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Good news...YNWA.
9th Jan 2013 11:21
9th Jan 2013 11:22
"Good News indeed. Andre is absolutely essential to back up our experienced full backs. Hope he can expand himself to play anywhere along the back four. Congrats Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 11:22
"Good News indeed. Andre is absolutely essential to back up our experienced full backs. Hope he can expand himself to play anywhere along the back four. Congrats Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 11:24
"Good News indeed. Andre is absolutely essential to back up our experienced full backs. Hope he can expand himself to play anywhere along the back four. Congrats Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 11:24
"Good News indeed. Andre is absolutely essential to back up our experienced full backs. Hope he can expand himself to play anywhere along the back four. Congrats Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 11:25
9th Jan 2013 11:28
"Fantastic news! Gonna be a great player for us! YNWA!"
9th Jan 2013 11:31
"Brilliant! Keep up the good work Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 11:32
"Great news! Another one in the bag! I hope we get more of our youngsters contract extensions! The future is really bright! YNWA!"
Rajan Kandola
9th Jan 2013 11:32
"Andre, well done for the season so far. You WILL be our number 1 right back one day thats for certain!"
9th Jan 2013 11:34
"very impressed with Andre potential to be a brilliant defender, hopefully will get stronger everygame. "
9th Jan 2013 11:35
"Fantastic news! YNWA!! Walk on REDMEN!!"
9th Jan 2013 11:49
"Good stuff well deserved"
9th Jan 2013 11:52
"Great. Has a great future this boy!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
9th Jan 2013 11:59
"Very good news, this is a guy who doesn't try to have our pants down, and demand more money, he just wants to play football for one of the biggest clubs in the world, some people need to realise how lucky they are to be wearing the Liverpool shirt and Wisdom does. YNWA Wisdom "
9th Jan 2013 12:00
"Going in the right direction. "
9th Jan 2013 12:01
9th Jan 2013 12:04
"Excellent player & great news that he has signed a new deal."
9th Jan 2013 12:11
9th Jan 2013 12:17
"This player is an example of why BR and the owners blue print is exceptional. Its on record that I predicted that this kid was going to be the next big thing. We have young kids that are the envy of the world, with the likes of Suso, Jonjo, Sterling, Kelly and Wisdom, cont..."
9th Jan 2013 12:20
"We also have players like Morgan, Yesil, Coady and my next big prediction Sama coming through the ranks. If we buy Ince then we will have a team to reckon with for years to come. So those who doubted the validity of the new regimes can now see the positive outlook. Rock and roll. "
9th Jan 2013 12:42
"Great news, congrats Andre! YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 12:52
"Great news however I wonder where this leaves Martin Kelly next season ? Perhaps his best bet will be to switch to centre-back if Carragher retires."
9th Jan 2013 12:59
"Awesome news. Congrats Andre, your going to have a very bright future. YNWA."
9th Jan 2013 13:03
"Buddha, I totally agree with you on Sama. I commented on him before saying it wont be long before he breaks into first team. He has left D Wilson trailing in his wake IMO. Time for D Wilson to move on as I dont think he has made any great strides forward since being at the club."
9th Jan 2013 13:03
"Good job lad, congratulations."
9th Jan 2013 13:04
"congratulations andre and hopefully you can develop into a top class player. it is good to see players coming through the ranks and it is the result of much hard work over the last four seasons under several managers not just the current management although br has benefited from prior work he has also been progressive"
9th Jan 2013 13:04
"Awesome, Andre!! Just what we all needed, YNWA! :)"
9th Jan 2013 13:07
"Continue to stay on your feet and on Earth, and you will grow as a ripe fruit as time goes by. I believe before Stevie hang up his boots, we will have the 19th League le coming which he definitely deservedly earn it."
9th Jan 2013 13:08
"The team we are building for the future looks great. They have already played a lot of games together and with the experienced players also bodes well for the next season. I am still hoping we will get a trophy this season as well as CL place.Well done Andre.YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 13:15
"Fantastic news! About 18 months ago I had a dream about Liverpool winning the Champions League again. The players in the snap shot of my memory were Wisdom and Sturridge both attacking a cross! I hope it's prophetic! YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 13:20
"BTFI - You should have asked Buddha - He's Prophetic....................Oh sorry , I meant pathetic, those 2 words are so similar. "
9th Jan 2013 13:24
"Congratulations Andre. You've really impressed so far. Keep up the good work."
