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Very young, very talented, hope he still has this same atude years down the track, go Reds!
4th Jan 2013 9:48
4th Jan 2013 10:07
"I like Sterling's stance - listen to the Manager and the Senior players like Stevie, Suarez and the sky will be the limit! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 10:22
"Keep working hard Raheem! keep listening to the advices of BR and your teammates! you will need them to bolster your convictions and improve as a man and as a player! Your atude looked like that right lad! You are talented and aknowledge that! YNWA Raheem Sterling"
4th Jan 2013 10:38
"Well done Raheem! Keep all the good work up! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 12:01
"I believe if keep doing what you have been the expirience and your heart will tell you the best way to go. I see you as a LFC great with time. You have the best guiding you."
4th Jan 2013 12:42
"You are with a club that has systems to guide players both on and off the field. LFC will help you develop as a player and as a man. Learn from Stevie & Jamie who have been with the club all the way. LFC has nurtured some of the most talented players in the league. YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 12:59
"Your in safe hands at LFC with the likes of BR and SG to guied you to glory, the potential is there for you to fill, good luck and keep up the good work ynwa"
4th Jan 2013 13:18
"Just imagine Raheem a few more years from now! The thought is just awesome! Think of what damage he can do to opposition teams! We must make sure we keep him for years! YNWA!"
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Jan 2013 13:25
"Keep it up lad, hope u score lots of goals for Liverpool, just listen to the manager, Stevie G and Suarez, these will help you become worldclass!! YNWA "
whacko jacko
4th Jan 2013 13:35
"raheem , sturridge , ince , suarez , shelvey , suso ,wisdom ,pacheco, robinson, assadi, kelly , n quite a few other youthfull players! Blending these guys with the experience of stevie gee , lucas, johnson , agger , skertel, hendo and at least 2 or 3 more major signings ie ,holtby n schneider n butland. Wot a top team we will have for next five seasons. GLORY N HONOURS GALORE"
4th Jan 2013 14:00
"If you do what you are saying you will be a tremendous player. Take example on gerrard. he already know who he will pass the ball before he get it. Lift your head when you play so that you can see around you and don't do like downer who crosses the ball blindly in opposite feet because he don't care where the ball is going"
Hend of
4th Jan 2013 14:10
"Off the books at last!! Good luck at West Ham Joey, we just were'nt right for each other"
4th Jan 2013 14:31
"30+mil player in a couple of seasons, be hard to hold onto if owners wanna sell"
4th Jan 2013 15:08
"Thank you Raheem for beleiving in us and wanting to be a part of our dreams and aspirations. Please continue working hard off the pitch, put in the extra shift if you have to. You certainly give the impression that you have your head screwed on right....keep your feet on the ground. Dont let them money grabbing bloodhounds otherwise known s agents sway your mind and your thoughts. WE LOVE YOU "