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Well said BR and good luck for the weekend!
4th Jan 2013 15:37
4th Jan 2013 15:38
"of course there is pressure on him we want goals from him"
4th Jan 2013 15:39
"No pressure from me either. But, I expect at least a goal from him."
4th Jan 2013 15:42
"we are with u brendan..we are def moving in right direction..loss to villa was necessary..that provided a reality check..else players would have been over confident.let's build steadily in every transfer sure top 6 is the target..agree we are top4 club but that will take brendan we trust..OPPA BRENDAN STYLE"
4th Jan 2013 16:00
"Quite right Brendan but we cant wait, heres hoping this comes together quickly."
4th Jan 2013 16:00
"Quite right Brendan but we cant wait, heres hoping this comes together quickly."
4th Jan 2013 16:14
"It will be a difficult tie, as it always is against lower league opposition. Their players will get a buzz out of winning their one on one duels but we haven't got to let it unsettle us - just need to relax and they'll soon start to make too many rash challenges and mistakes. Ultimately they'll run out of energy and then we'll pounce!"
4th Jan 2013 16:14
"I thot this is the easiest fixture for his first hatrick."
4th Jan 2013 16:15
"Bring Sturridge on after 70 mins and he could get himself a debut goal - RESULT!"
4th Jan 2013 16:28
"I wonder how many original players will be left by the time he has finished ? Stevie and Jamie will be the next ones surplus to requirements I suppose............"
4th Jan 2013 16:28
"do all as u want... we all need is a win..."
4th Jan 2013 16:49
"agree buck would like to see ngoo or yesil get on the bench and coates to start with sahin hopefully but what do i know brendans the boss and i'm 100% behind him YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 16:59
"Where should Borini play now when comes on?"
4th Jan 2013 17:06
"Rodgers... Where the hell is Coates?? He never had a chance... Why is Carragher on top of him? "
4th Jan 2013 17:40
"well said BR! put a strong XI next Sunday, a good mix between youngsters and senior players should grant us with the right approach to the game that we will go through the next round and prepare for the United clash in the right way and with the right atude! Good luck for Sunday BR and all the lads! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 18:52
"Please don't start with him. He has had practically no game time at all...definitely not match fit. He would need to work extra hard in training to get match fit and get up to speed with our system. I would stick him in the academy for a couple of games if need be. Playing him would be giving ammunition to the sceptics if he battles with the pace of the game and don't score. "
4th Jan 2013 19:42
"the other side is start him and he scores and confidence is then sky high. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 20:07
"What are you talking about Rodgers - You bought him to score goals didnt you????? Hes failed at City & Chelsea - do you expect him to just do nothing and take the money???? What sort of Manager are you??????"
4th Jan 2013 20:36
"RopMange? Stupid question Everybody is asking for a new striker.. When there is one coming in you're moaning.. LFC need players fighting for their places! We are the best team in the world! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 20:44
"Great humble speech. Back this with humiliating performance on the pitch. Target: 0-9! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 21:11
"The potential is there for Sturridge and Suarez to form a deadly striking combination. BR is a good technician and he can develop hungry players."
4th Jan 2013 22:31
"Who would buy anything new for £12m, then test it in some quagmire in deepest Derbyshire?"
4th Jan 2013 23:45
"Go there with a professional approach and we should come out winners anything less and things could go drastically wrong this is mansfields cup final they will be well up for this one like no other"
4th Jan 2013 23:48
"Sturridge is not fit to face Mansfield for let say 45 minutes? Oh boy, what did they do to him at Chelsea: banned from training, running, touching the ball; forced to take vacation in December; forced to drink beer or even smoke? Come on, he must be fit enough for at least half time against lower league in cup tie. Show us our new boy! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 23:58
"Hope he plays a good team....but the Enrique injury blow will be huge against Manchester United since Kelly is also out.....hope either wisdom or downing does well....But good luck for the FA cup clash...hope to see sturridge debut even though for 10 mins....YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 0:14
"LFC please take Sneijder!!!"
5th Jan 2013 4:55
"I have been calling for Suarez to be played in other forward positions over the last year. I have argued that a player as complete as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Suarez can handle any forward attacking position and a few others besides. Let lesser players handle smaller responsibilities. This is one more thing that Mr Rodgers has got right. "
5th Jan 2013 15:45
"I think Liverpool should sign Paco Montanes. He is a great footballer playing for Zaragoza in Spain. He is right-footed, but plays as a left winger. He is the best in his team, and has scored sebveral goals this season. He is worth around 1 million pounds, which is quite good. I leave you a fantastic goal from him: What do you think about it?"
5th Jan 2013 15:59
"Enrihhe....are you his agent brother. You posted this on another page. Only fans of LFC can post on this site. No opposition parading as fans and definitely no agents. LOL"
5th Jan 2013 20:22
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