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5th Jan 2013 9:46
5th Jan 2013 10:02
5th Jan 2013 10:19
"Looks like his brother??"
5th Jan 2013 10:31
"and what if he is rosso76, would you boo him? Didn't the fa just fine him for a tweet. "
Hend of
5th Jan 2013 11:00
"Before reading any posts, I saw the pic of Suso and had a similar thought. Isn't it weird how an ordinary pic of Suso and a relative or friend is construed in such a way. As one of the Red men, he's a top player and will become a Liverpool great. GO SUSO!!!"
5th Jan 2013 11:15
5th Jan 2013 11:42
"Have to be honest- Saw the pic of Suso and thought the same as what a few people think. "
5th Jan 2013 11:52
"Kind of touch that King Garcia still has his heart on Liverpool. YNWA!"
5th Jan 2013 12:06
"In Spain I'm sure sure Suso would look dapper, but in England, hmm. Ok, I can kind of go with the jacket and turtle neck, but that belts hideous. A nice tan belt and some drop crotch jeans with some black Tom's and he would look the biz ;) YNWA, you're going to be a legend kid!"
5th Jan 2013 12:19
"Listen lads, I don't really care how they dress up (as far as it is not suite and tie:)) or what sexual orientation our players are. If they are good players that would be by far enough for me. Their private lives don't bother me or even interest me at all. So stop that gossip about it - go to some fashion site for it! YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 12:53
"Lucas, Coates & Luis, are always together, drinking "mate" (hot beverage from the deep south of South America) they REALLY good friends, they all live in the same block and make dinner and lunchs together. BR need to put Coates to play, I don´t understand WHY he it´s in the bench ?"
5th Jan 2013 13:05
"Alex_Regal..I agree Coates should be getting some games, if he's not good enough why is he even on the bench? we don't want Agger and Skrtl getting complacent, we have players getting games in every area except Coates."
5th Jan 2013 13:19
"ROSSO are you a giver or a taker? your sad.YNWA"
5th Jan 2013 13:45
"Its good to see them enjoying themselves, they deserved it for all the hard work put in recently. Keep up the hard work for this term guy's, Coates needs more time on the pitch to improve YNWA!!!! In Brendan Rodgers i trust!!!!"
5th Jan 2013 14:33
"that's Jao Carlos Texeira next to Suso!! WTH, don't you know your own players?"
5th Jan 2013 15:05
"Uh guys I think that's Joao Carlos Teixeira...who is a youth signing for us if you remember. "
5th Jan 2013 15:22
" I agree Coates should play more, I can't believe BR keep playing carragher"
5th Jan 2013 17:10
"Oh sorry i thought this was the LFC website.Can't believe people on here are talking about Suso's clothes and sexuality.It's his life let him live it."
5th Jan 2013 17:38
"vocalist3 dont think we sold him. wasn't it a free transfer and we paid 18mths of his contract or will do so. these players have it all. pay off and wages from west ham and probably signing on bonus. dont know how they manage it. if you didnt do your job well enough you would get sacked. simple but not in football. YNWA"
L0\/3 4Nfi3LD
5th Jan 2013 18:43
"Well said. Joe cole earns 30k pw now, we paid 3m just to take him off our books.Riddiculus..!!! Ppl leave off Suso, seems as no one has fashion sense here, just because of a belt. Please can we sign Sneijder or Alonso ?"
5th Jan 2013 20:30
"And the picture of Suarez, Coates and Lucas illustrates how important keeping Coates in for us to keep Luis at our club. "
6th Jan 2013 5:45
"Glad to know Luis Garcia still has the red blood...YNWA!"