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Hope he can sprint in wellie - the pitch forcast for sunday is pretty bleak!! Welcome Mr Sturridge. Perhaps Ince with a loan deal with Coates the other way and Maybe give back sahin in exchange for alonso?
4th Jan 2013 8:37
4th Jan 2013 8:41
Super man
4th Jan 2013 8:47
"I cant wait to see him play for us#ynwa"
4th Jan 2013 8:48
"This could be an inspired move from Brendan. Daniel's league debut will be at Old Trout Farm too!!! Get in!! "
4th Jan 2013 8:56
"He was not even that good & rarely played at Chelsea. Heard about his atudes...hope it does not disturb the team especially with Suarez in front "
4th Jan 2013 9:12
"sorry this is a joke"
4th Jan 2013 9:23
"i just read the news from is it true br give the central striker to this boy and shifting suarez position..? come on br.. please dont do that.. suarez scored 18 times for the teams.. isnt that good enough for you..sighh"
4th Jan 2013 9:27
"We got pace and skill, what we are missing is strengh and treath in air. Call Andy back and use him!!!"
4th Jan 2013 9:37
"I hope he plays for a good portion of the game against Mansfield so that he can get a feel for the way we are playing and also get used to the players around him. Welcome again Dan, now lets see what you goy cos I'm sure that you will be good for us. YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 9:42
"forget Caroll...he wont play under Rodgers. We have enough options Suarez suits for every type of game...borini, sturridge could go for crosses in the box or counter attack games and add physicality."
4th Jan 2013 10:10
"Buy Holtby plzzzz"
4th Jan 2013 10:16
"We should be willing to pay 15m for Walcott - imagine our attacking force!! Does anyone agree? "
4th Jan 2013 10:37
"Good signing. Glad to here BR talking about other tactics as well.I hope now that those people wanting BR out will get behind the team. Their team??"
4th Jan 2013 10:54
"With a little bit more patience from the Owners (FSG), fans and players BR will get LFC to greter heights and compete for all trophies EPL, FA, CL, etc."
4th Jan 2013 10:56
"what more let me hope well for Dan is that he looks like a hungry player, a lad who left the club Champions of Europe to put himself newly in the running! quick, strong, with a more than educate left peg, he has any ingredient to come into the hearth of LFC supporters! Good signing BR! YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 10:59
"Now Theo Walcott should be a target to complete a trio of good strikers. Quality doesn't come available this often. Venger has let him down too often to trust him now."
4th Jan 2013 11:09
"I agree quality like Walcott. Does not become available often "
4th Jan 2013 11:11
"Rodgers b4 u start buming up sturidge like u did allen dont just put the kid in the team and go from there coz acordin to u allen was the dogs b......s and he dosent impress me at all so just lets sturidge get on with it "
4th Jan 2013 11:50
"Brucelee to be honest no one cares what you like i love Joe Allen he's a warrior and never gives up no matter his strength or height. I rate him highly come on Joe Allen start banging goals and show these muppets what your about they blind."
4th Jan 2013 12:14
"Well I'm excited about Dan Sturridge, like Torres he wasn't used properly ar Chelsea. he's got a wicked shot on him, just needs time to settle in,he won't be match fit,so he will be bench warming on the subs for a while. "
4th Jan 2013 12:42
"If Liverpool want to be considered as a team challenging for top 4, they need to have Sterling, Sturridge, Suarez and Gerrard playing week in week out in the starting 11. The bench would still need improving and I feel that is where the Ince signing will come in so that he can be rotated with Sterling every now and then. "
4th Jan 2013 13:05
"Luis7?9, once again I agree with you..."
4th Jan 2013 13:18
"now we have triple SSS striker, Suarez Sterling Sturridge"
Gerrard o ya beauty
4th Jan 2013 13:35
"Spot on BR I'm right behind you boss, I also see this team growing and gelling more as a team. Stoke and especially Aston Villa was very disappointing, that's my only worry about this team when we concede a goal it seems to really knock there confidence, and then it looks like we're all over the place stoke and Villa are perfect examples of this, but they're only going to learn by this YNWA "
4th Jan 2013 14:06
"1 player who must up his game is downer because he is playing in our left and if his ball is not accurate we will have an handicap on the left and so long I've watch lfc. we always have 1 player out of 11 who handicap lfc progress. I want all player to achieve. wasting 8 out 10 cross mean we will lack assit"