck Nuri ."
11th Jan 2013 18:21
"are now getting tom ince in ? or someone else "
11th Jan 2013 18:28
"Ok, now Allen, please. And bring Ince and Diame. Both realistic targets "
11th Jan 2013 18:28
"He had enough opurtinities suceed....Rodgers couldnt more risk with him. He was awful in many games and we had bad start to the season."
11th Jan 2013 18:29
"Great and tidy in possession but thought he was quite poor defensivly and pulled out of tackles on 50/50 and once beaten never recovered! Good luck for the future! "
11th Jan 2013 18:31
"stop trolling on Allen..he was our best player in first two months this season...he had problems with too many games for him + olympics a struggle physicaly....I believe in him..he is great future prospect a suits for BR system."
11th Jan 2013 18:33
"Maybe this paves the way for another January signing."
11th Jan 2013 18:37
"Joe Allen is a quality player... We're lucky to have him."
11th Jan 2013 18:38
"Sahin is a class player to say he was not able for PL is stupid as he never had a run of games the next one out will be assaidi followed by Coates as its only British players they want now.I think the owners are a joke and you think sneijder is on the way in forget..think the yanks are all out to win the Super Bowl "
11th Jan 2013 18:39
"good luck nuri are we to sign someone on loan? or sign ince from blackpool?wait and see......"
11th Jan 2013 18:39
"lightweight and no pace same as allen,wht did rodgers think he was anything more,assaidi next to go i feel,rodgers in the transfer market ,dont make me laugh he makes hodgson look like taggart "
11th Jan 2013 18:39
"Would have liked to have seen him finish out the year and given a few more chances before we pulled the plug. You never know what goes on behind closed doors though. He may have been wanting to leave."
11th Jan 2013 18:40
"So with Coles and Sahin departures we are expecting Sneider to come in or FSG will put the money in their pocket and leave us again with small squad filled with youngsters?? lets see what's their next move!"
11th Jan 2013 18:45
" To be frank, how could BR have used him for rebuilding whilst he was on loan? If he played very well, then where would that leave us next season without him, if we didnt have the option to buy? To rebuild properly we need permanent signings who are fully committed to the cause, and with one uniformed team perspective. AD's article in the Mail about loan players is spot on."
11th Jan 2013 18:48
"We did this because we have too many players in our squad allready??? is Andy coming back or ??? owners cant pay wage for this kid anymore, we can sign someone 17y old to kick the ball almost free!!!!"
Papa Syed
11th Jan 2013 18:50
"Good luck Nuri. Speedy recovery! YNWA NS!"
11th Jan 2013 18:55
"He deserved more chances. The best of luck to him."
11th Jan 2013 18:57
"Great just great! we'v brought only 1 player in n have let let 2 players go. wasnt rodgers complaining of how small a squad we have. im starting to get that nervous feeling again."
11th Jan 2013 18:58
"The Superbowl is for American Football. I would rather Hendo and allen gain experience than sharing time was Sahin"
11th Jan 2013 18:58
"no surprise really wasnt up to the physical side of the prem, if we sign ince we'd be one over the quota allowed by fsg."
11th Jan 2013 19:01
"Sahin`s obviously got ability, but if his heart`s not in it, then maybe it`s better to let him go."
11th Jan 2013 19:02
"thought his number was up when he came of with nose bleed .and then refusein to travel.still loan deals at lfc does not sit well "
11th Jan 2013 19:03
"was excited when heard he was coming to us but it hasn't really worked out. liked the player but that was not enough. thanks and good luck for the future nuri. YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 19:10
11th Jan 2013 19:11
"He went to RM with a big reputation having shot the lights out with Dortmund. He flattered to deceive.....small fish in a big pond scenario. SORRY but I did not see anything there to impress me. Good player but he brought nothing special to the team. Maybe he can find his mojo again where he left it. Good luck my friend....thanks for coming."
11th Jan 2013 19:17
"An appalling and small-minded transfer policy dat will keep us at mid table 4 a long time."
11th Jan 2013 19:17
"and now looks like ince is of to swansea 7mil bid"
11th Jan 2013 19:17
"wesley sneider a player that would make a difference?"
11th Jan 2013 19:18
"good player, but after he broke his nose could not back into the team... oh well saves some money for the club and frees up cash for another signing!"
11th Jan 2013 19:19
"Seems to me a lot of so called LFC fans just like to moan and whinge. It lloks to me like no matter what BF does he gets criticised even from the same people who were complaining when he picked Sahin, Grow up and see the bigger picture-if a player doesnt fit in he goes. Thats the championship winning mentality. But no all you want to do is spend spend spend."
