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Let others Hate him more.. So that we can love him more. YNWA Luis Suarez...
6th Jan 2013 17:58
6th Jan 2013 18:00
"dunno what to say.. love suarez but.."
6th Jan 2013 18:01
"joe allen almosted costed us the game...he was awful...jonjo is a good player but he has to learn how to score..all in all we won YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 18:01
"we were lucky! kudos to mansfield! They deserved a draw! And they play in the 5th best league! !"
6th Jan 2013 18:01
"joe allen almosted costed us the game...he was awful...jonjo is a good player but he has to learn how to score..all in all we won YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 18:01
"Unlucky Mansfield who deserved a draw at the very least. We may have won but I for one am not celebrating looking at the way we won it. Happy that DS scored on his debut, this will boost his confidence no doubt. "
6th Jan 2013 18:02
"ynwa well done lads"
6th Jan 2013 18:02
"well taken goal bit fourtunate to win .where thro"
6th Jan 2013 18:02
"They came at us hard but well done lads! and Congrats to Daniel! 1 of many for the future! Whoever thought he wouldn't be good for us is delirious! YNWA"
LIVERPOOL ghal dejjem
6th Jan 2013 18:03
"Oh my God that was almost a David and Goliath film. BR almost risked it.Hope next time We'll be a full team.Well done Sturridge. I wanted to see both Daniel and Luis in front to see what it looks like. Good luck REDS for your next match."
6th Jan 2013 18:04
"Great result for the lads and all the supporters mostly the victory is for the families and the 96 who perished.ynwa forever a red."
6th Jan 2013 18:06
"Great way for Sturridge to start life at Anfield. Goals breed confidence and confidence fuels form, especially for strikers, so hopefully this is the first of many for Daniel this season. "
6th Jan 2013 18:07
"memories of stoke... we need to learn how to play against these sorts of teams. Anyhow, job done. Good bye mansfield and the oddest looking couple likely to run a football club. "
6th Jan 2013 18:08
"Get a goal in the 7th minute and think ;we are going to batter these!'. Bit of a joke really. We need to get the killer instinct! Teams get more confident the more time goes on. Come on lads. Sort it out."
6th Jan 2013 18:10
"Brad Jones Man of the Match"
6th Jan 2013 18:12
"Love Suarez, very talented, good to see the Daniel get a goal YNWA, go Reds!"
6th Jan 2013 18:12
"A wins a win but credit to Mansfield, they played really well in the second half."
6th Jan 2013 18:15
"Glad we are through, but that second half performance was very poor. I think this game highlights the fact that Allen is not good enough and nor is Shelvey. We lost the battle in the center of the park because of those two. Nice to see Sturridge out there and score and he will only get better, which bodes well for us."
6th Jan 2013 18:17
"and in the end as for the main man, Suarez cant own up to the ball hitting his hand can he, no one else would and thats a fact! he played to the whistle! I think it bounced onto his hand and he did the rest! refs fault for allowing it! "
6th Jan 2013 18:18
"it was a bad pitch so i can understand that it was hard to play football on but joe allen has to lift his game. joe no doubt has talent but he needs to eat some shredded wheat or something!"
6th Jan 2013 18:19
"hard to take a positive from that. bullied by a non-league team,9th in their division, and win it with a dubious goal.we have far too many passengers at this club, on and off the pitch. Allen is out of his depth and its a level too far for a few others too. and its the manure next!!"
ger red
6th Jan 2013 18:20
"we were on the right side of some poor decisions by the ref.Mansfield deserved a replay, but it's handy if you have Suarez on the bench YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 18:21
"Poor, but win is a win. MOM: Jones. Srurridge was good, to note that he has a special good understanding with Shelvey. Carra was good. Robinson and Coates need matches, they are rusty. Let's move on, bring Mancs! YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 18:23
"We played a team with the quality of Mansfield, so expect what you see. Perfect win for then young lads. I loved the teams performance in the first half. The second half was dreadful. Suarez, PMSL, you cheater! Sturridge was brilliant!"
