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Another really deserved for Luis! but think that Stevie G would have deserved it also, so I see them as co-winners of the award! Luis and Stevie are serious candidates for the nomination to POTS at the end of the current campaign! Keep going so lads! YNWA
4th Jan 2013 14:23
4th Jan 2013 14:54
"Well done deserve it. We need you more than you know. Now please dont give the boss a hard time about resting. This league can be very unforgiving sometimes. Please take a break when he tells you....dont worry YOU WILL top the charts this year.You dont need 90 minutes to do your magic.....only a couple. We love you because you love LFC.....THEN U LOVE US. "
4th Jan 2013 17:35
"I just don't know what those 54% not voting for Luis were thinking? :)"
4th Jan 2013 18:46
"Nuri Sahin worth 20 million cant even get a game infront of Jordan Henderson beyond me"
4th Jan 2013 20:17
"Rodgers probably voted for Jo Allen LOL"
4th Jan 2013 23:57
"Think Steven Gerrard deserved to be the MOTM. Suarez played again very well but for me it's not just the goals that counts. By the way, is there a 'assist of the season' also? If yes, Stevie is a contender. "
5th Jan 2013 21:52
"This vote was a joke. I went on to vote but the voting area said it was closed at 2am when the game finished only a little over 4 hours earlier and number of votes cast was about 204?? Not able to vote the following day neither. Would have voted for Luis but our techs need to get this voting =sorted as a number of us have been having issues. "