11th Jan 2013 19:21
"Thank god. He was an absolute waste of money and space. Hopefully what ever we were paying him now can go towards a player in this transfer window, who will genuinely be a first team player. "
11th Jan 2013 19:22
"good luck nuri sad it didn't work out YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 19:22
"who is bf"
11th Jan 2013 19:28
"At least he will have many games and won't be benched. Should do the same with COATES, he needs to play, not to be be wasted in the bench."
11th Jan 2013 19:29
"will we ever get one signing or loan correct!?!"
11th Jan 2013 19:37
"Kopethehour KopetheRed, they need more playing time and experience at senior level, they are being prepared to take a step up, nothing to do with cost savings, these guys are seen as the future and need that game time to build them up"
11th Jan 2013 19:41
"Probably the right decision didn't really make much of an impact. More worryingly is the fact we have now let Cole, Sahin and Morgan (Loan) and possibly Assaidi on loan as well with only Sturridge brought in. Wasn't that long ago BR was complaining of a small squad so hopefully we have more signings imminent rather than this being more cost cutting."
11th Jan 2013 19:42
"So we just battled the whole summer to sign him for nothing?? So stupid! Should have played instead of Allen and Shelvey!Then we need to sign Sneijder! Good luck Nuri! YNWA "
11th Jan 2013 19:43
"I get so bored with everyone's whining comments. Sahin could have been great for us, but Henderson, Allen and Shelvey have all made a bigger impact recently and Gerrard and Lucas are the heart of our squad. Sahin was making a lot of money for very little return and would have been out the door in the summer anyway. The nerve of some fans... ridiculous."
11th Jan 2013 19:47
"I'm absolutely devastated with this decision. Although it is fair to say Sahin didn't hit top form, I don't feel he was given a fair chance. You're not gonna get many better players on loan deals."
11th Jan 2013 19:53
"Nice guy TBH but too slow in the games I watched,am fully behind Rodgers in axing any player who is not fully committed to the lfc course.To win d league again we need players who will play their body,heart and soul 4 lfc.YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 19:54
"Great ability but not sure about the heart. Whats worrying tho is that we are offloading players all over the place and not replacing them. No excuses for Rodgers this time if he offloads players and whines when he has skeleton squad on 1st Feb"
11th Jan 2013 19:59
"I don't understand how some say he was mistreated, not used properly, waste of money etc. There may be other factors that we don't know about...maybe he didn't settle and wanted out for example. Just saying there may be things that factored into the decision that we as supporters don't know about ...anyway, best of luck Nuri, YNWA."
11th Jan 2013 20:09
"Sad to see him, but BR saw him in training day in and day out and made the decisiom that others earned the start ahead of him. Best of luck to Nuri for the future."
11th Jan 2013 20:13
"at least sahin never cost 15 mill like allen lol we wont get snieder cos of is wage demands hes on 200k a month at inter "
11th Jan 2013 20:20
"It should be Downing who leaves, not Sahin. Sahin is more talent and young. "
Billy B girl
11th Jan 2013 20:23
"Good Luck Nuri - sorry it didn't work out for you! Where does leave B R ? not done very well on his signings has he ??? don't think this guy will ever cut it, he is struggling! Mancs on Sun then Arsenal and City - wonder how many points out of the 9 we get ? Nando doing a lot of talking about Liverpool hmmmm....."
11th Jan 2013 20:24
"just didn't cut it in the premier league"
11th Jan 2013 20:25
"thats only 50k /wk are you sure."
11th Jan 2013 20:26
"Thanks for your efforts Nuri. I hope your next move goes really well for you."
11th Jan 2013 20:29
"fact is hendo has out performed sahin"
11th Jan 2013 20:31
"Sad to see the lad go but someone had to make way for the walking god that is xabi alonso. Come home xabi. YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 20:37
"Sahin was brought in case we had any suitors to buy Henderson but as his form improved Nuri's playing time was reduced. Also Shelvey has come on loads so no point keeping a player here on loan. Good luck Nuri! Wish you all the best at Dortmund YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 20:42
"Our midfield not good enough only gerrard and Lucas as top quality.. Joe Allen not top 4 yet but pls pls bring quality a TOP 4 PLAYER.. A REAL NUMBER 10.. CARZOLA WAS CHEAP MICHU WAS CHEAP... AYRE USE UR HEAD GET QUALITY"
11th Jan 2013 20:43
"Our midfield not good enough only gerrard and Lucas as top quality.. Joe Allen not top 4 yet but pls pls bring quality a TOP 4 PLAYER.. A REAL NUMBER 10.. CARZOLA WAS CHEAP MICHU WAS CHEAP... AYRE USE UR HEAD GET QUALITY FOR RIGHT PRICE!!!"
