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Depends how important they feel he is going to be, Club will do there best to sell if he doesnt sign another contract, best we get him now if possible, Would mena we have Coates and Diakite as replacements for Skrtl and Agger, defo needed if ever injuries.
11th Jan 2013 10:05
11th Jan 2013 11:10
"if the new signing arent better than skrtel-agger, don't waste our time and money on them. we lots of CB for the future. martin kelly can play there, so as danny wilson. andre wilson too! "
11th Jan 2013 11:36
"a tough tackling defender!! just what we need when we play teams like Stoke who like to be Physical and stamp on your strikers cheat when he is on the floor like Huth did to Suarez..."
11th Jan 2013 13:12
"really really good news, it's about a beast, a black Martin Skrtel, but younger and there would be room for improvements for him had he come, get him!"
11th Jan 2013 14:30
11th Jan 2013 15:25
"A serious shin injury has restricted Diakite to just one appearance for Lazio this season ?????"
11th Jan 2013 15:49
"what we say is irrelevent, just sit back and see if anything happens.we all have our signing ideas and some may hit the jackpot"
11th Jan 2013 15:54
"His lack off game time could be attributed to the fact that he has indicated his desire to move. He is young, inexpensive and a very good player. We do need more alternatives in defence and striking dept. Won't do us any harm at all. I see it as all part of the building block in strengthening the squad. If BR thinks he fits we must support. I trust BR judgement ....he has a good eye for players."
11th Jan 2013 18:38
"Not so sure we need another cb especially with so many youngsters pushing in my feeling is we should try a cheeky bid for modric not enjoying Spain and not getting games for real and with cole and sahin now off the wages I'm sure we could afford him plus him playing behind Suarez would be awesome in my humble opinion."
11th Jan 2013 20:47
"Sounds interesting. But I would love to see us get Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. What a player!"