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GREEEEAAAAT News!!!! Finally arabs liverpool fans get some recognition !!!! Hopefully more will come to liverpool fans in middle east, hopefully we will be able to see liverpool fc in friendly match soon in the middle east region.. A match in Dubai will be ideal to the fans here .. Who are huge base of fans by the way!!
4th Jan 2013 18:30
4th Jan 2013 19:27
"Great way to connect with arab fans from all over the world...from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ... peace & 1 love :)"
4th Jan 2013 21:24
"excellent news,thank you YNWA."
5th Jan 2013 0:12
"LFC please take Sneijder!!!"
5th Jan 2013 9:40
"1. Great things that you've been doing recentyl with the foreign language twitter feeds. 2.LFC please DON'T take Sneijder, complete waste of money (as i'm sure you know)"
5th Jan 2013 11:08
"Ahlan wa barhaban...very good news indeed."
5th Jan 2013 11:49
"Great idea. I have a few arab fans who are Liverpool mad. They say that Liverpool are well supported in their home countries of Lybia and Morrocco. Great now that for many non English speaking fans they can now have the chance to gain more of an insight to their favourite club. "
5th Jan 2013 16:08
"What is "investor wanted" in arabic? Only joking, God bless fsg!!!"
5th Jan 2013 17:03
"Now let's have a Maltese Twitter account."
5th Jan 2013 23:14
"Congratz!! still waiting for LFC Malaysia twitter. willing to help thou "