11th Jan 2013 20:45
"I am disappointed to see a genuine world-class midfielder leave. However, it is good that he will be getting another chance to revive his career in ideal cirstances. It was a sore sight to see Sahin sitting around."
11th Jan 2013 20:52
"Curse of the Nr. 4 jersey!!! Since Hyypia left, Aquilani, Meireles, and now Sahin. All three players were great promises, but they could not performed."
11th Jan 2013 20:56
11th Jan 2013 20:58
"Hopefully this means they're freeing up the wages for a new signing otherwise another underwhelming transfer window!"
11th Jan 2013 21:15
"Why you guys are sad, ashamed etc. it's very simple it didn't work out. Our young midfielders are and did better than him. He was passive on the field with no heart unlike shelves, Suso, Allen, Henderson. "
11th Jan 2013 21:22
"Actually disappointed, thought he was a good player but just didn't get enough playing time, would've chosen him ahead of Allen, but Nuri all the best and thank you for giving your evident 100% whenever you put on the Reds jersey. YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 21:32
11th Jan 2013 21:35
"Wasnt working anyway, good luck to him..."
11th Jan 2013 21:40
"and this should conclude first task given to Rodgers which was balancing the books. Downing departure is not required immediately given his improved performance. He should be here for year end and at the end of season we can assess his performance."
11th Jan 2013 21:45
"Nuri was vital in the championship winning team in Dortmund , which is a very tough league . Think we should of played him more coz he's better than Allan and Henderson "
11th Jan 2013 21:48
"a good player but he just wants to get fit to go back to real, understandable as he wants to prove himself there. was always cautious of himself after missing a lot of last season. his heart was not in liverpool and therefore it is the right decision to part company."
11th Jan 2013 21:50
"I must say rodger did well with the balancing the books task. Our team is young and exciting, with enough creativity (suarez, gerard), shooting (Gerard, downing, json), passing (lucase, Gerard), speed (suarez, sterling,sturridge), flair (suarez, sturridge), end to end full backs, good defense."
11th Jan 2013 21:51
"Players just need to gel with each other and we will be rocking once again. Hope we can get a good young goal keeper in place of riena."
11th Jan 2013 21:54
"letting class go, and keeping headless chicken is beyond me but this is obviously BR bias to english players its obvious and disgraceful and will turn away all non british talent from liverpoll "
11th Jan 2013 21:57
"I hope by the end of month we see riena deal as well and can get a young goal keeper and can bring one RB as well.This will leave pernent deal for Carroll. "
11th Jan 2013 21:58
"Its sad, but alas he didn't scale the necessary heights. Adios sir..."
11th Jan 2013 22:01
"letting class go, and keeping headless chicken is beyond me but this is obviously BR bias to english players its obvious and disgraceful and will turn away all non british talent from liverpoll "
11th Jan 2013 22:02
"LUCAS passing do you watch liverpool games. backward passing is not passing its waste of time and lack of skill "
11th Jan 2013 22:04
"I'm one of those who are 100% behind Rodgers and everything he's done so far. That's come to an end. Sahin is an excellent player. He wipes the floor with Henderson, Shelvey and Allen. He was never played in his proper position... I will keep my Sahin numbered shirt as a reminder of what could have been."
11th Jan 2013 22:11
"Thank-you Nuri YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 22:14
"Dammit Sahin... Why did you have to leave me?! Good thing my German team is Dortmund.."
11th Jan 2013 22:15
"Dammit Sahin... Why did you have to leave me?! Good thing my German team is Dortmund.. I win.. "
11th Jan 2013 22:18
"Shame Sahin was allowed to go, quality player who wasn't given enoough time, like some others. I'm just frustrated with the situation but would question why did we sign him in the first place as it has now been decided he is surpls to requirments???"
11th Jan 2013 22:23
"Best of luck Nuri, thanks for your time at LFC. YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 22:32
"Over the course of the season, we heard Brendan say the squad was thin and we'd be getting reinforcements in January. So far, we've brought one player in and let two go. Someone should explain basic maths to FSG."