6th Jan 2013 18:25
"He's dealing damage by behaving like this. Ruining our reputation of a great club! what are we, f**king cheating manure? noooo, Suarez, learn what fair play and liverpool way is all about."
6th Jan 2013 18:31
"We can see how SG is going to love playing with Sturridge. He will be able to thread balls through at leisure and rely on his pace to cause untold problem for the opposing defence. With the trickery of Suarez, we will have a potent attacking force to reckon with. "
6th Jan 2013 18:35
"Why didnt rodgers play suarez & sturidge & sterling together he could have played the 3 of them blow mansfield out the water should have put the strongest team out then use the same team against manure or was he lookin to see if he needs to bring more players in while the windows open "
6th Jan 2013 18:36
"It was a good, gritty win. Considering other so-called top clubs have struggled, have replays, we are through, so what if luis was a handball? sometimes you get the breaks, sometimes you dont.Its a lot harder sometimes playing clubs who pretty much have nothing to lose. To say we should have won better is disrespectful to mansfield. We beat what was in front of us. nothin eles matters."
katie l
6th Jan 2013 18:36
"cubbs admire their manager goal or not we won joe allen nearly cost us y n w a"
6th Jan 2013 18:36
"Good to see Sturridge get his Liverpool career going. As for the rest? Well a win is a win. We're through. And i suppose its time a few decisions went our way. Definate hand ball. Harsh on Mansfield but credit to the way they played from start to finish."
Champions Of Europe
6th Jan 2013 18:37
"An old fashioned tête-à-tête for an FA cup tie. A young LFC side vs a determined Mansfield side on a dubious pitch. Came through it almost unscathed, but no doubt the Suarez goal will get the headlines instead of Daniel's promising debut. Well done lads & sorry to Mansfield for knocking you out in that manner."
6th Jan 2013 18:37
"On a pitch more suited for rugby and against a team that resembled a rugby team, we did as well as possible. This was not a game for the purists, although, the link up play between Jonjo and Sturridge showed great promise and is a pointer to how SG will be pivotal. Well done lad under severe conditions. "
6th Jan 2013 18:39
"it looks worse in slow motion and i think it was a ricoshe accidental but what can you do the ref and his officials should of seen it not Suarez's fault "
6th Jan 2013 18:40
"If joe allen is worth 15 million im elvis presley!"
6th Jan 2013 18:41
"lay off suarez...anyone can see it wasnt deliberate. we are through and most are moaning. so fed up of fickle fans. support liverpool football club. that includes all the players staff and manager.if you cant dont call yourselves a fan of this great club "
6th Jan 2013 18:42
"this criticism of Joe Allen is out of order, the pitch was terrible to play on... ok he was average today but so were most of the team! he's not out of his depth or anything stupid like that"
6th Jan 2013 18:45
"gsarret 18.25 leave suarez alone he only did what 99.9% of footballers would do. good win ynwa."
Champions Of Europe
6th Jan 2013 18:46
"I don't condone a handball goal, esp against 'minnows', but maybe against ManPuke, but how many blatant penalties has Luis been robbed of this season - even if he admitted it the goal would still have stood because the officials missed it. Cliche: all decisions balance themselves out over a season."
6th Jan 2013 18:46
"Tis a pity that Suarez handball is going to over shadow this game. Its an unfortunate episode but that is what you get with a genius. He didn't mean to do it but it would have been sporting if he had owned up, which would have gone down really well with all concerned. "
6th Jan 2013 18:48
"good 1st half poor 2nd but when was last time over half todays team played 90mins and it showed, the media will have a field day."
6th Jan 2013 18:51
"the Suarez handball wasn't deliberate either, it was a ricoshe... the ball was deflected at pace"
6th Jan 2013 18:53
"Not one to make LFC fans proud, should have been a draw, at least one of the four handballs should have been called. I also get sick of people complaining about BR rotating the squad, you have to with the amount of games they play, you would completely burn out your best players if you didn't."
