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Definitely not us!
8th Jan 2013 16:54
8th Jan 2013 17:00
"we can't afford him, he's too expensive for our transfer kitty, he won't come too us, anyway excellent box-to-box midfielder."
8th Jan 2013 17:01
"why is this on lfc website?"
8th Jan 2013 17:01
"why is this on this website??"
8th Jan 2013 17:16
8th Jan 2013 18:09
"NO we wont get him we could get mertens and diame and llorente for about 20m "
8th Jan 2013 18:09
"But i need to ask a vital question!!! so right now are we a club that cant spend 20 mill on player anymore???am just curious to know!!!???"
8th Jan 2013 18:21
"Nobody actually knows how much we have to spend. BR isn't gonna talk in the press saying we have 30 m because then everyone would put prices up, a few week into the season he was saying we'd have money to spend so you can't be sure, these are all rumours, just wait a support who we sign and don't go mad when we don't sign the players u want."
8th Jan 2013 18:27
"Red rob?? were do u get those prices from, u been talking to those players ? Africansubzero, who do u think is gonna answer you? We've spent around 140 million over last 2 seasons, and last season we bought 4 players costing 20 million at least, come on man you forget easily"
8th Jan 2013 18:31
"I just read it somewhere that Rogers told Sturridge, he will play him in the middle and itâ"
8th Jan 2013 18:32
"would be a great catch cant see fsg playing with the big boys and paying that"
8th Jan 2013 19:08
"Damiao, Matias Suarez, Bernard Duarte, Eriksen, Jovetic, Isco, Gaitan, Mertens, Sneijder, Lacazzete lets try and get in some top quality in this and the next transfer window"
8th Jan 2013 19:22
"If he is proud to be a s, then he should be one. Dont want any ss into LFC "
8th Jan 2013 19:25
"got more chance of going to bed with the pope"
8th Jan 2013 19:51
"please let him go to the mancs he's not good enough for liverpool"
8th Jan 2013 20:00
"i'd be quite happy with xabi alonso"
8th Jan 2013 20:05
"Ah really !!! Not needed by Manure as Lamps will be snapped (once again) up on the cheap. Don'r think we need Strootman, though."
8th Jan 2013 20:45
"cos hed prob cos us 25mil+ charx"
8th Jan 2013 20:51
"Fsg won't spend 18m on a player like Strootman, he's waiting for the next Downing/Henderson to pay 20m+"
8th Jan 2013 22:11
"WouzerLFC apparently diame has a 3.5m clause in his contract dries mertens would cost approx 10-12m and 5m for llorente whos only got 5 months left on his contract :)"
8th Jan 2013 23:47
"Why is such story published on our web in fld first place!!!"
8th Jan 2013 23:50
"Why would we even THINK about someone who would be proud to play for manure... let him have them and let them have him... We will get the RIGHT players for US! We are Liverpool! YNWA!"
9th Jan 2013 0:34
"would be fantastic, but he ain't gonna come to us, ain't he...."
9th Jan 2013 1:39
"He is no big deal. Jojo and Lucas will take the balls off him any day! .... Fergie can have him! .... I see the progress we are making lately, and with Borini, a Ancolotti target before, coming back into the team will widen our attacking options. Looking forward to this weekend. "
9th Jan 2013 1:55
"Redrob 5m for lorrentte? 12m for mertens? Are you actually serious? if athletico were willing to just take 5m for lorrentte he would already be away by do you know what psv would accept for mertens i bet its a lot more than12m midway through their season.listen to what our manager wants in our front 3? Fluid movement lorrentte as good a striker as he is does not fit into that description."
9th Jan 2013 6:59
"A cheap but exellent attacker for us to get could be Nene from PSG his contract runs out in summer and hes accepted it wont be extended, hes 30 but cheap and class player with experience witch we also need in the squad, and then get Mertens in August "
9th Jan 2013 7:11
"LFC wouldn't spend the £18m and even if they were willing, Strootman would definitely end up at ManU...if Fergie wanted him."
9th Jan 2013 8:19
"we need to invest heavily on a world class mid-fielder sooner rather than later... SG only has a couple of full seasons left and i don't see anyone who's even close to 'replacing' him at the club right now. "
Truth Hurts 13
9th Jan 2013 12:32
"Spot on WouzerLFC, 120m had been flushed. Who is going to repay us? We need to go slow on transfers. I suspect they are saving for the summer. A heavy war chest and to push all the way for top 4 finish. And then we should be up there for years to come. "
9th Jan 2013 13:04
"Can someone tell me alil about this guy?"
SGM 73
9th Jan 2013 17:10
"GM28: google it. Don't expect people to spoon feed you just because you are too lazy to hit search...... We're not your mum and you're no longer in nappies (presumably). "
9th Jan 2013 17:12
"Definitely not us! cos he doesnt suit FGS so called transfer strategy. I wonder how long it will take us to get to TOP 4 with average buys.."
10th Jan 2013 1:49
"SGM73: that's harsh and bitter from your part. I did google & youtube it but guess what I was expecting was anyone that watch the dutch league and know more about this guy. All that you tube show is the good part of a player. Any how, I apologise and should have been more clear. "
scotty road
10th Jan 2013 14:17
"Talk Sport! Hmmmm I think not"
10th Jan 2013 19:51
"He's going to Man U, everyone in Holland knows this already."