11th Jan 2013 22:45
"Best of luck to you Sahin - a true professional who merited a starting berth in each match. It's a shame we never got to see you play much, as you never stood a chance against legendary Gerrard, a fit again Lucas, a resurgent Hendo and BR's poster boy Allen. "
11th Jan 2013 22:52
11th Jan 2013 22:55
"Oh well, not to worry. He was only ever going to be season long loan at best. Hope we can stay consistent for the 2nd half of the season and keep more clean sheets. Come on you Reds! YNWA"
11th Jan 2013 23:02
"Nice to see were really pushing for a top 4 finish fsg.We must have one of the smallest squads in the top half of the league,Br said we need to struggle to jan to then strenghten the squad.Rebuilding the squad? it looks like were dismantling it!"
11th Jan 2013 23:05
"Why Brenda doesn't sell all the players, so we fully cut the cost? i can not wait to hear him moaning again about how thin our squad is."
11th Jan 2013 23:05
"There are a lot of comments on here saying he was lightweight and not up to the physical side of the PL. Joe Allen gets blown off the ball by a gust of wind and can't tackle to save his life, what's the difference ?"
11th Jan 2013 23:44
"Riena should be next!!"
12th Jan 2013 0:02
"how much do we get refund ? lol or are we paying his wages"
12th Jan 2013 0:54
"STUPID decision. A world class player.. We play him on the bench, and when he did play, out of position. Just like so many other players we let go, he will go on to do better things!"
12th Jan 2013 1:21
"Honestly he's a good player but weak and quite selfish at times! Most probably he wanted to increase his chance of playing regularly at real Madrid! Good thing is he's here for short term and we can assess him! Bad things is we're helping to train other club player! Good luck, all e best to u! "
12th Jan 2013 1:27
"Nuri,id like to wish you all the best luck and hope your future moves forward,,,you did your part for LFC so ther is no runing away,us fans liked you,and had faith please see this move as upward and onwards m8"
12th Jan 2013 1:42
"Good Luck Sahin"
12th Jan 2013 1:49
"That's a bit weird!?"
12th Jan 2013 3:00
"Sahin reminds me a bit of Aqua. Both extremely talented players who, on paper, should have been great additions, but who somehow never quite cut it physically. Both had to try to master a very physical league coming off long lay o. Doesn't mean they are bad players, just wrong place, wrong time. Hope he gets his form back at Dortmund. "
12th Jan 2013 3:16
"Great Talent Wasted. Money Wasted. Just wish he would have stayed for long. Guess all LFC fans liked him too. Sahin, hav A great future ahead !!"
12th Jan 2013 3:33
"Shame. He's a quality player, but i guess he never got up to speed to the premier league. All the best Nuri! YNWA"
12th Jan 2013 3:34
"I tot our first priority is to get a striker. Now there some complaining that two midfielder out and just one strker coming in. Having just one striker and ten midfielders doesn't make the squad any bigger?! not to mentioned a completed squad. So how many players need to be in our payroll to be consider a big team? 100??"
12th Jan 2013 4:08
"such a waste of talent..where short of players so let a talent go...and replace with cant beat a mansfield anyone WHOEVER REPLACE SAHIN CRUSHES MANURE...WHERES KELLY!!"
12th Jan 2013 4:59
"Who mentioned Adam? He was awful and never passed to someone in a great position, slow and couldn't tackle to save his life, giving away dangerous free-kicks all the time. I liked Sahin but bad atude, if that's what it was, isn't acceptable. "
12th Jan 2013 5:15
12th Jan 2013 6:03
"didn't last long.... YNWA lad."
12th Jan 2013 6:24
"Yazangs.....WHO IS BRENDA? How disrespectful. Some want us NOT to sell players even if they don't fit our model. Keep them because our squad is thin. As supporters we should by now have a clear understand of BR vision and HAVE to start believing in it. We are on the cusp of something really big....I truly believe this. Lets get behind our manager and our team."
12th Jan 2013 6:27
"The Management knew they were going to cancel Sahin's contract, there is a saving of 90 thousand a week, they should have gone for Ba and have both Sturridge and Ba, then we would have a decent strike force. Instead they are planning to pay 6mil for Ince?? Who is planning all this??"
12th Jan 2013 6:27
"The Management knew they were going to cancel Sahin's contract, there is a saving of 90 thousand a week, they should have gone for Ba and have both Sturridge and Ba, then we would have a decent strike force. Instead they are planning to pay 6mil for Ince?? Who is planning all this??"
12th Jan 2013 6:38
"The big question is DID BA WANNA COME TO US. He has a dodgy knee and I am not convinced that Chelskey have peace of mind regarding this. We have no idea what salary he is on. Given his proven goal scoring record thus far, he did not have many suitors after his signature. For me Sturridge will prove over time that we have spent our money wisely. Just be patient my friends."