6th Jan 2013 18:53
"Well done lads! The job is done, a bit disappointed for the global performance, specially in the second half we were totally outplayed and missed the control of the game, but we created many chances to kill the game early on and were not clinical! Our midfield were really poor except for the performance of Jonjo Shelvey who looked pretty sharp! by the way, where is Nuri Sahin?... YNWA Reds"
SGM 73
6th Jan 2013 18:54
"We won and the plastic daggers are out. Lord knows what the reaction would have been if we'd drawn or lost. Petty and pedantic is what sums up many of the people and their comments. Give it a rest for once.. It's draining reading all the constant negativity on this site. Start your own website and leave this one to supporters...."
6th Jan 2013 18:54
"Cue the media witch hunt cus it was suarez.Imagine if it was van persie it wouldnt even make the match report. I can now imagine fergie coming out and saying the match should be replayed."
6th Jan 2013 18:55
"bean90: Maybe you're right about 99% but then again, why shouldn't we be that special and admit a handball's a handball? I mean it wasn't deliberate, it was a deflection, but why didn't he come to refs and said that? I'm disappointed with this win. Would rather accept a draw than an unfair win. Should be 4-1 or 5-1 instead of 2-1!"
6th Jan 2013 18:56
"yes let the haters hate we love you luis y n w a "
Champions Of Europe
6th Jan 2013 18:58
"SGM 73: well delivered my friend. Sadly, I feel some alleged fans thrive on negativity. It really riles me, but they'll always be there in the dark pits of doom."
6th Jan 2013 18:58
"... Suarez was called "cheat" by Mansfield supporters after his hand-ball goal, but these are things that happen and we will keep supporting Luis and love him even after a so controversial event YNWA Luis Suarez!!"
6th Jan 2013 19:01
"VOCALIST3 you were discusting for posting about joe cole on mansfield tribute page. no scrupels. as for game did we expect anything else but mansfield giving 100% on a poor pitch in crappy conditions? respect to mansfield. also lay off luis. it wasnt deliberate and time we had bit of luck. it wasn't great but a much changed team and we are through. thats what matters.YNWA & J4T96"
6th Jan 2013 19:01
" - Your comment has left me all shook up.At least we didn't surrender.With El Toro out(big loss)left big boots to fill.Heres some sound advice. Stop,look,listen.You need a change of habit,padre.Let me tell you when santa claus is back in town we will be in the top 4.YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
6th Jan 2013 19:03
"gsarret: we don't know if he has admitted it to the ref. Even if he had after it happened, the goal would have stood because the officials missed it. I agree, its not the way you'd like to win, but we've been on the end of many losses with similar things happening. BR has admitted in interview that it was a blatant handball."
6th Jan 2013 19:03
"mansfield really gave liverpool players a run for thier money! nice goal from sturridge but suarez always saving us from upsets."
Billy B girl
6th Jan 2013 19:05
"Heard Coates may be going on loan for experience - would suggest BR also adds Allen £15m a joke! Well done Daniel hope your goal is one of many to come - BR should have left him on with Suarez ???"
6th Jan 2013 19:06
"I think 'projection is when someone subconsciously realises that a particular trait applies to them, and then attempts to locate that trait in others, so as to alleviate the stigma or self-doubt engendered by the trait in question"
6th Jan 2013 19:07
"i agree with nickofells we need to learn how to deal with teams like these. they played very direct n long balls nothing wrong with that but its the way we were pressurised by this especially in second half that worries me. i actually felt they deserved a draw."
6th Jan 2013 19:10
"also chuffed to bits for D.S and getting his goal on debut. so many fans will have to say sorry for not wanting him. keep it up daniel. mancs next same again please.YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 19:27
"GT-LFC- I THINK you are my new favourite poster along with Powderfingers a very close 2nd."
6th Jan 2013 19:38
"GT-LFC and HanleyTown - A little less conversation please and a little more action."