9th Jan 2013 13:36
"Very good news...Andre is future of LFC,for me,alongside Sterling,Suso,Kelly and Shelvey.Andre,YNWA>"
9th Jan 2013 13:46
"redahendo, man, you do try with the jokes, don't you. You clearly follow the time worn adage "If at first you don't succeed or in your case if after a million times, then try try try again. God loves a trier, but I would humbly suggest you leave the comedy to me and GT-LFC as we have a knack for it. May I suggest knitting? "
9th Jan 2013 13:46
"Fantastic news. He is a player I like in the team as he gives us options at the back. He can operate at CB or RB just like Kelly. Kepp up the hard work Andre!"
9th Jan 2013 13:50
"BuddhaBuddha131313 - I agree and also with the list of youngsters you mentioned. The likes of Flanagan and Robinson still need to work a lot harder but personally they just don't do it for me. "
9th Jan 2013 14:23
"Wisdom is going to be a Major player for us in the future...SOLID he will be. Good luck geez."
9th Jan 2013 14:27
"Fantastic news Andre. You are our future. Love you to bits. YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 14:34
"Well deserved Andre , Good luck and keep up the good work " ynwa" "
9th Jan 2013 14:45
9th Jan 2013 14:47
"I always thought this lad was a CB! Would love him to play there he has strength and pace would be very useful"
9th Jan 2013 14:51
"Good news, great prospect. Some very good youngsters coming through the ranks, which is just as well given the poor record we have in signing new players recently. Apart from Suarez and Enrique, we have bought very poorly and even the loan of Sahin was very poor. Worrying. "
9th Jan 2013 14:51
"Fantastic News.YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 14:54
"Trust me, give Sama a few years and we will have our own Kompany in the ranks. We have Skrtel and Agger who will be around for a bit and then it will be Sama time. With Kelly to come back and Coates in the wings, we are truly blessed in the defence department. "
9th Jan 2013 15:19
"Great news! Wisdom has come on strong this season and looks like he could play anywhere across the defense. I see Kelly and Wisdom here for quite some time, and I think Robinson did great in the last game. We have some talented young defenders, and that's always a plus!"
9th Jan 2013 15:20
"Fantastic news YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 15:59
"Shelvey needs to go out on loan until he's good enough for LFC. Too many mistakes at the moment. Must KEEP Sahin. Suso and Sahin will always be better than Shelvey."
9th Jan 2013 16:04
"benbollix: Sahin will always be better than Shelvey, Sahin should be kept."
9th Jan 2013 16:08
"Well done Andre, you are rock solid, keep up the hard work and you'll take Glens England spot in a few years. YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 16:08
"Well done Andre... I don't understand why people like Shelvey. He must be good in training but does not do it on match day. We have better players than Shelvey. Suso, Sahin, Henderson should all be picked before Shelvey. I predict he'll move on within 18mths"
Rush job
9th Jan 2013 16:21
"sean4080- Sahin is going to Dortmund. The deal is nearly done. He refused to travel to Mansfield. He expects to be in the first team forgetting the fact that you have to earn the right to be picked to represent our great club. No room for ego's at LFC."
9th Jan 2013 16:28
"Great news! Well done Andre! Delighted that such a young talent like you committed his future to our beloved LFC! I hope that many more years ahead will wait for you to play with the Red shirt and that your contributions to the club will keep improving and progressing! Another piece of the jigsaw stuck to us! YNWA Andre Wisdom"
9th Jan 2013 16:38
"Rushjob. Is that about Sahin refusing to travel for real? If so then I hope he does go. I agree about egos having no place at LFC - we want players with hunger to play whenever and wherever the manager says."
9th Jan 2013 16:39
" the same time I am sad for Nuri, I hoped he could earn the XI week by week and become the midfielder who made us tick over, but probably I was illuded! If it's true what I heard from some posters, I have to say that there's no room for big egos in the dressing room, so take the conclusions..."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
9th Jan 2013 18:10
"Important young lad for our present team and the future. YNWA"
9th Jan 2013 18:15
"Wisdom... wise choice"
9th Jan 2013 18:25
"Buddha - I'm trying to fill the void left by Ani-Road. That guy still owes me a months notice. As for GT-LFC ,I was hoping he(or she) would drop their CV into me at some point.At the moment its a close call between Powderfingers/SGM73 or GT-LFC? "
10th Jan 2013 12:32
"Good to hear. Andre's looked very promising at RB, and here i thought he was only a CB! YNWA"