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:-( not getting any luck Jose, wishing you a speedy recovery...
4th Jan 2013 14:30
4th Jan 2013 14:35
4th Jan 2013 14:35
"Real pity. Downing to fill in wit Sturridge taking his place in the front three?"
4th Jan 2013 14:36
"not good news...especially considering how long it took him to get back his match fitness last time he was out of the team!! hopefully he recovers and hits the ground running this time...until then it's a chance for Andre and Jack to get some playing time! Does anyone know when Kelly is due back? YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 14:37
"wish you a sharp and fit recovery. Reds Funshow from Nigeria"
4th Jan 2013 14:43
"Hope for a speedy recovery because you are our best LB. "
4th Jan 2013 14:46
"RazKop - Martin Kelly has a Cruciate Ligament Rupture and will still be out for a few months. "
4th Jan 2013 14:46
"Get well soon Jose.YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 14:52
"why is the LB position always a problem for us since Riise left ? "
4th Jan 2013 14:52
"We needed cover in the left back slot and this still hasn't been addressed maybe Robinson can come in and do a job as downing doesn't fill me with confidence the squad is still a bit short on personnel so expect BR to bring someone in"
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Jan 2013 15:00
"That's a big blow, but it's Andre Wisdom's time now, he's a very good defender! YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 15:11
"Speedy recovery REDMan, know your heart is red. You were at the peak of your game enough cover till you come back. YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 15:33
"andre wisdom at right back has to be the option as sd has been very influential in our recent improvement, he is linking well with suarez and sg. we have the option to use sd or agger as we had to last season but that would disrupt the whole team for one injury."
4th Jan 2013 15:35
"Johnson and Wisdom are doing well in the positions and Downing has finally started to click further forward so I wouldn't have him as left back. Robinson can fill in if necessary. Sturridge will play as centre forward with Luis given a roaming roll. Raheem will be rested and come on as sub when necessary."
4th Jan 2013 15:43
"Bad news. We will meet with Man U within 2 weeks. Johnson or Downing will probably take care of left back and they will be beaten by Flying Vincent. Get Carrager or Cote in to strengthen the defense."
4th Jan 2013 15:47
"Now we need a LB immediately! Sign one, FSG! "
4th Jan 2013 15:48
"This is better news than I expected. When I heard "torn hamstring"I was cncerned it would end his season. Glad to hear it's only "up to 6 weeks". Y.N.W.A. Jose. You've opened my eyes this year with some slpendid play."
4th Jan 2013 15:48
"I've got to say - Wisdom had an excellent game against Sunderland. He looked confident on the ball, he understood his role well and I think he deserves a run in the team whilst Enrique is injured. Put Glen at LB and Wisdom at RB."
4th Jan 2013 15:50
"Ergo Proxy: We beeded a veteran backup there anyway if Robinson wasn't going t get regular time. Wisdom played excellent this week but you just can;t beat Johnson on the right. "
4th Jan 2013 16:25
"o dear... get well soon..."
4th Jan 2013 16:28
"Damn !"
4th Jan 2013 16:43
"oh great:("
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
4th Jan 2013 17:09
"Surely we should be in the market for another left/full/wing back, we are LFC and we have to play youngsters there?? We need 2 top players fighting for 1 position. Not saying isnt as good but against Utd-Arsenal-City all away surely we could use with the likes of Cisokho or Bassong... What's this about no more signings, once is not needed. We have Sterling,Suso,Borini,Sturridge"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
4th Jan 2013 17:16
"Wisdom is good but not exceptional, of course he still young Robinson needs games which we can't afford to giveright now..Johnson will soon pick an injury and then what ?? FSG hurry and give Brendan 20k.. We need a top draw defender, go for Squillaci lmao"
4th Jan 2013 17:40
"Its happened again with Enrique! These injuries are ruining our left flank."
4th Jan 2013 17:51
"What a pity Jose! You will be missed for so long time and we will praise you the most now that you won't be there! Get well soon lad! Work as hard as you can to accelerate your recovery! YNWA Jose Enrique"
Liverpool NY
4th Jan 2013 18:00
"Speedy recovery How about Borini and Kelly?"
4th Jan 2013 18:23
"Get well soon Jose :) YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 18:39
"Said it before the way he jolts himself when taking the ball out there is no wonder why he pulled his hamstring, if he just stretched out and cleared the ball it wouldnt have happened. lets hope a quicker recovery..."
4th Jan 2013 18:40
"johnson and downing for that position. No probs at all. Get well Jose."
4th Jan 2013 19:40
"Yet we won't do much business in the winter...FSG is clean on this, strictly BR's decision...pray he doesn't regret it. YNWA!"
4th Jan 2013 20:08
"Get well soon Jose. Will miss you. Come back strong."
Dede 7
4th Jan 2013 20:23
"so sad. i expected him sooner coz we have tricky fixtures in Jan and early Feb. Quick recovery Joze. YNWA."
Champions Of Europe
4th Jan 2013 20:24
"Gutted for the lad; playing his best football now & out of the team when we have been at our most potent - must be torture watching from the sidelines Jose - can't wait for your return, but only when you're fully ready. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 20:41
"Real shame, just broke in to form and now he'll miss a huge chunk of games. "
4th Jan 2013 21:22
"real shame but we must cope and show that we can continue to perform when we have to change things around. we have to keep winning as many games as we can. we can beat anyone on our day. come on you reds.YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 21:34
"Get well soon. One of the best LB's around. "
4th Jan 2013 21:35
"Jose - Wishing you a speedy recovery:-)))"
4th Jan 2013 21:39
"nooo! wishing you a speedy recovery jose :) "
4th Jan 2013 23:09
"WE can use yiu back Jose, get well soon fella "
4th Jan 2013 23:34
"Wisdom/skrtel/Coates/Agger "
4th Jan 2013 23:38
"Glen/Lucas/Henderson / Downing"
4th Jan 2013 23:40
"Sturridge / Suarez"
4th Jan 2013 23:53
"Or we are going to give a chance to Robinson or we should sign a left full back (or bring back Wilson from loan). We need Johnson on the right and Downing is not a full back and will never become one. YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 0:00
"Al the good luck Jose. Hope return in top gorm like you did last time. "
5th Jan 2013 0:03
"Hopefully Robbo will get his real first team chance finally. Wisdom did a great job, but is not a real back. Hope Jack gets a few games in PL."
5th Jan 2013 1:58
"he was just getting a run of good games under his belt as well :( ..."
5th Jan 2013 2:36
"Bad news! He just got his season going. What a run over the last handful of games. Get back soon, lad! YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 4:00
"He's an asset to us from his current form now! But Johnson as LB is still my best... lethal and speedy! If could add that little bit of accuracy... that will be perfect! "
5th Jan 2013 8:10
"Jose Enrique.. No.#1 Spanian in the world, since last year your one of the most important elements that our team Reli on, overall you are the best. we never know what is the best for as , looks like you got your self extra time with your new born child and family, lucky you jose, i wish you a perfect recovery from your injury, get back soon spanian. YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 8:38
"Wishing you the speediest recovery possible...YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 15:45
"I think Liverpool should sign Paco Montanes. He is a great footballer playing for Zaragoza in Spain. He is right-footed, but plays as a left winger. He is the best in his team, and has scored sebveral goals this season. He is worth around 1 million pounds, which is quite good. I leave you a fantastic goal from him: What do you think about it?"