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Dont let us go down the same road as we did with Sammi Hypia, offer him a playing contract with coaching duties initially helping coach the young players
6th Jan 2013 10:41
6th Jan 2013 10:46
"Quick point of view, Carra and Gerrard ARE LFC family i hope u feel like one someday to and if u are reveared half as much as them 2 BR you wont of done a bad job"
6th Jan 2013 10:53
"I would like to see him rewarded with a player/coach contract - he is LFC to the core. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 10:59
"Really need JC to stay even if its behind the scenes. He never had pace but reads the game superbly. Got the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Can pass his knowledge on to the likes of Coates."
6th Jan 2013 11:05
"Our next Manager! Jamie Carragher. Bootles finest."
6th Jan 2013 11:06
"Deserves a new contract, whether as a player, coach or as a player/coach."
6th Jan 2013 11:12
"Carra for sure leads by example on any yougster who is going to face the professional career, for his work ethic, the commitment to the club, the consistence of his professionality. Should it be for me, he would play up till when he will overcome Ian Callaghan as number of presence in Red shirt! Nonetheless I see him as a future coach to grow the young talents in the Academy YNWA Carra Legend"
6th Jan 2013 11:20
"heres a chance for the yanks to put things right with the fans coz they made a right up buyin carroll (KD did not want to play him and BR not wanting him) give carra a scouting job and go from there dont let this legend go "
6th Jan 2013 11:28
"I hope Sami Hypia is coming back at some point in the future. Doing so well with Leverkusen as coach. Carra will do the same, that lad is just unbelieveable! "
6th Jan 2013 11:28
"I agree with many others, i think a player/coach contract like lower league players have would be perfect. I think he should learn his coaching by getting involved with the younger lads and should be guaranteed cup appearances, as he can't be guaranteed league starts over Agger or Skrtel. JC is a legend, give him 18 months more."
6th Jan 2013 11:30
"I remember reading in his autobiography that if he wasnt choosen regularly he would move on to another club I hope thats not the case but I think BR can choose him more often then he has. I want to see carra win the le as a player before his playing time comes to an end."
6th Jan 2013 11:33
"Carra needs to stay we need to get the old boot room mentality back, he is Liverpool through and through."
6th Jan 2013 11:40
"I suppose Rodgers feels he has to keep Carragher on side in case he does the dirty on him like he did to Rafa. This must be the only reason the past it Carragher gets a game in front of Coates."
Coolock Red
6th Jan 2013 11:40
"Defo a future manager.Would be super at the acadamy who better to teach the kids about what it means to be part of a real footballing family .But not just yet still has a big part to play.YNWA."
6th Jan 2013 11:52
"Agree Bearplant with have NO bootroom at all. When Carra finally hangs em up and Gerrard they should def move into coaching. Id like to see Danny Murphy one day if he desires coaching and definatly God back as a coach"
6th Jan 2013 11:54
"he should be the next manager of LFC, he will be brilliant, sign a new contract please Jamie"
6th Jan 2013 11:58
"Please stay on Carra. Your presence in invaluable to our team. Specially when we have new players coming in & youngsters been bred in. We supporters love you sir. LEGEND!"
6th Jan 2013 12:25
"We all dream of a team of Carraghers :) YNWA JC"
6th Jan 2013 12:27
" Carra has respect from all quarters. With his knowledge, experience ability, dedication and devotion he is definately managerial material. A true servant to LFC."
6th Jan 2013 12:31
"jamie has made 20 appearances which is more than some. still need him as back up or for when we are closing games out. also has a wealth of experience to pass on to coates etc so still a vital part to play for LFC in next few years. hopefully a clean sheet whoever plays today and lots of goals. 200th game if skertel plays well done. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 12:34
"without out doubt would love him to stay but in a coaching role ynwa"
6th Jan 2013 12:36
"New players and youth players at LFC can learn so much from Carra both on and off the pitch. I hope he will be at the club for many years to come in whatever role he chooses. "
6th Jan 2013 12:45
"Legend indeed"
6th Jan 2013 12:48
"I forgot that yesterday was Dani Pacheco birthday, so I wish him a happy birthday now! Happy 22nd birthday Dani! YNWA Dani Pacheco"
6th Jan 2013 12:57
6th Jan 2013 12:59
"I go by the consensus that seems to have formed here that Carra deserves a player--coach contract. He is a walking footy encyclopedia, could be an important consuent in LFC's future plans. That said, Rodgers also needs to find a way to shoehorn Coates in the current setup."
6th Jan 2013 13:09
"Jamie Carragher will always be an important part of LFC,and should be encouraged to carry on at the club using his vast knowledge and expertise and passion for the club for the building of future players coming through Liverpools gates "
6th Jan 2013 13:19
"We need him to stay for many reasons. Still need him playing,sets a great example,great motivator and he's Scouse."
6th Jan 2013 13:24
"Carra should be a Liverpool (youth team or senior team?) coach. If he wants that is. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 13:31
"Carra in you we trust YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 13:32
"I agree with icky he needs to remain at the club in some form, some time on the pitch but becoming more involved in the boot room learning the ropes to eventually become part of the staff, forever a member of our red family. A true pro, His knowledge and experience is very important to the club. "
6th Jan 2013 13:33
"Carra -player/youth defence coach? Then later on Carra-1st team defensive coach, god-forward coach, Sami-Manager and Gerrard-superman coach!"
6th Jan 2013 13:43
"Tricky one for Brendan to manage - the old veteran footballer who has the knowledge and experience but the legs are going. And the young up and coming coach with lots of potential and much to learn. Lets hops we get it right this time - cos we didn't with Sami and that was a loss to the club!"
6th Jan 2013 13:43
6th Jan 2013 13:48
"Carra is part of the DNA of this club. His loyalty to LFC is never doubted.He will be a great ambassador to the club whatever he does. Lets hope he's got a couple of years as a player left so him and SG can lift that ti.tle."
6th Jan 2013 13:56
"BR - from the get go you have shown tremendous appreciation for the history and tradition of the club. We want to see a continuity in whatever it is you are trying to instill here. I would like to see u make Carra and SG your protege. I would like for certain building blocks of the past like the boot room culture re-installed. Pls help make Phase 2 of Carra and SG journey begin."
6th Jan 2013 14:11
"'Only' 20 appearances!? I think that's a good amount for a 34-years old veteran. Considering Suarez has made 'only' 27 appearances!"
Captain Can
6th Jan 2013 14:20
"Give carra a coaching role and start giving coates some game time. it's a joke bringing carra on and were 3-0 up.carra should be sitting with the coaches discussing tactics and coates should be comming of the bench and learning his trade.."
6th Jan 2013 14:29
"our new player/coach hopefully also think seb coates deserves more playing time the lad is class "
6th Jan 2013 18:16
"Hope Jamie will be at the club for a long time to come as both player and coach. I think he could end up being a top manager one day as he reads a game so well. Brendan's assistant manager of the future. Good luck Jamie YNWA"