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Great game to watch, the lads play really well as a team . Alex seems to be doing a good job with them .Onwards and upwards !
8th Jan 2013 21:03
8th Jan 2013 21:12
"What a great win! Really proud of you young lads! We crushed them! We played such a brand of total football and for that we have to thank Mr Inglethorpe for the job done. The lads were all fantastic but well done to Coady and Yesil who scored a great brace each! Now we can prepare for the domestic league and the next round of NEXTGEN! keep going so young lads! YNWA U19s Reds"
8th Jan 2013 21:14
"Brilliant result! Well done redmen! YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 21:17
"Great game and a great win! Winning 4-1 against the holders is no small matter! MOTM should be Ryan McLaughlin who reminded me of a younger Glen Johnson except Ryan is a bit faster. The whole team deserves a mention. Coady, Yesil, Ibe, Adorjan etc....! Proud of you boys. Alex Inglethorpe deserves a mention too!YNWA! "
8th Jan 2013 21:18
8th Jan 2013 21:19
"the first team could do wourse than watching them and learning how to control a game ibe yetsil cody absolutly stunning football thanks"
8th Jan 2013 21:20
"Why aren't we playing this lad in every game?!?!?! Samed Yesil is going to be the next Torres one day! He has so much potential and he has a better scoring record than anyone would could have picked up this january. Yeah it might be U21 but he still has undeniable skill and deserves first team chances. Come on Rodgers! I know you love the young guns as do we! YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 21:31
"congrats young reds! you'v managed to secure qualification in the NexGen. we are absolutely proud of you all. hopeful to see some more youngsters getting into the 1st team in the near future.p.s:seems like coady is a great penalty taker:) "
8th Jan 2013 21:35
"Congrats to the wonder kids...phoenixs do exist...And liver- birds, of course! BJBOYS...96 souls/a club united/ YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 21:36
"Vergard Heggem has been reborn in Ryan McLaughlin!!!! Stunning performance from right back:-)"
8th Jan 2013 21:45
"well done lads i hope the first team were watching i wonder if ye played mansfield would ye have struggled to beat them, futher looks bright,YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 21:54
"Great win by the lads. Thought Connor Coady was outstanding, but well played everyone. ynwa"
8th Jan 2013 21:57
"Outstanding. Well done."
8th Jan 2013 21:58
"McLaughlin was laaarge! Ibe and Sokolik very good, Coady solid centre for the team. All in all played well boys, very good keeping yourselves in this."
8th Jan 2013 21:59
"Great game guy's played really well. things are looking up all round "
8th Jan 2013 22:01
"get in there well done young reds our future looks really bright keep up the hard work lads YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 22:06
"Enjoyed the game; Ibe, Coady and Yesil played really well but a very good team performance more importantly. Look forward to seeing some of these players playing for the first team."
8th Jan 2013 22:15
"I,ve seen that young lad mcLaughlin now a few times and he is defo one for the future. good to see Samid Yesil on the score sheet too. well played lads."
8th Jan 2013 22:30
"what a great game to watch and so much promising talent coming through YNWA"
8th Jan 2013 23:04
"Great game - fab to watch! Well done lads - you have worn the shirt with pride and played wonderful football ! Very proud watching you tonight! YNWA"
Reds till I die
8th Jan 2013 23:17
"Absolutely brilliant result I have been saying to get McLaughlin yesil and coady in the first team for a while now and now is the perfect time while they are in good form pity conor didn't get a chance last Sunday ... I mean their all in FIFA too"
8th Jan 2013 23:47
"well done boys. this is some result and payback for '65' "
9th Jan 2013 0:14
"How I wish we could fast forward to 2018, what a team!"
9th Jan 2013 0:16
"i swear down guys give our boys a few more seasons and liverpool will be back as one of the most feared teams in Europe doing it how we always did"
9th Jan 2013 0:32
"Yesil deserves a chance in the first team..."
9th Jan 2013 0:32
"Yesil deserves a chance in the first team..."
9th Jan 2013 0:33
"Yesil deserves a chance in the first team..."
Billy B girl
9th Jan 2013 0:43
"Thanks to Rafa for the Academy and Rodolfo for keeping his vision alive! Keep up their good work Inglethorpe and great win lads !"
Papa Syed
9th Jan 2013 5:15
"Yesil for the First Team!"
9th Jan 2013 6:07
"this 2 lads yesil & Coady shoud be given a chance "
9th Jan 2013 7:06
"Please BR, give atleast 15 minutes to Samed Yessil every week in EPL and 90 minutes to FA cup. I see alot from this lad. He deserve to be our number 9 in the next season! YWNWA."
10th Jan 2013 1:40
"Wonderful. It's nice to have good young players. Couldn't wait to see them in the first team action. YNWA"