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Mr Fowler, all your goals were great sir. Miss your kind of player so much, but I reckon me might just have found one!!
Champions Of Europe
3rd Jan 2013 20:00
3rd Jan 2013 20:15
"All the goals you scored against the Mancs and the Bitters were the best, oh, and all the Cup Final goals, too."
3rd Jan 2013 20:58
"I remember a goal God scored against SK Brann (I think!) where the ball was thrown into him and he flicked it with over the defenders head with the side of his foot and volleyed in. Great goal."
3rd Jan 2013 21:00
"On 2nd thoughts, I think it was cushion headered back to him and then he flicked it and smashed it in. Memories hazy."
3rd Jan 2013 22:35
"ChampionsOfEurope I suspect you refer to Luis Suarez, is it not true?"
3rd Jan 2013 23:22
"you gave all to lfc robbie and was sold to quick"
4th Jan 2013 0:17
"The one where you skin Steve Staunton,turn, and then deliver with the trusted left peg.....God how I miss them times...YNWA..."
4th Jan 2013 0:43
"love the goal against staunton and villa. what a player! also when he shrugged gary neville aside and lobbed that danish fella"
4th Jan 2013 5:52
" beauty. I haven't seen your choice....mine was the left foot screamer against Smikel and Manure What a player....what a left foot. If it were up to me I would get you in as a "striker" coach at the academy. You're a legend boy. - YNWA YNWA"
4th Jan 2013 7:33
"fowler and suarez on the hallowed turf together would be like god and on the same pitch . we can only dream :) LFC 4 LIFE"
4th Jan 2013 7:34
"I hate it that they refer to him as 'God'. What blasphemy. "
4th Jan 2013 7:49
"RiefaatFire what do you mean "they"?. you mean "us" ?"
4th Jan 2013 8:21
"MrCairoLFC I mean who ever refers to him as God. You are from Egypt, so you should know what happened to Pharaoh"
4th Jan 2013 9:18
"I really enjoyed the two superb goals he scored against Man U when Cantona returned from his kung fu suspension. Totally upstaged Cantona and rather spoiled his comeback. "
4th Jan 2013 10:32
"God. "