Afrika Kop
6th Jan 2013 19:41
"Glad that we won when playing a team that can cause upset to anyone in a cup match of this size. And the Suarez goal is a goal. Accidental handball which happened when we were on the attack in a flush. Hate ers can have their one sided war. "
6th Jan 2013 19:41
"So luis should have said "er excuse me sir we dont want the win?" firstly we have to win and secondly we can worry about fair play and doing it the right way etc. because no one else ever went to the ref and said "yes i stamped on luis and he deserves the penalty" did they? You cant have one set of rules for LFC and another for the rest of the league. No controversy here... just a hard fought win."
6th Jan 2013 19:45
"ChampionsOfEurope: Yeah, already read the interviews from both gaffers. Still disappointed we didn't thrash this team. Hope we do it in the next game!"
6th Jan 2013 19:47
"NEW GENERATION fans have no clue about the game. There is something called an Accidental/unintentional Handball, which is solely the prerogative of the ref to give or not "The referee typically does NOT award a foul if the handball is accidental. If the ball hits the hand or arm, it is considered accidental." There you go mansfield and the rest. Sorry he's not a cheat. "
6th Jan 2013 19:48
"FIFA RULES State : The referee typically does NOT award a foul if the handball is accidental. If the ball hits the hand or arm, it is considered accidental."
6th Jan 2013 19:55
"Rajusa - Fair point mate, It did look accidental. For some reason though the ball always seems to make a bee-line for Luis hand, like the time it did Uruguay vs Ghana.LOL"
6th Jan 2013 19:57
"When Luis kisses his wrist its a clever disguise as what he's actually doing is switching off his electro-magent."
6th Jan 2013 19:57
"Horrid field conditions, my biggest fear was injuries on this cow pasture. "
6th Jan 2013 20:00
"gsarret are you serious if you watch it in slow motion the ball hits of his hand and goes in he didnt punch it into the net or deliberately handle it he actully pulls his hand back out of the way but its already in the back of the net what do you want him to do go tell the ref it hit his hand and went in so it should not be a goal get a grip man and stop putting down our top goal scorer"
6th Jan 2013 20:07
"tigerstyle: I never said it was done on purpose! I know the ball hit his arm, I know it was the deflection, but, well.. at least he could have apologized for that to the fans of Mansfield who paid beautiful tribute to 96!"
6th Jan 2013 20:11
6th Jan 2013 20:15
"gsarret you need to read your statement again as you compare it to f*c*ing cheating. do players apologise to suarez when they kick him or cheat? no its called football. YNWA come on luis punish those mancs."
6th Jan 2013 20:16
6th Jan 2013 20:18
"and b4 people mention about suarez biting an opponent. HE WAS HUNGRY. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 20:18
"We got through! That's all that matters at the moment. Good to see DS score. Allen looked poor again."
6th Jan 2013 20:20
"bring on oldham"
6th Jan 2013 20:24
"s s and s up front sunday"
6th Jan 2013 20:27
"Thanks for scoring on your debut Daniel won me 90 quid cheers lad "
6th Jan 2013 20:29
"Plyno1Red. Luis's local had run out of Pork scratchings actually and rather than wait until the landlord stocked up he thought he'd have the closest thing."
6th Jan 2013 21:38
"The fact that suarez kicked the ball into the net from frustration showed he expected the decision against him. It is hardly his fault that the ref gave it."
7th Jan 2013 1:56
"if you all comment to be better than joe allen, please play on his behalf. Please consider the following, smaller & poorer pitch compare to that in anfield. if you can play on a wet and poor surface, salutes to you ... till then shankly said don't support the team if they win when you don't support in hard times."
7th Jan 2013 3:37
"i am ashamed with suarez's goal..thats cheating and i really wished Mansfield could have scored their second goal!!"
7th Jan 2013 4:26
"A lacklustre performance."
7th Jan 2013 4:42
"joe allen awful... jonjo was jogging in the field... lucky it was 2-1 "
7th Jan 2013 7:46
"Dead right LFC THRU (20.11 & 20.16). Luis was half waiting for the ref to blow when he half-heartedly planted it in, but no! 'oh well, for once that one went my way' About frickin' time! The officials and FA have 'ucked us over so many times it's about time. If they're not going to use the technology at their disposal then TOUGH! We're through!"