12th Jan 2013 7:15
"I hardly comment here any more because if the constant moaning. Some people just don't enjoy being Liverpool fans. Life's too short, go and watch lacrosse or something. I was excited when Sahin came but from what I saw in the league, he was easy to get past and slow to recover. May have needed time but you can't afford that on a loan. Better to use the permanent players."
12th Jan 2013 7:23
"On the question of letting players go without reinforcements. When did these players play again? How often would they have played? Don't use this as yet another reason to hang a grey cloud over the club. We need a stronger squad but I don't see how releasing Cole and sahin has weakened it. And for those who have used 'gutted' and 'devastated' to describe sahin's departure, get a grip!"
12th Jan 2013 7:39
"So,what about B.R.'s "reinforcement"and "stronger" squad on January?It is called BAD MANAGEMENT,sure.Sturridge and(probably)Ince in,Cole,Sahin and (who else)out?Do I.Ayre and B.R.have ANY IDEA about transfer window?That's not LFC standard,simply.Sahin,YNWA>"
12th Jan 2013 7:45
"Breaking news! as a global club we outside of england need to stand up against princess alex fergurson, the bullyboy of the EPL. Its obvious the english media have their lips planted firmly on his buttock so we need to call this bully out. He has been stoking things up again rgds luis. We need to protest globally!""
12th Jan 2013 7:46
"Breaking news - as a global club we outside of england need to stand up against princess alex fergurson, the bullyboy of the EPL. Its obvious the english media have their lips planted firmly on his buttock so we need to call this bully out. He has been stoking things up again rgds luis. We need to protest globally!""
12th Jan 2013 8:15
"why do we always managed to mess (politely) things up with good players .So much expectations yet so little fruit...Good Luck Nuri... "
12th Jan 2013 8:24
"There is more that happens behind the scenes than what we know. all we see is who is on the bench and who is playing. How its dertemined who is gonna be in the team or not we will never know and so is the decision to offload this player and to retain the other. We will never know the real stories behind it all"
12th Jan 2013 9:24
"Thought Connor Coady did alright against Inter the other night. Maybe a bit early but if needed would do alright I'd guess. Sahin never quite reached the levels I think we are now looking towards, an experiment that did not work, and I praise Brendan for his speed in moving him on."
12th Jan 2013 9:33
"he couldn't cope with the Epl... fair well sahin "
12th Jan 2013 9:41
"Now surely snieder is lined up with the wages freed up from Sahin and Cole combined 160k. Sturridge on 50k that leaves 110k free I know he will be on more than that but well worth the investment. I agree with Stevie we need experiance."
12th Jan 2013 9:44
"Good decision in my eyes! Very pleased when he arrived but more pleased to see him leave! waste of wages and an average performer when he played! Good luck Nuri, you have good potential but didn't apply yourself enough when you got game time. And i think BR is being patient with Assaidi expect to see more of him in next 6-12 months"
12th Jan 2013 10:41
"He was fitting in so nicely. Guess its back to the Joe Allen grooming. YNWA"
12th Jan 2013 10:49
"I knew he will not stand the test of time ever since he start asking for a winter break. Poor lad we all pray for his revitalisation here, which is not to be. Go on for good YNW"
12th Jan 2013 11:21
"I fancy Borussia as an outsider to win the C.L.They play attractive attacking football not too unlike us.I don't think he'll make a difference returning there.Fact is, Sahin doesn't have the "huevos" for Premiership football. Fr too soft. "
12th Jan 2013 12:12
"some clown on here reina next reina next must be a mank. nout wrong with our back 5."
12th Jan 2013 12:42
"ALL THE BEST, Nuri Sahin. YNWA"
12th Jan 2013 13:32
"Shame, he is a good player. But having in mind that permanent deal was not on the cards and a huge wages... it is a good move for the club. So long Nuri, YNWA P.S. Are we going to sign some central midfielder now?"
12th Jan 2013 14:23
"sneijder or benit or turan or ilicic one of them will be replacement, we need real real attacking midfielder "
12th Jan 2013 16:00
"Good question seanny. What I like is that the club is now on a no-bull treatment, if you don't cut it, go - no matter how long or little time you had."
12th Jan 2013 20:41
"Whether he flopped or made a huge impact the guy is only here to get himself ready for Madrid. That's the fact. He was brought in as a temporary measure so whatever your THINK his departure is about I say better now then if we had it so we were reliant on him in the team. A guy of that talent should have shown it more often but he didn't because his head is elsewhere so quit whining people."
12th Jan 2013 20:46
"we have no depth yet once again are shedding players as if we dont need them; BR or FSG need to get a grip and get some direction and consistency going with their transfer policy - assuming one exists..."