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get him if the occasion is right, he's a quality centre-back, hope he won't demand a too high salary wage for our possibility.
8th Jan 2013 17:15
8th Jan 2013 17:27
"What are we playing at? chasing more defenders? We have Agger, Skirtel, Coates, Wisdom, Kelly, Robinson, Enrique, Samir, Flanaghan, Johnson, Wilson, McLaughlin and even Downing if necessary. "
8th Jan 2013 17:57
"So why can't we compete with the big teams in signing players,we even loose players to southampton in signing players,hw can we win the prem league. FSG pls pump in de money so we can buy cavani or falcao and better midfielders like Sneidjer "
8th Jan 2013 18:12
"Are you serious??? aston villa wanted him??????? my Gosh now i know why FSG appointed rogers as our manager!!! we really cant buy any super star player anymore!!!"
8th Jan 2013 18:34
"whats the point"
8th Jan 2013 18:44
"folks calm's rumours not fact, and Benitez 8th Jan 2013 17:57 even if we had the money to spend do you think players like cavani, falcao or Sneidjer would want to come to us, no champions league pal."
8th Jan 2013 18:45
"rumours people dont get worked up, and it is obvious why we cant compete with the "big teams this season" because of last season, all will be balanced out for next season!"
8th Jan 2013 20:00
"Don't know anything about him but he has to be well scouted before the boys at the top should be satisfied with his potential. Doesn't matter if Villa are also interested, we decide what's best for us. Or is it all just paper-talk"
8th Jan 2013 20:09
"american owners american liars suppose to be making major signings in this window as told by del boy werner there takin the once again "
8th Jan 2013 23:46
"I am only interested in players who RIGHT NOW want to play for LFC, because they are the ones who will have pride in the shirt and who will fight for the manager and the team... if someone wants too much money, they aren't right for us... if they want Champions League footy already, then let them get it elsewhere... we are Liverpool! YNWA!"
9th Jan 2013 0:23
"Loz99 - You forgot Carra as well! lol"
9th Jan 2013 7:14
"No thanks!"
9th Jan 2013 7:23
"this is just the reality of where we are lads.the sooner we come to terms with it the better.whilst other teams chase and sing quality players to improve thier squad and ultimately league positions,we keep being linked and signing average players.guess what,that is what we will remain,an average team that finishes 8th on the log#forever red"