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Come on you mighty reds keep the reds train rolling along nicely.ynwa.
6th Jan 2013 10:16
6th Jan 2013 10:29
"The mist is now coming down, hope that it is not too bad later on."
6th Jan 2013 10:47
"Given the difference of pedigree there should not be a game today, but we know FA Cup and giant killing is not so unusual. The turf, the conditions of the environment, the motivations and Mansfield supporters can be all ingredients who will make slope the balance of the result to one side or to another. Let's hope it will go well for us! "
6th Jan 2013 10:55
"i know there have been cup upsets b4 but being real this should be a walkover for the reds. come on and score a hatful. YNWA"
6th Jan 2013 11:21
"Looking forward to seeing Daniel playing... We are building a good squad with the right mix of experience and youth. Building for the future. Exciting times. YNWA."
6th Jan 2013 11:43
"Got to start both Suarez AND Sturridge in this game. It is only chance to gel in proper game before the s next week and to play a weaker side would show disrespect to a side which will be at 110% for at least the first hour. We cannot afford to lose this game. Come On!!! "
Coolock Red
6th Jan 2013 11:45
"Good luck Daniel lets get your first of many goals for LFC today ."
6th Jan 2013 11:49
"This game will be useful to LS and DS to get a taster of what it is going to be like to play together before facing Utd next."
6th Jan 2013 12:04
"Prefer home matches, can get tickets for the Home matches."
6th Jan 2013 12:40
"Good luck lads and DS show em what you got kid!"
6th Jan 2013 12:42
" earlier it was mentioned that Assaidi has left for the African nations cup"
6th Jan 2013 12:56
"good luck daniel and to rest of squad. a good time to keep our momentum going and build our consistency. its a game we should win easily (no disrespect) so lets be professional and take this game like all games. give our best and we will get the result we need. come on you reds. YNWA & J4T96"
6th Jan 2013 13:07
"Guys, Mansfield is an incredibly hard team, in their form. You can diss them all you wish. Norwich, Villa, Wigan, Middrough and Wovles, and Cardiff all Made this mistake. Don't just play unused players, keep some players on. Good luck!"
6th Jan 2013 13:53
"Should be a formality...."