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oopa gangman style
6th Jan 2013 15:38
kushal lfc7
6th Jan 2013 15:40
Champions Of Europe
6th Jan 2013 15:42
"They've been a bogie team in the past, lets whup Mansfield & do Oldham next."
6th Jan 2013 15:43
"Lets forget about Oldham for now and concentrate on the job in hand. "
6th Jan 2013 15:52
"once mansfield are out of the way we can think of oldham. one game at a time but we need to keep winning which we are well capable of. come on you reds. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 16:03
6th Jan 2013 16:55
"Should that not be LIVERPOOL to play oldham!!!!! :-) "
6th Jan 2013 18:21
"Should be another walk in the park......just like today. Whose after Oldham....I wonder."
6th Jan 2013 18:28
"Seriously easy game. Don't play such a bad squad, and we can win. Not all the regulars, just a few seniors. STURRIDGE FTW! He has many years to come, a true PRO! :D"
6th Jan 2013 18:34
"Hope we go all the way to the finals and win it! YNWA!"
6th Jan 2013 19:01
"good draw but minnows teams are always fearable at home as today has confirmed! Let's hope the lads play a better performance in the next round!"
6th Jan 2013 21:32
"i said if we dont we by atleast 10-nil we would cost dearly for it and we should have we played so poor..hopefully we crush utd then another..then oldham"
6th Jan 2013 22:02
"Congrads! But be cautioned. No team in cup matches are to be taken for granted. They are capable of upsets we all know better. Time being let's focus on our next League match in hand. YNWA!!"
Red Yank 1969
6th Jan 2013 22:33
"Congrats on the Ugly win. Nice goal by Sturridge. Very sloppy pitch. Hate to say it, Coates struggled. Was hoping that he would do well. Joe Allen was horrendous, got owned by part time players. Gave the ball away nemerous times and again, easily pushed off the ball. Suso ineffective as well. Lets beat Manure...YNWA "
7th Jan 2013 1:12
"Irritating to see "supporter(s)" still bashing the club over Cole deal. ManU on the horizon and still stuck in the past. Get over it."
7th Jan 2013 5:48
"PoolboyUSA- you must please excuse some of our supporters for pretending to know what they are talking about. Cole was going no where slowly. We obviously wanted to "cut" our losses and move on. Besides we will never be privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes. We have put Cole out of his misery. Well done BR. "
7th Jan 2013 9:22
"Beat Oldham (which we should do) and wer in the hat for the 5th round- the last 16. Like last season, I feel that we are a good cup side. Top4 personally I feel is out of our reach- Manu, Chelski, City Spurs (no particular order) The FA Cup and Europa will be the best chance of silverware. "
7th Jan 2013 9:22
"Often criticised competi-tions but equally I would much rather a day out in Wembley or a Europa cup final than finishing 4th and winning nowt. Ask any Arsenal fan starved of any trophies for the last 8 years what they would prefer and they would say the same thing! Sadly many MODERN fans have become obsessed with finances like owners and frown upon domestic cups and so on. "
7th Jan 2013 10:25
"Look back if you wish? its statistic were in the next round, typical FA Cup blood and thunder! Move on or move out YNWA Liverpool manure next. "